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Friday, October 23, 2009

Let's examine the Facts, says Obama. But the facts are: Obama hasn't yet proven even a US Birth

Obama’s Speech at Hackensack New Jersey, October 21, 2009


remixed for accuracy:

“Now, I think it's important for us to have an honest conversation here. Let's examine the facts. Let's examine the facts. There are too many folks who are out of work and too many people who are looking for a job. There are too many hardworking families being squeezed by skyrocketing costs on the one side and shrinking wages on the other. … That's the kind of governor that Jon Corzine will continue to be.

…Let's examine the facts. Let's examine the facts. …. You've seen it in your own communities. … You got men and women who've worked hard all their lives -- who've done the right thing all their lives -- and now they're worried they won't be able to be the kinds of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, they'd hoped to be because of economic factors beyond their control. Seniors worried about whether they can stay on retirement. Young people worried about whether they're going to be able to afford a college education. …. And that's why New Jersey needs to give Jon Corzine another four years. (Applause.)”

[Commentary: There is a land to which Obama takes his rhetoric; it is what might editorially / subjectively be called "Liberal Suckers Denotation Stations" or L.S.D.'S. It almost takes a CIA level propaganda analyst to sift through this shifty and deceitful art Obama uses. But at the end of the day, he is no different than a street hood that uses emotional justification and personal interest in reaping a moral or monetary benefit in the spreading of his lies. So in regard to the Birth Certificate issue, let us examine the facts. ]


1) Fact: Barack Obama's "certification of birth" from Hawaii fails to meet the legal standard of verification of a US or even an Hawaiian birth.

2) Fact: Obama has failed to produce witnesses to verify his birth and birth location.

3) Fact: The above staements are verified by Supreme Court legal standards found in 533 US 53, NGUYEN ET AL. v. INS. (2001):

@ 54 :“The mother's relation is verifiable from the birth itself and is documented by the birth certificate or hospital records and the witnesses to the birth.”

And@62:” In the case of the mother, the relation is verifiable from the birth itself. The mother's status is documented in most instances by the birth certificate or hospital records and the witnesses who attest to her having given birth.”

4) Fact: Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro has never publicly stated or nor has legally sworn into a legal document the birth location of her son Barack. The only legal document that might have been submitted into a Court of Law to do so, is a missing page 11 of her divorce document from Barack Sr.


Therefore, in light of these above 4 facts, Barack has not yet shown even the basic claim that he was even born in Hawaii, let alone Honolulu, and let alone in a hospital or clinic or home or in the back seat of a bus. In fact, legally speaking, Obama could have been born on a fishing boat outside the 12 mile limits of one of the Hawaiian islands and come in to life smelly "fishy". He has yet to prove this facetious and unfounded allegation, should it be believed and leveled against him, as untrue. But the way he acts as President...we could also mockingly say he was born on a banana boat coming across the Caribbean from Havana, and legally speaking, he would not have yet proven otherwise to refute such a ridiculous charge...even if made in fun. "Day-Oh...daaayyy-oh...here he comes, don't you wanna go home."

Therefore, until such charges that he was born anywhere other than in the United States or in one of its territories are once and for all refuted according to the rules of evidence outlined in 533 US 53, NGUYEN ET AL. v. INS. (2001) at 54, 62; Barack Obama has not yet produced a valid Birth Certicate and sustainable witness criteria that allows him to assume the office of the Presidency on just the Birth Certificate issue alone.

And this is not even counting that without considering that it is impossible for Barack to meet the legal requirement of being a US Natural Born Citizen under US Law. He must be winked at until or unless a contender who could reasonably argue grievance of loss -- like John McCain or Sarah Palin -- challenges his NBC status...or else, as we have seen, in most circumstances, the courts will not consider the matter.

And if no one has noticed, Barack's Birth Certificate lawyer, Robert Bauer, husband of Maoist Anita Dunn, is being promoted to Chief White House Counsel in January 2010.

Now it seems that he will have unlimited taxpayer dollar access to hire his own firm Perkins Coie along with Sidley Austin to go more aggressively after anyone that might make their enemies list.

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