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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not US natural born without a US Citizen Father

"Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 21 Wall. 162 (1874)
on Page 88 U. S. 167
...Additions might always be made to the citizenship of the United States in two ways: first, by birth, and second, by naturalization. This is apparent from the Constitution itself, for it provides that
"No person except a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution shall be eligible to the office of President,"
and that Congress shall have power "to establish a uniform rule of naturalization." Thus, new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization.
The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their

at Page 88 U. S. 168

parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case, it is not necessary to solve these doubts. It is sufficient for everything we have now to consider that all children born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction are themselves citizens. The words "all children" are certainly as comprehensive, when used in this connection, as "all persons," and if females are included in the last, they must be in the first. That they are included in the last is not denied. In fact, the whole argument of the plaintiffs proceeds upon that idea.

Under the power to adopt a uniform system of naturalization, Congress, as early as 1790, provided "that any alien, being a free white person," might be admitted as a citizen of the United States, and that the children of such persons so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under twenty-one years of age at the time of such naturalization, should also be considered citizens of the United States, and that the children of citizens of the United States that might be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, should be considered as natural-born citizens. These provisions thus enacted have in substance been retained in all the naturalization laws adopted since. In 1855, however, the last provision was somewhat extended, and all persons theretofore born or thereafter to be born out of the limits of the jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were or should be at the time of their birth citizens of the United States were declared to be citizens also."


Just one example of some of the texts in the previously cited Supreme Court Cases that should be used against B. Hussein Obama.

Obama's father was never a US Citizen, and hence, that fact, makes Obama a "lawless one", and a usurper of the Office of the Presidency by fraud. He attained the approval to commit fraud by Nancy Pelosi, and conspired with the Hawaiian Department of Health Director, Valerie Jarrett, and a cadre of others in order to defraud the US Goverment of billions of dollars for their (and their companies) benefit...and the unveiling will probably invovle the prosecution of some 500 or more people, and the theft of hundreds of billions in US Taxpayer monies misappropriated primarily and unaccountably through The Fed.

Weedin v. Chin Bow, 274 U.S. 657, 661-666 (1927) uses as well as implies – (re: McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 US 316 (1819) implied Constitutional language or intent is justifiable interpretation.) -- that the FATHER (Paternal lineage) as that which confers a "NATURAL born citizen" status, instead of a simple "born citizen" status as through a jus soli birth with maternal citizenship.

Traditional acceptance by the Court for the Christian Biblical sense in the formation of laws and societal basis from which our laws hang, include a religious influence and interpretation of our Constitutional Government (and hence, its founding intent in its founding document language) Rector, etc. of HolyTrinity Church v. United States, 143 U.S. 457, 465-471 (1892). In other words, the interpretation and meaning of “natural born citizen” as inheritance spring from the loins of the citizen father, as it were.

From the founding document of the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence citing that the “Creator” [G-D] endows unto man laws from a higher source than mortal governments and kings, to the more recent SCHOOL DIST. OF ABINGTON TP. V. SCHEMPP, 374 U. S. 203 (1963); VAN ORDEN V. PERRY, 545 U.S. 677 (2005); we see that the use of Christianity and Christian Interpretation in US Society and Law has been closely identified with US history and US government.

The reality of interpreting the phrase, "natural born", refers to founding fathers biblical intent in which men, as voting citizens, were those who biblically begat sons, and therefore passed on "natural born citizenship" to their sons. The clear Biblical usage is that of sons and daughters who descend from a man's loins, such as an example that can be surmised from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 1:2-6.

For the Election of 2008, Barack never submitted any crucial proof citizen documents for review, even to the Courts, in order to run for President. He should have done this when he first announced that he would run in 2007. Never did he show proof that he was even qualified under Constitutional Article 2.1.5. as a child born on US soil to two US Citizen parents. He could not then, and he cannot ever do so. But being a Constitutional Law Professor tied to American Comunists, some tied to Soviets in the Cold War, some tied presently to China's Communist regime, he knew and counted on American apathy and Washington political corruption. The Republican's rolled the dice and played fast and loose allowing John McCain to run, whom if elected, he too would be facing resignation on this very issue as well. Although McCain was born to two US Citizen parents abroad, by being born post May 24, 1934 just hundreds of yards outside a US Territory boundary, McCain too is ineligible to serve as President (it seems).

In 2008, the Federal Elections Commission passed the responsibility of vetting Obama’s “Citizen and Qualification Status” off to the State of Illinois, the State of Illinois passed that responsibility off to the City of Chicago, the City of Chicago and its mobsters who run that city passed it off to the affiliation called Democratic Socialists of America, and the DSA (comprised of conspiratorial Communist-Socialists) simply blew it off.

Senator Feinstein of California states that a 14th Amendment view of Obama serves to qualify Obama. However, contrary to the senator, the intent of the 14th Amendment is summarized by Rep –Ohio, John Bingham in the United States House on March 9, 1866 (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866)), who states:
“[I] find no fault with the introductory clause [Bill S-61], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen…”

Barack's Kenyan father, owing allegiances to both Kenya and Britain, disqualified Barack Jr. from a "natural born US status", not a second class status of an anchor birth. Only the Presidency would be beyond his reach...unless he broke the Law to get it, that is.

In looking at the Immigration Laws, we observe three essential recognitions: Anchor, Natural Born, Naturalized.
Anchor birth in the United States or its territories
Natural born birth to U.S. citizen parents (through the Citizen father, or citizens of father and mother, called "acquisition" of citizenship)
Naturalization (obtaining citizenship after an application and exam), or
Naturalization of a minor though through one's parents (called "derivation" of citizenship).

The laws governing natural born are confined to their respective time periods:
prior to May 24, 1934
• May 25, 1934 to January 12, 1941 (under which McCain fell)
• January 13, 1941 to December 23, 1952
• December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986,
(under which Obama falls)
November 14, 1986 to present.


US Constitutional terms:

1. Citizen of the US at the time of the adoption of the US Constitution (archaic, moot)

2. Citizen of the US (three co-equal forms): Born to at least 1 US Citizen legal parent or born in the USA or Naturalized.

Re: 14th Amendment, Section 1. (Second class citizen, one who is NOT able to aspire to be US President. Senator Feinstein of California, illegally and egregiously cited the 14th Amendment in her 07/09/2009 letter to me as justification for Barack Obama's usurpation. A 14th Amendment “Citizen of the US” is simply inclusive of Anchor birth, such as Obama (since his mother was not of legal age. That is, Barack falls under being born to a maternal citizen / denizen parent only birth (since Barack Sr. was a dual Kenyan/British national at the time of Barack Jr.'s birth and until his death). Also in this category should be listed - the "derivation of Citizenship" by a minor child through his/her US Naturalized guardian/custodial parent(s).

3. Born Citizen as it relates to the 14th Amendment, Section 1 (Second class citizen, NOT able to aspire to be US President).

4. Naturalized, not born in USA who by Federal Statutes obtains Citizenship, renounces oaths of allegiances to foreign powers, and falls under the protection of the 14th Amendment, Section 1.
(Second class citizen, NOT able to aspire to be US President).

5. Natural Born Citizen, born in the USA to a father or both parents who are US citizens of any type at the time of the child's birth. (First class citizen, acquisition of an imprimis status of US citizenship, able to aspire to be US President. The natural born status in the US is paternal based, but in running for the Presidency, tradition required both parents to be some type of US citizen).


There is no issue about race or ethnicity. There is no issue about party affiliation or religious beliefs. The issue is straight forward. America has been hijacked by allowing Barry Soetoro, aka. Barack Hussein Obama II, a clearly ineligible candidate, to run for and obtain the Presidential Office of the United States of America.

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  1. The original meaning of Natural Born Citizen was simply someone who was born in the USA.

    We all know that the word Naturalize comes from Natural Born. The meaning of Naturalize is to make a foreigner like someone who was Natural Born. That did not mean that the person who was Natural Born had to have two citizen parents or have a father who was a citizen. It simply mean that the person was born in the Colony or the early state.

    Alexander Hamilton, for example, uses natural born as a synonym to native born (indeed, at the time only Natural Born was used, "native born" was rare). He wrote: "The position is founded on that clause of the British act of navigation, which forbids any but a natural-born or naturalized subject to exercise the occupation of a merchant or factor, in any of the British dominions in Asia, Africa, and America.'

    As you can see, there were only two options, natural born or naturalized, everyone else was a foreigner. (http://oll.libertyfund.org/index.php?option=com_staticxt&staticfile=show.php&title=1382&search=%22natural+born%22&layout=html#a_1602437)

    Gouverneur Morris wrote in about 1812 that if necessary we should keep on fighting England for the rights of naturalized US citizens (apparently England did not recognize that the US could naturalize citizens that were once British) because they should have all the rights of Natural Born Citizens. Again, there are only two categories Natural Born and Naturalized. This clearly refers to citizens at birth and foreigners who were created citizens. Natural Born cannot in this reference mean anything other than persons who were born in the United States. If Natural Born meant requiring two US parents or that a person who was not a dual national was not Natural Born, then there would have to be more than two categories.

    He wrote: "...it is inconsistent with national honor to abandon our naturalized citizens; wherefore no treaty for peace or truce ought to be held with Great Britain unless she acknowledges, as a preliminary, that the naturalized citizens are entitled to the same respect and protection as the natural-born citizens of the United States." (The Diary and Letters of Gouverneur Morris, vol. 2 > CHAPTER XLIX. > paragraph 979. (http://oll.libertyfund.org/index.php?option=com_staticxt&staticfile=advanced_search.php&pager=true&search=%22natural+Born%22&s=40&limit=10&exact=yes&filter_choice=&historical_period_person=&school_person=&nationality=&historical_period_title=&discipline_title=&topic=&this_title=&this_set=&this_person=&this_subject=#full_text)