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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scripture Studies: Three important Greek word concepts in Matthew 22:37

Thou shalt love the L-RD thy G-D with all thy heart {kardia}, and with all thy soul {psuche} , and with all thy mind {dianoia}. (Matt 22:37)

Kardia encompasses the reasoning processes that dive into the emotional attachments and conscience of the individual that sways. Heartfelt loyalty and allegiance is also involved. It usually implies feelings and emotions that can be felt by the physical heart. Once the heart is calloused through constant scarring and pain, the processes can still remain through the determination of will and desire of the individual, even though physical “heart-felt” sensations are no longer experienced.

Psuche is the immaterial soul, the physical likeness of a person in a living ghost-imprint. The exhaling breath, the deportation of what one says and speaks on as coming from the body, is a deportation of the Psuche to the rest of humanity and to G-D, often as it is first reasoned upon and prepared from the Kardia (the heart).

Dianoia is the intellectual faculty, that which has been learned and imagined. Dianoia is accompanied by the ability to fantasize, either correctly or incorrectly, in order to grasp or comprehend or project an understanding. Nous involves the inactivated imagination in the intellect, while dianoia involves the activated imagination. Paul speaks of first renewing the inactivated intellect, one without the creativity of imagination first (Romans 12:2), before moving on into the more mature activated intellect of dianoia. The inactivated being as if only able to discern milk, and the activated mind as if able to discern meat.

Thou shalt love the L-RD thy G-D withal thy emotional and conscience attachments of the heart, with acknowledgement in all thy speaking, and with all thy activated intellect including even the imaginations of the mind being subject to that which honors Him or falls within the boundaries as what He has established as Biblically acceptable.

Let me encourage you to stay fast to the L-RD in prayer; and to read His WORD, the Holy Bible, daily.

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