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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day, 2014

From my family to yours, wishing you a Happy Memorial Day of fond remembrances, and a celebration of life with those United States Military Veterans in your family and circle of friends still living.

     Picture: United States Marine Corp and United States Army have an "in-law family get
                   together" not that far from the front lines of Korea, circa Spring of 1951.
                   Moments after this picture was taken, snipers attacked the compound, and the
                   WWII retread on the right took to the hills and within a few minutes  of the
                   attack commencing, personally eliminated the threat  with extreme
                   professionalism as if he was back in Okinawa.  The motivation?  The Marine
                   to the left had brought his Army Sgt. brother-in-law a beer, and the first
                   casualty was...you guessed it, the one thing you don't mess with after
                   months of going without.    Right as the Sgt. cracked open the beer,
                   'ka-pow!'       "They shot my beer!"   
                                                        And the rest is history. 

Happy Memorial Day!

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