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Monday, October 26, 2009

Major illegal election of Obama supporter Soros - Destroy the US economy and dump it for a loyalty to China

George Soros, according to his interview with Chrystia Freeland in New York of the Financial Times of London on October 23, 2009, advocates that China will be the new and smaller engine of the New World Order, replacing the US as a world leader, and that China would drive the Financial Sections of the world. He suggests that China simply buy its way in (code for: pay off those 6,000 + members who sit on the Council of Foreign Relations and on the Tri-lateral Commission), and simply take over.

Soros in this Financial Times interview also openly advocates a new world currency forced upon the US. He says that China will be the new (albeit smaller) engine, and that the US is a “drag” upon the world.

To me, this is as if we (the USA) need to be discarded, or occupied by the International Community. This brings to mind the Nazi subjugation of France, in which you had Nazi France under armed forces, and Vichy France under Nazi International Law.

To Soros, the new currency of the future is the Chinese renminbi, and only as long as the Chinese currency supports the US dollar, will the dollar cease from collapsing. Obama is set to visit China in November 2009. Obama will visit China in a four-nation tour from Nov. 12 to 19. The schedule appears to be China November 12-13, Japan 14-15, Singapore 16-17 and the Republic of Korea 18-19; maybe. It’s possible that China may get an extra day more than the above projected itinerary.

And the analysis of Soros past and present, it seems to me, appears to indicate that if Soros has his way, there may be a formal US to China request from Obama that China dump the dollar to help Obama collapse the US economy once and for all.

Soros dictates “advice”, as if a mafia consigliore and the White House chief executive officers listen. He also stated that Wall Street’s profits are a gift from the US Government. He does not offer what he should do with his own profits, such as giving those back to the State to pay down US debt, or what have you, though.

George Schwartz, aka, George Soros, is best described as an insane non-believing self-hating Hungarian Jew whose obsession as one of the 30 riches men on the planet, is to make nations conform into obedience to a New World Order.

But Soros is not alone. In the current issue of the Council on Foreign Relations Magazine (November/December 2009) --


-- C. FRED BERGSTEN, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Treasury under the liberal hate-monger President Jimmy Carter, also advocates and substantiates the Council on Foreign Relations agenda that the US dollar be dumped in favor of something of a more global currency.

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