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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Campaign Finance Accountability for Obama? What's That? Oh yeah...payoffs.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs reported on 07/15/2009 to his viewers of the fact that there is NO VETTING OF CITIZENSHIP in running for Illinois State Representative or State Senator, or Federal Representative or Federal Senator in Illinois. The Federal Elections Commission does NOT vet for citizenship by candidates running for President of the USA. That is left up as an option for the states. Illinois chose NOT to do so.


Obama did not receive matching FEC monies, because under 11CFR 9036, 2 USC 437 & 438 Campaign laws, he then would have had to produce his Long Form birth certificate in return for taxpayer dollars. (CF. 2 USC 431-455; 26 USC 9001-9013, 26 USC 9031-9042). That means, he and his advisors knew before-hand that he did NOT qualify.

In other words, if the corrupt Political machines of Chicago’s Mayor Daley and Socialist-Communist “Democratic Socialists of America” puts their candidate “in”, NO ONE will vet your citizen status, even all the way to the White House . Or perhaps we should add: “…as long as you are the puppet of the higher ups, and read your Teleprompter scripts daily, (and don’t veer from their program) like a good little boy. Sound familiar?

2 USC 437 (a) “Specific authorities: The Commission has the power - (1) to require by special or general orders, any person to submit, under oath, such written reports and answers to questions as the Commission may prescribe; (2) to administer oaths or affirmations; (3) to require by subpoena, signed by the chairman or the vice chairman, the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of all documentary evidence relating to the execution of its duties…”

The documentary evidence, such as proof or the right to serve the Office, would be: proof of US citizenship, the Long Form Birth Certificate, passports, legal aliases, various school transcripts and college records, a list of residential addresses resided at, Law License and BAR documentation, FBI background check and report (including witness and neighbor character statements), etc. Obama, by not taking the regulated tax dollars, then gets to hide his hard copy legal identity.

2USC 438 (b) would have allowed for an audit of the monies the Obama Campaign received. “Such audit shall be commenced within 30 days of such vote, except that any audit of an authorized committee of a candidate, under the provisions of this subsection, shall be commenced within 6 months of the election for which such committee is authorized.”

That means, had there been an audit begun by December 4, 2008, America would have had a public list of irregular and improper contributions.

In the late summer and fall of 2008, English speaking Palestinians (including Hamas, aka. Gaza) worked the phones to get out the vote for Barack Obama.

Jihadwatch 27 Oct 2008 and the UK Telegraph 31 Oct 2008, reported on students from Gaza’s al-Aqsa University cold-calling for Obama for months.



In March 2009, Obama paid them, the incurred labor and phone expenses, and the Palestinian leaders back with a 900 million dollar grant from the US Government.

The bribe and payoff amounted to 300 million to Hamas (a terror organization) in Gaza, having ben world-wide Media known to have tirelessly worked the phones out of “refugee camps”; and also paid 600 million to the West Bank. The guise was under the excuse of “infrastructure” assistance.

http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/130215 March 02, 2009

A required audit would likely have exposed a West Bank “get out the vote” connection as well, and prevented a 900 million dollar bribe at US taxpayer expense; money that was used to further corruption and provide aid and comfort to those who danced and joyed in the streets at the sight of the 9/11 attacks upon America.

Obama’s beating heart speaks to America.
But America, are you listening?

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