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Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-11 Pseudo Truther Italian video debunked

There is a new Italian Communist propaganda video of 104 minutes that is circulating among the 9-11 Pseudo-Truthers, who still blame George Bush and secret forces as responsible for the 9-11 casualties. To them, there is no Al-Qaeda, except a CIA Black Operations Program...and that such forces attacked America on 9-11.

The Communists hang the gullible on a limb, stating that it was impossible for an aviation fuel fire in the World Trade Center to exced 800 degree Fahrenheit heat. I got basic science 101 news for them: Metal and concrete retain heat.

If you've ever studied even basic fire science and the burning of a Christmas Tree, you would know that just one 16 lb. (equal to two liquid gallons in weight) Pine Christmas Tree in a living room can easily exceed the 800 degree heat by 500 degrees in a house fire. That's a standard and repeatable 1300 degrees Fahrenheit free burn that occurs dozens of times a year by various Fire Departments around the nation, coming from just one 16 lb. Christmas Tree in a 10 ft. by 14 ft. living room.

The Communist-Socialists in the propaganda video want to deny even a temperature of 800 degrees happened with thousands of gallons of aviation fuel being blown simultaneously. The heat of the aircraft explosion, and the scientific data from prior on the ground airliner detonations with the relevant temperatures (such as exceeding 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, possible using just 87-91 octane gasoline) is denied you and Joe Public.

If metal is heated hot enough, it too can be a combustible. Magnesium that is found in high grade steel, and Titanium, are also combustibles. This is called a Class D fire. There are also other comparative metallurgical combustibles such as Zirconium, Lithium, and Zinc. Did this fire science suddenly disappear?

What is not asked is what was the metallurgic analysis of the beams or the molten metal from the World Trade Centers. The Communist-Socialists who comprise 95% of the "9-11 Pseudo-Truthers" don't know, and don't care.

We know that Union and Mob Corruption has plagued NYC construction. What if structural compromises were made to the Twin Towers that involved steel that was more easily combustible than normal US high grade steel? In 29 April of 2007, a gas tanker exploded in Oakland California, with 8600 gallons exceeding a heat of 2750 degrees Fahrenheit




and brought down a freeway over-pass just by the sheer heat. How is the science of explaining that structural failure so different from the WTC?

Further, if the alleged 9-11 hijackers are still alive, two of whom fly regularly as "pilots for Saudi Arabia Airlines", where is the video proof? There are no videos, there are no interviews, there is no "gotcha" photo proof of ANY kind; and the alleged living do not even bother to bring shame upon America and vindicate their alleged good names. Red flag, there.

I cannot adequately address the specifics of the hole in the Pentagon raised in the Italian Communist video regarding the American Airlines Flight that took out a portion of the Pentagon, except for three points:
1) the Communist-Socialist Obama Administration, which can't wait to blame the Bush Administration has yet to authorize the Freedom of Information Act release of the other Washington DC / Pentagon 82 camera videos, in spite of having a 9-11 Pseudo-Truther Czar (now resigned)...why?
2) What of the cell phone testimonies of those who were on the Flight that crashed into the Pentagon until the moment of impact. If it wasn't their aircraft, were they all made up victims? Journalists truly wanting the "truth" would have tracked down their families, and proven that such people didn't exist, or didn't actually fly their flight (in order to account for the missing American Airlines flight if a missile hit the Pentagon instead of the Aircraft).
3) A rapid descent from 6,000 feet at full throttle to a height of 80-100 feet off the ground for 1/2 a mile distance is something that any pilot (trained or untrained) can do...it's called buzzing the field. And I don't believe the terrorists would have dropped their landing gear for "drag", and upset the smoother aerodynamics at play when there is no lowered landing gear. Would they?

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