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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Nairobi Weekly Standard and Barack Obama

The Logan Act 1799, http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33265.pdf
“codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953, states:

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States,
or to defeat the measures of the United States,
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.’

"The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority
from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.
There appear to have been no prosecutions under the Act in its more than 200 year history.”

This last clause is unfortunate, because Obama did during his 2008 trip to Iraq as a Presidential candidate and US Senator, http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/10/obama-sought-to-sway-iraqis-on-bush-deal/print/ and committed a felony prosecutable as an act of High Treason under 18 U.S.C. § 953’s Logan Act. This alone, should have been cause for investigation.

Why did Obama commit an act that is still prosecutable as a violation to Logan? Because be it in 2008 or in the 1990s, he did not look upon himself as an “American Citizen” in persona or identity. In the 1990s ...even though Obama lived in Hawaii from 1971-1979, attending and graduating at Punahou (K-12) School; even though he attended mainland US higher education: Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard University, (and taught at) Chicago University... after more than 20 years of living in the US, he DID NOT VIEW HIMSELF AS EITHER A US CITIZEN OR EVEN A WESTERNER. "...but for me that only underscored my own uneasy status: a Westerner not entirely at home in the West, an African on his way to a land full of strangers." Barack Obama, Dreams of My Father, Pg 301.

Barack, himself, labels "Barack Obama" as an "African" as if "African-born and Kenyan National". There is nothing wrong with that, as we have many fine and law-abiding patriotic Africans who have legally naturalized to the USA...again, there is nothing wrong with being an "African-born and Kenyan National", UNLESS you wish to attain the office of POTUS (President of the United States). The phrasing of "African", and "not being entirely at home in the West" speaks NOT to home sickness only...but identity and allegiance.

Kenya’s Eastern Standard reported on Barack's Father and used a photo from Senator Barack Obama's visit in 2006 at:

At: http://www.eastandard.net/InsidePage.php?id=1143998528&catid=556&a=1
The Weekly Standard reported: “Barack Obama Snr fathered six other sons and a daughter [besides Barack]. All but one live in Britain or the US.”

They also state that the offpring of Barack Sr., Barack “Obama sought refuge in Kenya 3 times in his life” and identified with the Black Muslim radical "Malcolm X" in his youth. http://www.eastandard.net/InsidePage.php?id=1143998681&catid=159&a=1

The Weekly Standard also reports that
All Barack's siblings, except for the one living in a Kenyan shack, are living in either Great Britain or the US. Obama's step-mother Kezia Aoko, lives in Bracknell UK.

To date, Bracknell appears to be an undiscovered past in Barack's layovers to London in 1987 and 1992. Clearly, Barack has siblings who are both British and Kenyan nationals, beside his sister Maya, who may or may not be a naturalized US Citizen serving in the White House through nepotism.

The writers of the Nairobi’s News Media are convinced, along with momma Sara (Barack’s Step-grandmother) and the Kenyan Ambassador to the United States that Barack was born in Kenya, and is a jus soli jus sanguinis (native son birth on Kenyan soil) Natural Born Citizen of Kenya. They are upset that advantage over his -- Barack Obama Jr.'s -- birth site isn’t made for a tourist attraction.

On 03/11/2008, 10 month's before Barack published his open letter to Kenya, the Weekly Standard lamented:
“On the road from Kisumu to Busia, there isn’t a single sign indicating the real hometown of Senator Obama. Yet billions of shillings are reportedly spent every year by bigwigs pretending to promote tourism!” http://www.eastandard.net/InsidePage.php?id=1143998423&catid=501&a=1

Mind you, we must remember, that Barack accepts the authenticity of this Nairobi Media, and in his open letter to Kenya, appearing in the 01/18/2009 issue


He states perhaps an admission: “My own city of Chicago has been the home of some of the most corrupt local politics in American history, from patronage machines to questionable elections.”

Did Obama just admit to Nairobi and all of Kenya that the voting machines of Chicago were rigged? He also states in his "open letter" that he knew little to nothing about his father until his visit to Kenya in 1987. Obama claimed 1987 as his first trip, but strangely, Nairobi’s own Weekly Standard editor titled Obama’s letter as “The speech that ruffled government feathers.” Unless he told some lies they clearly knew to be lies, why would the Government of Kenya be "ruffled" or incensed by Barack’s letter? The Weekly Standard would not elaborate.

On October 7, 2008, Newsmax reported:

"During the summer of 1981, after his second year in college, he made a 'round the world' trip, stopping to see his mother in Indonesia, next Hyderabad in India, three weeks in Karachi, Pakistan where he stayed with his roommate's family, then off to Africa to visit his father's family."

However, my reseach into the issue has placed the date of the trip as coinciding with the December 1980 - January 1981 visits to Pakistan and India.


The Partridge season in Pakistan is November-January. The Pakistan Daily Times reported that Obama went to Pakistan and India during the 'partridge season' of Pakistan.

"POSTCARD USA: When Obama is king —Khalid Hasan
Obama was shocked by the economic disparity he saw in Pakistan. He couldn’t get over the sight of rural peasants bowing to the wealthy landowners they worked for as they passed"

The proximity of Islamabad in the north and Larkana middle and Karachi in the south
where Obama resided and traveled to and from over the course of 3 weeks, was most likely in December 1980 to January 1981.

Quoting the Pakistani Times under "Obama’s larkana Connection"
"Thu, Jul 10, 2008", Obama's own campaign told ABC news that the Karachi
[hence Karachi-Larkana] visit was 3 weeks, in which he also visited Hyderabad." This is confirmed by ABC News at:

Now the visit to Hyderabad India can be taken naively as a festival tour:
or for what it was: Muslim jihadist indoctrination and pilgrimmage with education:

Hence, before there was an Al Qaeda, Barack was brought through a recruitment indoctrination tour for Jihad radical Muslims.

The Khaleej Times reported: "Take the Obama example. For him, [Occidental College] the Oxy (as it is known locally) experience was clearly transformative. For the first year, 1979, he preferred to be called by his nickname Barry.
Just two years later, Barry was history. In the cauldron of change marked by intense courses in literature, arts, philosophy and social science, the student found himself as Barack, with all its implications, not as Barry...."

Indeed, it is clearly reported that Obama underwent some form of transformation of identity that is not inconsistant with possible radicalization, and well noticed in College in the same time period. And if the Newsmax report is correct, Obama likely also visited Pakistan on a RETURN Trp in the summer months of 1981 when his mother was on consultant loan to Pakistan, as the Pakistani Daily Times Monitor also reported.

"Saturday, March 15, 2008 Daily Times Monitor
Trained as an anthropologist, Barack Obama’s mother worked in Indonesia and Pakistan and encouraged her children to respect their absent fathers."

So if Barack left Pakistan and then visited his Father's family in 1981, as was reported in 2008, but then altered by Barack to 1987 in 2009 in an ever-changing Newspeak biography of Barack's past; then it is no wonder Kenya's officials were so insulted by Barack's January 2009 fabrications of his timeline.

Barack's birth was not to a legally married couple...he is illegitimate:

It was reported that Barack Sr. was not legally married to Ann Dunham in the US. “Before Obama Snr’s airlift to America, he was already married to his elder wife, Keziah. Ann Dunham, the mother of Sen. Barack Obama whom he met at college in Hawaii, was his second wife [or an illegal marriage in state of bigamy]. …Obama Snr returned to Kenya after his PhD at Harvard without Ann, but with another white woman, Ruth with whom he did not live with for long, either. Ruth remarried and still lives in Kenya.”

Hence, out of wedlock, a natural born citizen of Kenya, Barack Obama Jr. forsook Kenya as a backward country (if we are to believe the Weekly Standard of Nairobi which even Barack trusts), in order to lawlessly grab for power…and succeeded in so doing of the highest position available in the United States. So if or when a Kenyan calls or refers to Barack as "that Bast**d" and one of their own "sons of the soil"...they may just know what they are talking about...on both counts.

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