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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three compartments to a person's spirtitual makeup: case in point, Adolf Hitler

Most people, including educators, are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of history. History today -- at least in the United States -- is most often now being manipulated by liberal quacks in the classroom from elementary school to the graduate school. This trend entered critical mass in the early to mid 1970s with "experimentation". Adolf Hitler is demonized, and equated with "conservatives", while a pass is given to equal and greater impactors for mass murder such as Karl Mark, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Tse-Tung: their impact has exceeded Hitler's impact more world-wide for evil to mankind by more than ten-fold.

But let's look for a moment through the youthful eyes of Adolf Hitler as a teenager, and as a boy, and what he is taught...what probably happens to him...and what he retained when he fell away. This in no way second step "endorses" Hitler, it simply is the kind of thoughtful examination liberals scream for us to have about "understanding" evil people (in the first step), before they embrace and endorse them (in the dope induced second step). That is the difference betwen a liberal (usually a dope smoker or mentally ill intellectual) and a conservative (pragmatic and sober), in my opinion.

Innsbruck, Austria, from where Adolf Hitler hailed, was an administrative or capital town with a population of about 27,000 people in the 1900-1910 era. Young Adolf was born near here, in April of 1889, the place his mother loved. He was reared by an abusively strict father, and had lost his mother as a boy. Later in life, he would return as a man to Innsbruck, because, although his mother was buried in Linz, her heart was here in Innsbruck near where he was born, along with the maternal side of his family.

We have to remember, people are people. Kardia: Adolf had 3 siblings who died young, and a brother and a sister who were yet living when WWII hit the fan. Had they all lived, he would have ben reared in a family of 6 children. The loss of 3 siblings and his mother death would have played into the abusive psychology of Adolf's father, and to Adolf's own personality. Adolf also had other relatives who were shielded from most biographies concerning him, and very little is now known of them.

Adolf was educated by the Roman Catholic Jesuits, and when his mother died, he actually was considering entering into the priesthood until he got drunk one night at about age 15. It appears that in coded language (in Mein Kampf and elsewhere), that his drunkenness (perhaps on communion wine) cost him to be a victim of priestly molestation at the top of the optimum age range that priests seem to like "virulent" young boys, and thereafter, Adolf swore off alcohol and the "Christian faith" of his mother (Roman Catholicism) as a result.

At the time, there was only about 160 Jews from 40 families in all of Innsbruck, (again, the city of or near his maternal connection), there on a temporary residence permit (if you will) as aliens who were incorporated into the town citizenship, but not as land owners or having the rights of town citizenship. These Jews were not accepted as citizens of Innsbruck, insomuch as of Hohenems (population ca. 4,000 in circa A.D. 1900-1910) living in Innsbruck.

This smaller town of Hohenem was given over to Austria in 1765, having a population of about 118 Jews, and later increasing to over 560 in its Jewish population in the next 100 years, establishing their own community and royal/state sanctioned constitution. Most all at Innsbruck viewed the Hohenems as a large part of the reason why Innsbruck was gobbled up by the Viennese, away from Bavaria Germany, because of their association with powerful Jews in Vienna having influence (especially Jewish law firms such as were Arnstein & Eskeles) with the royal court there.

Alliances of Innsbruck remained fiercely that it was part of the German territory of Bavaria, from which it had been ruled under an given edicts concerning the Jewish question as late as 1813. By 1817, the territorial boundaries had moved Innsbruck out of direct influence from Bavaria, to direct influence and control from Vienna.

The nearby village of Rinn was prominently ingrained as the place where the child Andreas Oxner was said to have been murdered by Jews July 12, 1462. In that case, the story was embellished into folklore by a shrine in 1575, and ever after a constant reminder to future generations. The blood supposedly drained into vessels, like the thigh wounds of criminals in the arenas in Roman times...the blood sold for and drunk for the cure of diseases like epilepsy in that era.

In the post Jerusalem destruction Roman world, from the late 70s to the late 30s A.D., rabbinic Jews hating Christian Jews and their Gentile converts, persecuted Christians with lies spread by a select number of evil counter-missionaries among them; accusing Christians of perversities that included drinking the blood of humans at the Passover/Communion, and were often the first to bring the wood to burn Christian saints at the stake, such as the 116 year old Polycarp in A.D. 156. Now, a millenia later, the spread of pseudo-superstition had come full circle with like accusations starting from about the middle of the 12th century against the Jews at their own Passovers every couple of generations or so.

The process was called coming full circle or kikel...and the derogatory term of "kike" was born out of this as a "dirty circle" initiated by a very few, but now reflecting on the many and the whole. Even before the fall of Jerusalem, three evil non-religious Jewish men, apostates by their actions from their own "Faith", caused Caesar to cast out the Jewish community of Rome in 49 A.D.. Preceding the War of the Jews on three occasions, it was initiated each time by the few thousands who caused War with Rome and annihilations of millions in A.D. 70, 115, and 132. These few thousands who lawlessly and violently schismed, not only destroyed millions of Jews in their own generations, they cursed future generations for over 1900 years more as well. But no one ever blames or curses them as the evil men they were to do harm to the people of Israel, who rightfully deserve to occupy and own every square inch of the Land, East and West Bank, from middle and southern Lenanon to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba.

But getting back to Hitler. So, here in 1895-1903, we have young Adolf living over in Linz and on visits to his maternal family in and around Innsbruck.

Dianoia: He is educated by the Jesuits who teach about the blood-guilt of Andreas Oxner in 1462, which attaches to his psyche because it was near where he was born. He is taught of how the Viennese and nearby Jews conspired to wrest Innsbruck from the beloved homeland of Bavaria (Germany/Deutschland) to simply suit their own convenience in regard to Maria Theresa who expelled them in 1748, and the Jewish reaction was a manipulation of Hohenem becoming a fief of Austria in 1765.
The official transference to Austria not occurring until ca. 1814-1815, but tributes paid to Maia Theresa in 1765 anyway. Hence, the wresting of rightful land patronage (as it was perceived by him) through behind the scenes appeasements, in his way of thinking. He is taught how haters of Christ have wrecked havoc through history (by the Roman Catholic teachers (as exampled above, but in specificity to the histories known and now forgotten in Germany and Austria). It was in Roman Catholicism where Adolf would first educationally learn Jew hatred and Jew blame for the ills of society more than helps, rather than in the 1910s.

Psuche: And Adolf's Catholic faith is destroyed by someone he trusts through alcohol and because he did not impose an iron will to resist, but yielded or something. Rarely would he ever get drunk again, except in the late 1920s, when his incestuous (sexual) relationship with his niece was broken off when he was about 38 years of age.

There are always at least two compartments to the psychology of the individual according to secular scholars, and most often three. Even historians as well as psychologists and psychiatrists fail to truly grasp this. The three compartment makeup of a person's personality (and being) is a biblical concept known for thousands of years.

The Greek words: kardia, psuche, and dianoia are found in Matthew 22:37.

In the Biblical context:
Kardia encompasses the reasoning processes that dive into the emotional attachments and conscience of the individual that sways. Heartfelt loyalty and allegiance is also involved. It usually implies feelings and emotions that can be felt by the physical heart. Once the heart is calloused through constant scarring and pain, the processes can still remain through the determination of will and desire of the individual, even though physical “heart-felt” sensations are no longer experienced.

Psuche is the immaterial soul, the physical likeness of a person in a living ghost-imprint. The exhaling breath, the deportation of what one says and speaks on as coming from the body, is a deportation of the Psuche to the rest of humanity and to G-D, often as it is first reasoned upon and prepared from the Kardia (the heart).

Dianoia is the intellectual faculty, that which has been learned and imagined. Dianoia is accompanied by the ability to fantasize, either correctly or incorrectly, in order to grasp or comprehend or project an understanding. Nous involves the inactivated imagination in the intellect, while dianoia involves the activated imagination. Paul speaks of first renewing the inactivated intellect, one without the creativity of imagination first (Romans 12:2), before moving on into the more mature activated intellect of dianoia. The inactivated being as if only able to discern milk, and the activated mind as if able to discern meat.

In effect, the Trinity of the mind, the Trinity of a person's reasoning processes acting as one in unison needs to be directed to that which glorifies the L-RD our G-D. Or from "Thou shalt love the L-RD thy G-D with all thy heart, mind and soul, to a paraphrased:

Thou shalt love the L-RD thy G-D with all thy emotional and conscience attachments of the heart, with acknowledgement in all thy speaking, and with all thy activated intellect including even the imaginations of the mind being subject to that which honors Him or falls within the boundaries as what He has established as Biblically acceptable.

But in the case of the antithesis, if one runs away from Jesus, the one running away will lash out in fear with all his emotional and conscience attachments of the heart, with denial in all his speaking, and with all his activated intellect. This impulse of denial in the unbeliever is including even the imaginations of the mind, so that they are NOT being subject to that which honors Jesus, and must fall outside the boundaries as what G-D has established as Biblically acceptable.

So to understand the history and to understand the man, history and the Bible must go hand in hand in enabling us to truly understand what went wrong, where it went wrong, and the three primary internal dynamics involved that produced the end results.

We can apply this same understanding of the Psychological Analysis to understand the warped and like arrogant minds of current world personalities such as Barack Obama, and utilize this understanding to recognize how truly dangerous he is to Democracy and our current freedom of Religion not available under Islam.

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