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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hypothetically Speaking, The Nation Of Ukraine Could Do Itself And Humanity A Favor, If... But, Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

The Bilderberg Group is Meeting in Denmark from May 29 -to June 1, 2014

The UK Guardian Reports:


And from closer to home, the international development secretary, Justine Greening, and fellow Bilderberg veteran and shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.
We know that he's scheduled to discuss the situation in Ukraine with extremely interested parties, such as the chief executive of the European arms giant Airbus, Thomas Enders. Not to mention the chief executive and chairman of "the defence & security company" Saab: HÃ¥kan Buskhe and Marcus Wallenberg. And billionaire investors including Henry Kravis of KKR, who is "always looking to sharpen" what he calls "the KKR edge". Helping Kravis sharpen his edge is General David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, now head of the KKR Global Institute – a massive investment operation.
The Bilderberg Group says the conference has no desired outcome. But for private equity giants, and the heads of banks, arms manufacturers and oil companies, there's always a desired outcome. Try telling the shareholders of Shell that there's "no desired outcome" of their chairman and chief executive spending three days in conference with politicians and policy makers.
Try telling that to the lobbyists who have been working so hard to push the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal that is being negotiated. Bilderberg is packed to the gills with senior members of powerful lobby groups. Will members of BritishAmerican Business's international advisory board, such as Douglas Flint and Peter Sutherland, express BAB's fervent support of TTIP when discussing "Is the economic recovery sustainable?" Or will they leave their lobbying hats at the door?
MP Michael Meacher describes Bilderberg as "the cabal of the rich and powerful" who are working "to consolidate and extend the grip of the markets". And they're doing so "beyond the reach of the media or the public".

Hypothetically Speaking, The Nation Of Ukraine Could Do Itself And Humanity A Favor, If...   But, Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course.  Realistically, It Will Never Happen Though:

Hypothetically speaking:  If the nation of the Ukraine really wanted to strike back against those who grease the wheels for Russia and the those of the West, and to knock back the threat to the Ukraine by a megalo-maniacal civilian terrorist organization demanding to rule the world as they themselves in past meetings orchestrated the how-to go abouts in order to attempt to overthrow and subjugate the Ukraine for its own nefarious purposes and private greed, even as they also have and hide behind the  backing of Governments that enable the logistics and extra manpower resources to attempt to overthrow and subjugate and then divide up the Ukraine, then hypothetically, for whoever controls the Ukrainian military fighter jets and fighter-bomber jets, it is a slam dunk that it would be the most bang for the buck for the sovereign nation of the  Ukraine to scramble half of its fighters and bomb the Bilderberg occupied hotel and grounds in Denmark into a smoking hole in the time-frame of May 29 - June 1, preferably 10am Denmark time, at least hypothetically.  

 The nation of the Ukraine has the right under International Law to annihilate a clear and direct threat to its national existence and then later on make the case at the United Nations, et cetera, .  The fact that the Bilderbergers are a functional criminal and rogue terror organization directing nation-states, is already heavily exampled and documented.  The Bilderbergs are so involved in this matter of the Ukraine's very survival as a nation,  and act as if a rich version of a lawless, even terrorist organization, it appears that the very best hope of thwarting its overthrow, hypothetically, is,  hypothetically,  under a premise that Ukraine has only now until June 1, 2014 to act, or a very, very small window of opportunity that has to be hastily acted upon, because this think-tank group will likely be planning in the Bilderberg 2014 Denmark meeting of how to complete the destruction and usurpation of the Ukraine as part of its private agenda, and how the west will then divide the spoils of the Ukraine with Russia after that it perhaps first kills many tens of thousands to perhaps millions of Ukrainians,  despite the public relations smoke and mirrors and hype for the masses which makes a fictitious narrative that the West and Russia are at odds, when they are in fact already working together to remove the Ukraine from its nation status to that of a conquered and usurped set of territories.  

Will the Ukraine turn the Bilderbergers into a smoking hole?  Not likely.  Too bad though.  We can charge every U.S. Citizen there on the Bilderberger list with both Treason and violating the Logan Act, were we bothering to even try to be a Constitutional Republic in the United States anymore.  A bold strike might just free up the United States Congress from much of their clutches long enough to bring about a full impeachment and legal conviction of Obama on over 70 felonies to the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Law he can easily be found guilty of; but then, this is all hypothetical anyway.

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