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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Plot to Murder Messiah

Compartmentalized away from the words of GOD

It is important that we understand the dynamics of the Pharisaic opposition in the First Century A.D. against the Christian. In the same way that a school or a synagogue can have a "mekhitza" (a divider or curtain) to separate the male from the female; so too is the specificity of intent and the design of the religious study of the Talmud to separate the loyalties and thought processes of the Jew away from GOD and toward his rabbi.

The Talmud primarily renders GOD’s Words beyond the first 5 books of the Bible -- for the Jew -- as ineffective. The Talmud, is more often than not used overzealously and in a misdirected way as equal to and greater than GOD’s Word, the Holy Bible. The Talmud, more often than not, becomes as weeds and thorns that choke the WORD (Matthew 13:22). The Talmud -- by today’s “religious Jews”-- is erroneously touted as the pinnacle of Jewish religious study. Notice that I said "the Talmud", and NOT the Bible.1

The Halakhot (religiously and ritual observant) Jews, by virtue of their Rabbinically led training, can not but help place his trust -- first -- in the words of men, and the traditions of men over the words of GOD via the Bible. It is ingrained and pounded into their psyche until it is part of their nature, and upbringing. Each seriously “religious” Jewish male, after Bar Mitvah at age 13, will force himself to a one page a day study of the Babylonian Talmud that takes 2,711 days to complete (at 6 days a week, minus holidays). The average student workload at the best Shuls or Yeshivas is often equivalent to the same effort of study to as many as 280-300 US college or US university credits. Some will argue more, some less. Variables to consider are dependant on the shul, its staff, and its students. Some men will endure this 7 ½ years cycle several times. In so doing, the student is forbidden to read the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) alone. If he reads the Torah alone, he violates the code. He must read the Scripture, and then within a few seconds, read the Babylonian Talmud (a de facto Commentary), and is commanded not to think for himself.

In doing this type of brainwash and blindfold indoctrination, the Yeshivas have lost their central command of the Torah: "You shall walk the Divine Path". And what that Divine Path is, is what? "To obey My Voice -- [not that of your rabbis, or commentators-- but My Voice, GOD speaking in the First Person] -- and live." (Cf.: Deut.30:8-10; 5:22ff.; Exodus 19:19; 23:21-22;15:26; John 1:1, 10-14).2

This demand by GOD, if cited from the Scriptures alone to the Instructors, often invokes an angry response. It may be cursing, it may be a beating, it may be an act of excommunication; it may be a desire attack the credibility of that one to the whole Community: so that buying, selling, even dwelling among them, may be hazardous to one’s health and wealth.

Taking the Kingdom of Earth Away from Heaven by Violent Force: The Mind of the Sanhedrin
The desire of most Talmudic Instructors is the Pharisaic affirmation for a new “bat qol”, a new “heavenly voice”, that speaks to the puffing up of rabbinic pride - righteousness - and arrogance, over GOD’s written Torah (Tosefta: Sotah 13.2; Babylonian Talmud: Sotah 48b, Yoma 9a, Sanhedrin 11a). This tells us the mind of the Sanhedrin, and part of the reason why they did what they did to Jesus "between the evenings on Passover" in 30 A.D. (Sanhedrin 43a). The LEADERS (not the Israeli/Jewish masses themselves) crucified Jesus because He was delivering a genuine “bat qol” / “Heavenly message” amongst humanistic minded people who were quickly becoming deaf to GOD’s WORD (Matthew 13:14-15). They knew Him to have a legitimate right to the Throne, labeling him (in Sanhedrin 43a) as “being near to kingship” (John 3:1-2, Luke 18:35-43, John 6:10-15). They moreover knew Him as having legitimacy in His Messianic claim, calling Him (by inference in their example) as YHVeH’s twin brother. Jesus called Himself, not as a twin brother, but the only begotten Son to the “King of the Universe”, as GOD from GOD -- Light from Light. He was called as a genuine “Prince of the Universe”.

Once Jesus is hanged on a tree (i.e., the Cross), then they are free to curse Him, and are set at liberty from His claim to the Throne -- or so they thought (cf. Mishna, Sanhedrin 6.4; Tosefta, Sanhedrin 9.7; Deuteronomy 21:22-23). Josephus tells us that the “Pharisees…were in a capacity of greatly opposing kings. A cunning sect they were, and soon elevated to a pitch of open fighting and doing mischief” (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, 17.2.4.).

The Pharisees of the Sanhedrin, employed, and openly shielded murderers of the fourth sect of Judaism, of who was Barabbas (John 18:40; Luke 23:18-19). Barabbas was well known as a leader of Judas the Galilean’s “zealots”, whom Josephus simply labels as robber bands from A.D. 9 until the mid-50s A.D.,3 when they are relabeled “Sicarii” (Josephus, Antiquities, 20.8.5ff.). The Sanhedrin’s Jewish Mafia was a motley lot: A Sadducee high priest as godfather, Pharisaic captains and lieutenants, Robber bands as soldiers and hit men.

Therefore, the parable of the wicked servants in Matthew 21:33-43 / Mark 12:1-12 is confirmed as precisely on target, and based on historical fact, in regards to how the Sanhedrin looked at Christ -- and all true heirs to the throne of Judah. The representatives of the wicked faction within the Sanhedrin “knew that He had spoken a parable against them [exposing their murderous ways and schemes]…and they sought to lay hold on Him, but feared the people [who rallied en masse to His defense]….”(Mark 12:12).

In the firm conviction of the Sanhedrin’s mafia, the “Prince of the Universe”, the prophesied “Son of Man” (Daniel 7:13-14), has no right to the Throne of Israel! After all, in their minds, they believed to the effect that “A Jew has no right to believe GOD over his high priest and Sanhedrin!” That is why these kinds of priests and their immediate followers are identified as Nico-laitanes in Revelation 2:6. It is the combination of the Greek word for Conquest and Prevailing, Nikos, and “laity”. What group prevails and conquests over the will of the “laity”? The Sanhedrin most certainly does. Not only did they claim to actively control the laity, they actively thought to control “YHVeH” from a position of unbelief. Is it no wonder Jerusalem was razed in A.D. 70, and the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15ff, they happened!
So, why does YHVeH the Son -- who made the heavens, the earth, and the seas, and all that therein is -- have no right to the Throne of Israel? Because, from the point of view of the rulers of the Judicial House: to make such a claim, makes Him to be a robber of what belongs “now” to the Sanhedrin. The faction that opposed Jesus in A.D. 30 made the same claim as every cult dressed in Christian and Messianic clothing boasts in our own day. In effect, they were saying: “We are the new mouthpiece of GOD. Whatever words we declare as divine inspiration becomes the Kingdom of GOD. We’re in charge, and we’ll kill anybody that tries to depose us -- even GOD Almighty Himself!”4

Why did the Sanhedrin take a stand to oppose YHVeH and/or His Messiah? The reverent Jewish mind, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (“Rashi”, A.D. 1040 - 1150?), gives us the insight into the mind of Messiah’s opposition. In his dissertation on Leviticus 4:17, Rashi explains how that it is lawful for a minority of council and country to revolt against their king.5
In so doing, the Shekinah (“glory of GOD”), remains, the sin is attributed then to those rebelling -- the council of the minority, the minority of the people, and their High Priest -- alone. The majority of the council and the country are not allowed to revolt, lest the “glory of GOD” is removed. Once that happens, the Council ceases to have the legal and moral right to exist.

The Kingdom of Heaven is viewed by the Sanhedrin, then, as a detached reality within the 4 inch thick veil of the Temple curtain, within the Holy of holies;6 and whatever happens outside the veil is the purview of the Sanhedrin; it is their domain to rule. GOD has His business behind the curtain, and so long as He remains behind the Mekhitza, the people are blessed.

The daily sacrifices of a “pure” lamb in the morning and a lamb at night are then used as but an excuse by those who are the more politically ambitious; because they fulfill the minimal obligations of the priesthood; and if murders and robberies occur by the priesthood, there are trespass and guilt offerings for that. Hence, the necessity of a wealthy class as the ruling class within the Sanhedrin, in order to afford the volume of sacrifices necessitated by actions of one’s office.

Therefore, if Jesus is really the Angel of the Covenant, YHVeH Himself, He is in violation of the establishment that He Himself has established -- the religious order and Temple worship, in which He is to be an isolated “housed visitor” -- by appearing in flesh among men. Using this rationalization, He therefore ceases to be thought in terms as the Creator, and is thought in terms as an intruder and a robber. The reality is, that He is the very one who owns the Heavens and the Earth, He is the one to whom it all belongs, the Shiloh, the King of Kings and the LORD of lords.

The Plot to Kill Jesus

The crux of the publicized argument of the Sanhedrin in A.D. 30, and later by Moses Nachmanides in 1263 A.D.,7 did not question Jesus’ Davidic lineage and right to the throne of Israel, as even the Talmud testifies in Sanhedrin 43a:
"It was different with Jesus, for He was near to the Kingship."
But rather, that He was to follow their interpretation of how YHVeH Messiah must bend the knee to the whim and fancies of the Great Sanhedrin, or to not bother to come at all!

In reading the full text of Sanhedrin 43a, we are told that it was first the intent of the Great Sanhedrin to have Jesus stoned some distance away from Jerusalem, before He came up to the Passover. And the reason for this was: because He had healed tens of thousands with diseases, restored to completeness even those cut off limbs and appendages, and so on, with miraculous perfection; the crowds of millions were sure to have the potential to overthrow Herod and Pilate, an install him to kingship. If that were the case, surely the Romans would return in war, and disband the Sanhedrin and exile them to a land far, far away. For the Sanhedrin said, to this effect --in regard to Messiah:
“If we do nothing, the Romans will come [allying themselves to Him], and will take away us, removing us from our place [in Jerusalem] and banishing us from our nation” (John 12:48 - paraphrase mine).

So, for 40 days before his crucifixion, the Sanhedrin let word out of their intent to stone Jesus. The words of just a small faction of men, numbering 23 or more, with a network perhaps no greater than 250, moved an entire nation of over 3,000,000 by a stating their opposition, the bonds of tradition, and by a sheer force of will. When that 40 day warning and threat failed to either kill or dissuade Jesus, this faction of 23 within the Great Sanhedrin, then tried to see Messiah die by strangulation through two agreeing (but false) witnesses (Midrash, Sanhedrin 7:3). Instead, Jesus died after the manner as He said that He would die: by crucifixion.

The Jewish sages in Midrash Sanhedrin 7:3 tell us, that the same two witnesses that testify in a capital case, whose agreeing testimony finds a man guilty of death, must also be the ones who will kill that one before the eyes of the assembled Sanhedrin. They will be ordered to wrap a leather strap or some sort of ritual cord around the convicted man's neck, and pull upon those straps from opposite sides, until the convicted man is dead from strangulation. The convicted man will be bound, to offer minimal resistance. It appears that this method was the original intent of the modus operandi to kill Jesus in Matthew 26:60, Mark 14:55-59. This having failed, the Jewish mafia of 23 within the Great Sanhedrin of 70, then conspired to rid Christ by false accusations and Roman Crucifixion.

The Great Sanhedrin believed they, and they alone, to be the de facto rulers of Israel, and even kings must bow and be accountable to them. We see this attitude with pronouncements of Simon ben Shetah, while ruling over the Great Sanhedrin some years later. In or about 80 A.D., Simon ben Shetah declared the Sanhedrin as being more dignified and powerful than any king of Israel; so that, should a Sanhedrin demand that the king of Israel appear and defend himself before them in their court, he must do so (Sanhedrin 19a)!

Using this rationale, as put forth by wicked men such as Simon ben Shetah after A.D. 70 -- in writing -- any king, including YHVeH Himself, if He seeks to reign over the Sanhedrin, is a robber”.8 For it written, that “YHVeH is King (over Israel) to the ages of the ages” (Psalm 10:16, et al). It is from here, that the Talmudist demands tradition of the men be demanded above the Scripture; even as with the Roman Catholic, the demand of respect to the papacy did not exist before Victor, its 13th Bishop, who issued forth in writing, his idiotic “Praexas” demanding pre-eminence in circa 183 A.D., following a misconstruing of Irenaeus published third volume.

In fact, Jesus labels the men who have seized the Sanhedrin from within, as the true “gangsters” or “robbers” of Israel’s inheritance, when He says,

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the DOOR into
the sheepfold, but climbeth up any other way, the same is a thief and
a robber. … All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers…
I am the DOOR of the sheep. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and
to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they
might have it more abundantly”
(John 10:1,8,7,10 - KJV).

Mind you, this does not describe the entire Sanhedrin, such as those nobles: Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus. These good Jews were not allied to the High priest, or of the faction of at least 23 of the Sanhedrin’s 70 members. Nicodemus was the chief rabbi of all Israel outside Jerusalem. His name comes from Nikos - he who prevails or has power over, and Demos - the society of those people called and bound or knitted together (by tradition). In effect, he is the greatest opposition to the High Priest and his faction, and is pretty much above reproach and untouchable, a powerhouse member of the majority faction of the Sanhedrin. However, he and Joseph were not enough, by themselves, against the opposing 23 wolves of the minority faction that worked against them.

In Matthew 11:12, Jesus Himself gives us the timeline of Judas the Galilean’s success within the Sanhedrin by members of his robber band, or should we say “those who allied themselves to him” -- as well as employing his “services”. John the Baptist, being perhaps up to 4-6 months older than Jesus (Luke 1:36ff.), if John begins his ministry at age 25,9 would have started around Passover - Pentecost of A.D. 21. Therefore, the allegiance between the High Priest and certain members of the Sanhedrin with the robber bands preceded the Roman procurator, Pontius Pilate, by about 5 years and started about this time. For as YHVeH Messiah tells us, that they who are violent [within the Sanhedrin], and attempt to take the Kingdom of Heaven by violence and by force; have been doing so since John the Baptist’s ministry began: 21 A.D.

Robbers are typically those who prefer to justify their immorality, and conceal their true motives behind a mask. It would not have been typical for the Mafia of 23 within the legal body of the Great Sanhedrin to manifest their crimes in full view of the Romans, in the area of Jerusalem north of the Temple. Though the greatest number of people coming into Jerusalem, paying their telos (end-destination, gate or “admission” tax) probably paid at the North Gate, it would not have been economically or politically smart to cast Christ out this lower city "side" gate. Hence, the Garden Tomb, shown to tourists north of the Old City of Jerusalem is a hoax. The question then becomes, is there any evidence that Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected in or about Jerusalem? Indeed, He was crucified, and entombed, and resurrected from the dead in or about Jerusalem. But it was not in the direction most scholars unthinkingly think.


1 The Apostle Paul Likens the Oral Torah to “winds of doctrine, [contrived] by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting” (Ephesians 4:14). In essence, this is what much of the Babylonian Talmud represents. Even though the Talmud often appears helpful, by the way that it is used, it is more often and chronically hurtful, to the bondage of and the destroying of men’s souls. Whereas the Bible itself is blameless from leading in to bondage, being the Word of GOD.

2 In Exodus 4:2-9, there are three signs that are called voices (Exodus 4:8), and which teach us about Christ and the GOD-head.
The first “Voice” or sign that Moses is to first present to Pharaoh (after the Burning Bush experience of Moses), is found in Exodus 4:2-4. Moses is to take the rod of his hand and cast it to the ground. Doing so, the rod becomes a living serpent until Moses stretches forth his hand to take it by the tail; then, the living serpent becomes a rod again.
The second “Voice” or sign that Moses is to first present to Pharaoh (after Moses’ Burning Bush experience) is to place his hand to his bosom. Doing so, Moses hand becomes white and leprous; but when he pulls his hand back again to his bosom, it restores to life again.
The third “Voice” is that of Moses taking the water of the Nile into a vessel, and pouring it out upon the Land. As he pours out the water, it becomes sacrificial blood upon the earth. The earth is the representation of Adam, or man. However, in Exodus 4:9, only here and in Psalm 95:5 is the Feminine “Yabbesheth” used to explain the “dry (land)”. Psalm 95:5 explains that “the sea is YHVeH’s, and His Hands formed the dry (land).” In the analysis of Exodus 4:9, we see that:
a) YHVeH, the source of Living Waters.
b) That because of the hardness of our hearts, you neither heed the sign of the Serpent of violence, nor of pestilence.
c) The identity of YHVeH’s Hand rests in the bosom of the Father, at first pure,
to others leprous, but in the end found pure; and that this is not wrapped in mystery and allegory. This represents the nation of Israel’s ear to hear the Voice of YHVeH. At Horeb / Sinai He is listened to as pure. As YHVeH Messiah, He is viewed by the priesthood as polluted, when He is not. At the end of days, Israel will realize that the same Voice who spoke to the fathers at Sinai / Horeb, the one called Yeshua -- YHVeH Messiah -- are one and the same (Zechariah 13:1-6, 12:10, 14:9).
d) We are foretold that because of rebellion, He -- YHVeH’s Hand (i.e., the Messiah) -- will pour out his blood upon the earth, upon all flesh, for the rebelliousness and sins of man.

Man, after the inclination of the flesh, thinks upon the earth as his mother and origin of life, thereby living and thinking after the physical, until he is given the life giving blood of GOD himself. That is, the Cross. And this through the signs of a Trinity, pointing us to ONE GOD in three persons, being One Being in perfect unity as ONE. Amen.

3 The Zealots of “militant Judaism” were composed of gladiator game trainees who gathered themselves together into a unified fighting force. Their weapon of choice was the long and crooked gladiator dagger, which was easily concealable. They utilized this weapon in various “matches to the death” upon the ca. 240-foot by 900-foot field of the Hippodrome in Caesarea, and in other arenas such as Caesarea Philippi and at Jerusalem. However, the uncoordinated and un-unified individual achievements of these robber band gladiators on the battlefield, failed to rise to any level of the Roman warriors. The Roman Army Service began with a boot camp on Sardinia that lasts 5 years, with recruitment ages starting at 13. They trained in arts of war for a minimum of 4-5 hours every day, learning how to always band and fight as one unit, instant to the shout of their commanders and the blasts of the trumpets.
Being defeated in the field, the Sicaari Zealots turned into a secret terrorist society. The ancient sources appear to indicate that they merged or allied with the cult of the snake: the secret cave society of “Mithras”. Rapidly, thereafter, this group gained influence within the Sanhedrin and amongst the priesthood. And it is quite probable, that by the time of 29 A.D., those of the cult of Mithras were firmly ensconced in power as those “vipers and sons of the snake” on the receiving end of tongue-lashings by Jesus (e.g. Matthew 23:3-33). In effect, these “robbers” and “Sicarii” were a type of “mafia”, for they were both a secret society and a law unto themselves.

4 Oddly enough, many Muslims are spewing this same insanity while citing Surah chapter 33 of the Koran (a very successful work of hallucinatory fiction, because to challenge or question their religious leaders on point, often means death). Therefore, the wickedness of Islam is GOD’s “Last Day’s” punishment upon humanity, because the Sanhedrin -- when they knew Messiah had come -- rejected Him. Therefore, these souls of the Muslims fanatics are determined to go to hell, and to take you, me, and as many souls down to the flames with them as they can. And sadly, the Jewish people will be hated of all nations for not having stopped that plague of idiocy before it began, and will be hated and persecuted of all nations; when already, the offending generation was punished in A.D. 70.

5 For example, cf. Doron, Pinchas “Rashi’s Torah Commentary” Northvale: Aronson, © 2000, pp. 113-114.

6 Ibidem. pp.113-114. Doron, Pinchas “Rashi’s Torah Commentary” is an excellent and highly recommended book, a “must have” for those interested in one of the most noble Jewish minds of the Middle Ages. Rabbi Doron does, what I believe to be, a fantastic exposition in assisting the reader to the precepts of Rashi. What is not brought out, in this passage, is that Rashi is inferring indirectly to the conflict between Christ and the Sanhedrin in A.D. 30. Rashi omitted the direct inference to Jesus’ situation, and rightly so, fearing persecution by the Christians if he did so in 11th -12th century Europe. Even though I often disagree with the Talmudic interpretations, Rashi’s often does so in such a way that he draws close to the Kingdom of GOD, but for these teachers of “tradition”, who become a rope or chain of bondage after this respect. Would that such a noble mind were a Christian, for in reading Rashi, we are almost akin to reading a pre-converted Saul (who studied from a young age in Jerusalem under Gamaliel), or that of a chief-rabbi of all eretz Israel, as was Nicodemus. There is a sort of magnificence-grace-and-joy that the intellectual mind can bring into a conversation / debate / or discussion, when both parties are sharpened in all the works of the Bible. Unlike the Talmud-and-Torah -only fanatics, Rashi was adamant that the Writings and the Prophets were equal to the Torah, and that any one daring to be called scholar, must also be well versed in all the Tenach (cf., Doron, ibid, p. 96, Rashi’s comments on Exodus 31:18 - “so must a scholar be learned in the 24 books of Scripture”). Today’s Talmudic scholars praise Rashi, but ignore his teachings after this manner and the obligation to the true traditions of their fathers. In Rashi’s own terms, these then, are “illiterates” who call themselves Jewish, but deny the reason for the existence of their very identity. It is not Talmud, and the traditions of men that is called forth to be the Jewishness and ethics of the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)-- it is Scripture, and commentary is supposed to only in a smaller way, supplement its understanding -- not replace it!

7 In A.D. 1263, just prior to the Spanish Inquisition, there was a debate in Barcelona, before the King of Spain, between his two most trusted advisors. One advisor was one of the three most powerful men in the Spanish government, Moses Nachmanides, a Spanish Jew, who was noble - well respected - and accountable to only the King himself. The other was “Pablo Christiani”, a Christianized Jew, appearing at that time as an emissary of the Vatican.
In this debate, 3 questions were argued over: 1) Did the Messiah come as Jesus, or is He still yet to come; 2) Is the Messiah actually GOD, or is he to be just a man only; and 3) Who practices the more perfect interpretation of the Law, Jews or Christians? Nachmanides argued to the effect that Jesus claims to be the Messiah were authentic, but that the issue was not to be decided on his ancestry that tied him to King David, etc. Nachmanides said the issue was whether Messiah, or any Messiah for that matter, was GOD.

Nachmanides committed abomination [“toeba” - toeh ata ba, “you are erring in this way”: Nedarim 51a] in his ignorance of Isaiah 7:14, Lamentations 4:20, I Samuel 2:10 with Zechariah 14:9, etc. Further, he was of a mind that, since Isaiah 2:4 had not been fulfilled right away after Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem, and that he was personally ignorant of any change in the character of the world since that time, why should he believe? But GOD answered Nachmanides in His time: with the spread of the Bible from the priests and elite to the common man in the coming centuries, so too did the spread of Christianity birth the Renaissance, the era of Ideological, Scientific, and Religious Enlightenment. It was through Christianity that the Kingdom of GOD was made near to mankind, and changed the faces of whole civilizations. Isaiah 2:4 is saved until after the heavens roll up like a scroll, and Zechariah 12:10, 13:1 - 14:4 is fulfilled, in which 2/3rds of all Jews upon the face of the Earth are slaughtered, and YHVeH the Great KING Himself delivers them as their Messiah.

Nachmanides’ answers, at this debate, have been championed by Judaizers worldwide as the counter argument to Christianity. But at the time, they acknowledged Jesus Davidic lineage and right to the Throne of Israel. He gravely erred in stating to the effect that he did not believe in a Divine Messiah, contrary to this very expression of YHVeH Messiah in the Scriptures. Hannah calls Messiah by the name “Yeshuat” in 1 Samuel 2:1, whom she identifies as messiah the king in verse 10. “Yeshuat” is the future designation in the Hebrew “Yeshua”, of “Jesus who is to come”. In Lamentations 4:20, we see that Nachmanides was living in the shadow of YHVeH Messiah (Jesus Christ) among the nations. In Psalm 118:14, we see that “YHVeH is my strength and my song, and is become my Yeshua [Jesus].” He is the Right Hand of Power of the Song of Moses (Psalm 118:15-16). “YHVeH is my strength and my song, and He is become my Jesus -- He is my GOD, and I will prepare Him a place to live; my father’s GOD, and I will exalt him”(Exodus 15:2). Therefore, Nachmanides was torn as one who sought to deny the deity of Jesus, and his identity as YHVeH Messiah, while yet confirming His rightful lineage as but a mortal being. As demonstrated here, his argument still did greatly err.

The Inquisition followed this debate, and Jews were forced to either convert to Roman Catholicism, or be tortured and persecuted. It was from this time that the Jews called themselves as either of a Sephardi (Spanish) or Ashkenazi (German) descent. This is most curious, as it does not denote their particular tribal affiliations, be it Reuben or Judah or Levi (etc.), but of where they had dwelt among two Gentile lands in the 13th Century. In fact, when they had lost their sense of who they were, they ever after then blamed the Christian Gentiles to which they chose to dwell as foreigners amongst, for the loss of their identity. But it was also hidden from their conscience, by omission in rabbinic teachings, that to seek to deny even one fulfilled Bible prophecy given to the Fathers and the Prophets (in order to deny Jesus), is already a stance and predetermined opposition to the very same GOD they seek to affirm. This too, is why they were scattered, in accordance to the forewarnings of Deuteronomy 28:14, 37, 64-66.

We are, as Gentiles, to show kindness unto them, and to lead them back to their GOD, and if need be, by means of a jealousy toward their own faith, which we have come to know through their King and Messiah, YHVeH. For it is through the nation and people of Israel, that GOD Himself has ordained, as the instruments through which the nations be blessed, teaching of the Seed (singular): Messiah (Genesis 23:18, 3:15).

8 Tosefta’s Horayot 2:8-10 was written from post-80 A.D. rabbinical traditions. Specifically, this section was put forth unrepentant Judaizers, and surviving terrorist sympathizers, to deny the authenticity of Christ’s claim to be master of all Israel, and to falsely make every son of Israel as rightful heir to the throne of David. That is, to bring about chaotic rulings into the Faith to justify the oppression of the good people of Israel by backroom politics.
However, in the generation prior to the “new order” of a very few corrupt leaders who sought to control and manipulate the poor and faithful Jewish brethren, Israel in the earliest Church era of 30 - 70 A.D. viewed the religious order of authority according to:
1) King (anointed by the prophet of GOD)
2) Prophets (anointed by GOD),
3) High Priest (appointed by lot through the Sanhedrin)
4) Priest over Temple garments and artifacts (appointed by the Sanhedrin)
5) Priest of War (Commander of the Trumpets)
6) Vice Priest (primarily Administrative)
7) Military Commanders of the Temple Police (answer to war priest)*
8) Senior Priests (upper administrative, who also deem if object is “kosher” or “traif ”)
9) Temple Task-masters (from whose office came the cruel administrators in Egypt)
10) Temple Accountants and Treasurers (lower administrative)
11) Other Sanhedrin priests and rabbis (later called “wise ones” and “sages)
12) Lay Priests (ordinary priests, but set aside as “special”, the sons of Aaron)
13) Levite rabbis and teachers (those considered ordinary pastors and lay leaders)
14) The Ordinary Israelite.
15) [The Foreigner who joins himself to Israel].
(Tosefta, Horayot 2:8-10, summarization mine)

Therefore, in the mind of the one concerned in self-exaltation within the religious order, the ambitious goal was to climb as high up as one could. In the “new order,” the rabbis and any who were #11-#13 in line in the Pre-destruction of 70 A.D. Jerusalem Era, placed themselves on equal standing with the prophets. Then, in order to trump the true “Christ”, they exalted themselves above any who would be “King” over Israel, ruling after this order:
The prophet / Sage / very wise one
[very “wise” being even any “popular” rabbi]
High Priest
Priest over the Temple garments and artifacts


* Note: that in order for the Military Commander of the Temple Guard to be dispatched, the War Priest had to be among the 23 conspirators of the Sanhedrin allied to the High Priest.

9 Numbers 8:24 states that “Unto the Levites: from 25 years old and upward they shall go and wait upon the service of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.” That is concisely the prophetic ministry of John the Baptist. Therefore, at age 25, John begins his prophetic ministry, and gradually grows in prominence by means we know not what.

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