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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Complete Monckton Lecture in St. Paul, and a few musings of mine on eco-friendly ideas to implement

An essential lecture that everyone interested in Global Warming should view and listen with an open mind, and soberly consider at least once.

We can easily present economical solutions, but they are neither politically expedient to implement without manipulating an abuse of power, nor are they economically acceptable, lest a transfer of wealth -- via less indebtedness -- be given to the people. Governments and Major Conglomerates would rather enslave mankind than to economically and efficiently resolve what they themselves have irresponsibly festered and then called a crisis.

1) The Earth needs Ozone replenishment, Carbon Dioxide cleansing, and enhanced oxygenation from current levels. Carbon creation, such as Carbon-14, is a naturally occurring event, and will maltriculate from the upper to lower atmosphere by natural processes and laws of Creation. Since the politics of idiocy have driven man to retardation on the topic of what is and is not real pollution and real contaminants endangering our survival and those of our eco-systems, such as serious petrochemical infusions that create adverse and sick mutations, acid rains, and so forth...I think it is time that the whining Communists and Socialists either come up with answers, or adopt my eco-ideas, or just plain shut up and talk about something else, since they can't even have honest discussion and offer constructive solutions.

Ozone replenishment to the atmosphere is created when oxygen is naturally photo-chemically converted by the ultra-violet rays of the sun. It is not adversely affected by freon production or man-made chemicals. It is adversely affected when man removes the oxygenating replenishment process.

In the United States, we need a two fold agressive Forestation greening of current Federal and State controlled lands, along with voluntary assistance from the general private property owning public. Trees need to be planted away from water mains and telecommunication cables and power lines.
a) The plantation of 6 billion aspen poplar tree saplings at a rate of 150 trees per barren acre lot. 10 to 12 billion dollars to plant 6 billion trees removing 1 billion tons of carbon, creating oxygen and new ozone replenishment for the ozone holes is economical.

b) The planting 1-2 billion other types and varieties of trees, especially longer duration varieties such as maple oak, and at least 50 million of these fruit trees (pear, apple, or such as to be later determined) for harvesting for human and animal consumption, and/or composting for fertilizing.

We also need to experiment in the implementation of offshore plankton farms in swim and boat free zones, and buoyed off in sections no greater than 200 underwater acres (less than 1/2 square mile sections) at a time. The Aleutians and selected pre-protected coastal sites to later be determined. The idea is to plant plankton in specified zones for observation and monitoring as to the effect they have on oxygenation, affect on the local eco-system, what effect if any such isolated plankton farms have on maritime travel, and before - during - after sampling of the immediate waters within 50-100 yards regarding pollution, oxygenation, salinization, and other relevant chemical analysis required.

2) Water resources inland must be replenished and distributed from the coastal regions to the interior. 40% of the world's population lives on the coastal regions, and engineering in the 20th century has excessively drained off interior water to an excess that endangers some interior eco-systems, usually in drought years.

Israel is an excellent source of water technology development.

Increase the number of 500,000 gallon per day or greater desalinization plants nationwide and worldwide, partially powered by wind and solar. Provide each of these (where appropriate) with a 100,000 to 200,000 gallon a day siphoning from capacity to inland reservoirs or storage locations against drought years or to alleviate drought. Water tower farms of 10 to 12 2.5 million gallon capacity tanks can accompany these new desalinization plants in case of seasonal and annual major maintenance or temporary shutdowns. If needed, create more pond and lake reservoirs, and utilize these for water supply and hydroelectric power supply, and ensure stability of the reservoir and channeling water transfer infra-structure. Water encourages green plant life, which brings in wild life, and promotes eco-balance.

Small Saltwater fish farms can accompany each desalinization plant, in order that any reasonable fish species thought to be destroyed can be equally replaced back into the eco-system. It must not over populate, lest it creates an overabundance of other species.

3) We need to let Creation supply and create from existing and even perpetual sources, and to capitalize on these sources in regions having more sunshine and less rain than the better watered and more vegetated regions of the planet. Economical solar panels can be placed on every roof in every nation or region having less than 30 inches of rainfall a year. Regulators to each of these can send electricity into the grid, and the owners upon which property the solar panels rest will share in the royalties of excess energy sent back into the grid, or receive credits against electricity they use for that energy sent back into the grid.

Allow solar farms of 270 to 5400 acres to be set up in non-populated or less than 100 person per square mile desert regions. In California, the additional planting of certain vegetation for the betterment and perpetuation of endangered species can offset the need for stopping projects because of snails, squirrels, turtles, or what ever the contention would be. The best hope for solar efficiency has been killed by the eco-nuts who scream the loudest for Green Energy, and then act as if they field kicked their brains across a parking lot and only want sex and drugs when a legitimate solution is in the works. Case in point, Brightsource.

In fact, Israeli technology has the bridge of redeeming a large chunk of the Carbon and Global warming crisis to an age of transition to a more eco-friendly energy usage by mankind.

Hypocrites, the corrupt, and morons are keeping solutions from being made a manifest reality.

Other Southwestern states in the US that are not as environmentally hyper-sensitive, may wish to consider even larger solar farms. The Middle East can largely be weaned off fossil fuels for their own national consumptions, still selling fossil fuels over a greater length of time, extending supply life and revenue. Wasteful extravagance on luxury will need to be rechanneled toward longevity with both comfort and practicality.

Allow and encourage home gardens, farms, fruit trees, vegetable planting.
http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=92002 On March 16, 2009, WorldNetDaily reported on the Obamanutjobs wanting to outlaw home gardens and farms unless they followed corporate regulations, monitored water runoff, and were nudged out of existence by costs to operate. This common sense back to where Nature / the Creation is our friend, and back to pragmatism, will gradually decrease some the need to ship these items in excessive quantities, and save fuel transfer costs.

Drill here, drill now. What is the logistic waste of fuel burned to ship 10,000 tankers of oil to the United States, verses simply pumping and shipping it from our coasts or through the pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states?

Allow for use of steam power out of our industrial smoke stacks, and reconvert that into energy for the plants they emanate from...cutting down on both emissions and outside energy usage.

Many, many good ideas can be thought up, and using current technology, implemented in 2-3 years or less, if government bureaucracy, politics, corruption, and Major Conglomerate bullying would just get out of the way.

So where are the eco-friendlies in giving out that "shout, shout, let it all out" constructive criticism?

Time to solve the common problems for the betterment, well-being and peace of all of us. We Christians also ned to come forth with solutions, as I have here, acting as faithful stewards of what G-D Almighty has given us, and to be the salt and light of the world that the L-RD Jesus called us to be.

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