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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Copenhagen December 10, 2009

Der Spiegel

On December 10, 2009 Der Spiegel online now reports that China (and even Nigeria) are posturing to game the system of Carbon Credit legislation, so as to cash in green projects already in the works put on temporary hold or that will be made permanent even without Copenhagen, hence billions and billions of dollars awarded them without their creating any environmental benefit.

In an example of European Green efficiency, or the lack thereof:
unfortunately, we are finding out slowly that European cutting edge solution Green Projects are neither economically efficient nor mass viable.

A methane production facility near Gustrow Germany - daily receives 2.5 million pounds corn silage, stems, grains, and leaves and ferments the bio-product at 96.8 degrees in air-tight tanks for 10 weeks at a time, in order to produce 46 million cubic meters of methane or enough gas to supply 50,000 households over the course of a year. That’s 2.5 million pounds a day for 70 days for a total of 175 million pounds per cycle, and 910 million pounds per year.

We are not told if the material can be processed into fertilizer, or if it becomes landfill. We are not told how much diesel or other energy is used in order to collect and transport all this tonnage. A minimum of 42 -63 trucks a day are required to haul the by-products to the facility in trucks that average 4-6 miles a gallon. If each truck averages only 30 gallons to and from the facility, that averages @ 53 trucks per day at 1,590 gallons of daily diesel, or 111,300 gallons per 10 week cycle, or 578,760 gallons of diesel a year. This equals about 11.57 gallons of diesel per household of the 50,000 households to be serviced by the methane as the likely average. Is this environmentally prudent or sound in respect to responsible use of fossil fuel resources? Of course not.

Other sources:

Developing nations are seeking 300 billion dollars in hand outs from Copenhagen
and they want it now. These also want the rules changed, with their request to the rich countries to reduce the 3.6 degree worldwide Carbon reduction goal.

So I guess it's: "Never mind that the increase in temperature over the next century was hyped at 600%", so even if they stopped emitting all C02 everywhere, the Earth's temperature will still rise by at least 1 degree and a fraction. So even if hypothetically man-caused carbon emissions would account for a .1666 to .4999 Fahrenheit temperature increase over the course of a century, why aren't we looking at absorption and conversion solutions? One quick fix, is if we all planted 2-3 trees per man, woman, and child, and ensured that they kept living; and maintained an environmentally more efficient use of our resources, including recycling, the problems are more quickly solved on our parts. Trees, if you remember biology science, convert the excess CO2 into fresh, clean oxygen. Oooops, weren't those who are environmental leaders supposed to use common sense here? Then, if they aren't using it, they need to get some and keep it.

In response to this $300 billion dollar plea for money, which is all the Third World Nations primarily care about, with the exception of some Island or Atolls who demand the stringency be kept…
on December 10, 2009, Politiken reports
that George Soros is pushing the idea to have the International Monetary Fund to front $100 Billion to the Climate Change Treaty of Copenhagen to Snow White lavish upon the 7 dwarves of the world –- Dopey, Communist, Socialist, Sleepy, Islamist, Oppressed and Developing – the little countries, so that the banks (like used car salemen with financial contracts for suckers) can dictate and take over, and rake in the cash to be made by the One World Government Body Politic in the Copenhagen Plan.

Soros is quoted by the Danes as stating: “There seems to be broad support and I hope they will come forward with that support ...it would be a great success if my proposal became part of the agreement here in Copenhagen,”

Unless Soros sees money and power to be made and accumulated, he wouldn't have any interest. So what is Soros up to, if not a grab for power and the wealth of the entire world? Perhaps he will reveal such to Private Company CEOs attending a special function and candlelight wine cellar banquet dinner at Hamlet's Castle, in Helsingør,Denamark...just north of Copenhagen...on December 12, 2009. But don't expect any objective reporting from its few invited attendees from the media like Tom Zeller, Editor, New York Times; or Louisa Bojesen, Anchor, CNBC; or Nicholas Eisenberger, Correspondent at the Harvard Business Review. In fact, don't expect any news to be leaked out on the event at all. But again, we will have to wait and see.

In the end, in all of this, mankind has forgot about G-D Himself. G-D gives us the resources, and keeps them in renewal. G-D created this world and the laws of Creation. We all need to daily recognize in our solving situations and crises with a seeking of G-D's guidance and help. G-D the Father through His Son Jesus, multiplies grace to us with wisdom to make things right...if we will receive that wisdom. To those in Christ Jesus, G-D the Holy Spirit will teach us the right way and the best answers, that we may share with mankind, to the glory and exaltation of our G-D and Savior, Jesus Christ, to the pleasure and good-will of G-D the Father.
We need to be willing to share...and the world needs to be willing to hear, and when they are indeed found to be a practical and good ideas, to so put into practice. That's my input.

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