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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday December 12, 2009 in Copenhagen

On Saturday December 12, 2009, some 50,000 to 100,000 environmentalists marched in unison in order to bring attention to themselves, to have the nations in Climate Change Treaty negotiations to “seal the deal”. The protestors themselves claim a showing of 100,000 demonstrators, and various media coverages seem to support a number very much betwen 90-100k, making their estimates more accurate.





An examination of the more than half assembly-line or professionally manufactured signs and organization of these crowds tells us that a lot of money is possibly being spent to hire and equip tens of thousands of people at whatever Euro wage per hour to protest for the One World Government (OWG).

Where are the claims of "astro-turfing"?
In the US, over one million Taxed Enough Already protestors sought to make their voices heard in Washington D.C. Professionally laminated or assembly line signs were often virtually non-existent, pointing to a grassroots super-majority of the TEA-party protesters. US House Speker Nancy Pelosi called these people as people to be stepped and stomped on, as inhuman...or in her own words, "They're astroturf...",
later clarifying that she included them as hired or professional protestors. Is that a lie, or what? Not one TEA Party protest related pay stub has ever been acquired. Not one underground cell phone video of cash changing hands has ever come forth. And not one peep contrary to a genuine grass-roots has emerged from within the more than 1 million who attended the DC rally against bloated over-spending by runaway Democrats trying to bankrupt this nation that they might replace it with a Communist-Socialist Regime, and junk the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

So let's apply the same questions the US Media took up against the TEA Party protests, and apply that to Copenhagen. Are these Copenhagen demonstrators "astro-turf" to the Copenhagen Climate Change Governmental Leaders? Follow the Left Wing justification logic.

If as many as 25,000 of these protestors are de facto hired, and if each of these professional protestors were to get 10 Euros an hour for 4 hours, (if this indeed is later proven to be the case); then, that is only a grand total of 1 million euros spent. 1,000,000 euros is “chicken feed” for corporations and governments willing to throw billions.

Will the World Media investigate these "protestors"? The obvious answer is "no".


BBC news reports that 900 of the protestors were detained (i.e., "arrested" and zip strip cuffed or "restrained", and placed in sitting position "compliance lines") by the Danish police.

Copenhagen’s Police spokesman, Henerek Suhr, told BBC News “We thought... these [900] people [we arrested] would make a lot of trouble in Copenhagen had we not arrested them, and we arrested them because they had done a lot of things before our arrests. They smashed some windows at the foreign ministry…."

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