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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sarah Palin, a biblical translation. Did America miss the Message?

Σάρρα - Sarah
Πάλιν - Palin

In the Greek “Sarra” or Sarah, is simply the transliteration of the Hebrew.

Biblical Hebrew E-Magazine in April 2004, states
“The Hebrew word "SR" literally means "turn the head". It is often translated as "prince" or "ruler", one who turns the head of the people. The feminine form of this word is "SRH" or "Sarah".

Abraham's wife Sarah was very beautiful and probably "turned the head" of the men who saw her. Another word related to "SR" is "yasar" meaning "discipline". When you discipline your children you are turned their head from a path of bad to a path of good.”

The Hebrew name is also associated with royalty, in regards to being as a princess; and with G-D. In effect, she is like a “Princess” who has come, sent us by the L-RD…like a Queen Esther to help deliver her people or a perhaps even a type of non-violent Deborah (the prophetess).

America has lost its head and it way, and she is sent to “turn the head” and for bring us to a return to common sense “discipline”.

In the Greek, "Palin" means a return back to a former state, place, or act…to repeat or go back again. Palin is an adverb of action. In effect, Sarah Palin’s name is a call for America to turn back toward discipline.


America needs to return to a leadership of true hope and calls for fiscal responsibility (and be granted the line item veto), and military strength. Sarah Palin needs to revisit Reaganomics in policy and in action, and take up where Bush 41 failed to truly take up the torch of Conservatism and honor toward the Creator from Ronald Reagan. And in 8 years under her leadership, America can once again be proud and great, and a true hope for those huddled masses yearning to breathe free, wherever they are in the world, and know that America truly cares…instead of having both a usurper and false leader like Obama, whom the President of Czechoslovakia recently stated,

[The Chinese and other world leaders]… “respect it when someone is standing his ground, when someone is not afraid of them. When someone soils his pants prematurely, then they do not respect you more for it.”

Hence, to the effect that Obama cannot keep from soiling his pants, and ever wants to be applauded for it. That is precisely why we need a "Reagan tough" Sarah Palin, instead of someone who has the same level of disrespect as a pant wetting and soiling bowing coward among the diplomats of the world. Obama is unrepentant in this, and unrepentant Communist-Socialist foreign natural born citizen with litle allegiance to the USA, who religiously is ever looking to an anti-Christ / Muslim altered version Christ in Shia Islam who fights to kill those who disbelieve Mohammed (or some such rot).

Obama is also ever supporting those of Islam over Christians in America and national Israel...by his corrupt and very rotten fruits, we know him for what he is. Therefore, Obama is no leader for us who are genuinely Christian to endorse...and though we legally respect the office of the Presidency, and must behave accordingly when protocol demands it...Obama himself is a disgrace and a shame that is best washed-out of office and replaced as soon as legally and peacefully possible.

But we also must remember that Sarah, like Ronald Reagan was, is a flawed mortal. We can only hope that -- even if she were to be elected once again (or even appointed) to a high public office -- she holds to the Conservative principles which have thus far endeared her, and hones those things that the L-RD will show her, and be faithful to Christ Jesus from a sincere heart, and do that which is right in G-D's sight. We can only hope that we might rise up, if the L-RD wills, and accomplish what good we can all potentially do, and not be hindered from being the blessing we may seek to be...nor to be discouraged by the corruption and immorality and unworthiness of others. For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.(Romans 5:8)

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