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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Biblical Fruits and Grains: The Olive


In Hebrew, this word is “zayith”. The experience in Spain and Italy is that this tree best yields when it dwells near the sea, and is given year round cultivation. It is, as such, a deciduous evergreen. It will bear fruit in 7 years from planting, and yield its first “full” crop in the 15th year. After which, with proper care, right climate and soil, it may still be fruitful for 300 to 400 more years.

The Olive represents two things:
The eternal LIGHT of G-D (Exodus 27:20)


The Trespass Cleansing (like unto Baptism)

In the cleansing of the Leper in Leviticus 14, the trespass offering is slain for the Leper.

Blood from that Trespass offering is then applied to the Right Earlobe, the Right Thumb, and the Right Big Toe of the cleansed leper.

The priest then takes olive oil in one palm, and with a finger from the other hand, dips into the olive oil of the palm, as 7 times, he sprinkles the cleansed leper.

Then, the priest takes of the remaining oil, and applies it to the blood that is still upon the cleansed leper’s Right Ear, Right Thumb, and Right Big Toe (Leviticus 14:7).

Notice that the oil of the Olive is applied to the blood 3 times.

Notice that the sprinkling of anointing and cleansing of the olive occurs 7 times.

Compare this with the 7 baptism dippings of Naaman’s Baptism in the Jordan River in 2 Kings 5:14.

Olive oil will not be used in the sin offering (Leviticus 5:11), or in a grain offering regarding “Jealousy” (Numbers 5:15) because it represents a “bringing to light,” not a “covering of darkness” as it were. It’s product and result is to be set for all to see.

Priests of the Temple are to be anointed with Olive oil (Exodus 25:6). Hence, it is a fruit that is identified in both its aspects of Light and Trespass Cleansing as that which is to set apart, and make Holy.

Hence, it is a fruit that is identified in both its aspects of Light and Trespass Cleansing as that which is to set apart, and make Holy.

Solomon made the two Cherubim of Olive Wood at 10 cubits in height within the Oracle or that access to the inner sanctuary and the holy of holies. These he overlaid with gold (I Kings 6:23, 32)

Solomon made two access doors to the Oracle out of Olive wood, and carved images of the two Cherubim upon them, as well as palm trees and open flowers. (I Kings 6:32)

The front access doors of Solomon's Temple, though made of fir, would have Olive Wood Columns alongside the doors by which priests entered the Holy Place (I Kings 6:33).

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