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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Regeneration: the coming new Genesis through Christ

Regeneration: Some verses and texts to look at.

Matthew 19:28

ο δε ιησους ειπεν αυτοις ---- And then Jesus said to them

αμην λεγω υμιν οτι υμεις --- Amen, I tell you that you

οι ακολουθησαντες μοι --- the ones having followed Me

εν τη παλιγγενεσια --- in the Regeneration

οταν καθιση ο υιος του ανθρωπου --- when sits the Son of Man

επι θρονου δοξης αυτου --- upon (the) Throne of (the) glory of Him

καθισεσθε και υμεις --- you will sit, even you

επι δωδεκα θρονους --- upon 12 thrones

κρινοντες τας δωδεκα φυλας του ισραηλ ---judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

Παλιγγενεσια or regeneration is the merging of two words: the primary word of γενεσις (genesis) preceded by the supporting adverbial word, the feminine of Παλιv: the act of reverting back to a former state, place, or act. That is, a parallel or synonym to the resurrection.

Notice then, that the Regeneration is not only a resurrection, but to a state that Adam and Eve were meant to originally have and keep.

Now let’s look at Revelation 20:4
(4) και ειδον θρονους και εκαθισαν επ αυτους και κριμα εδοθη αυτοις
--- and I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them

και τας ψυχας των πεπελεκισμενων --- and the souls of them having been beheaded.

δια την μαρτυριαν ιησου --- through (or due to) the witness of Jesus

και δια τον λογον του θεου --- and through (or because of) the Word of G-D

και οιτινες ου προσεκυνησαν τω θηριω --- and who had not worshipped the Beast

ουτε την εικονα αυτου --- nor the image of it

και ουκ ελαβον το χαραγμα --- and not received the mark

επι το μετωπον αυτων --- upon the forehead of them

και επι την χειρα αυτων --- and upon the hand of them

και εζησαν και εβασιλευσαν --- and they lived and reigned

μετα χριστου τα χιλια ετη --- after (or with) Christ 1000 years

(5) οι δε λοιποι των νεκρων --- the then (or But) rest of the dead

ουκ ανεζησαν --- certainly did not live again

εως τελεσθη τα χιλια ετη --- until were ended the 1000 years

αυτη η αναστασις η πρωτη --- this (is) the resurrection first (before, of pre-eminence)

(6) μακαριος και αγιος --- Blessed and holy

ο εχων μερος εν τη αναστασει --- the (one) having part in the Resurrection

τη πρωτη --- the first (before, of pre-eminence)

επι τουτων ο θανατος ο δευτερος --- upon (or over) these the Death the Second

ουκ εχει εξουσιαν --- certainly does not has authority

αλλ εσονται ιερεις του θεου --- but they will be priests of G-D

και του χριστου --- and of Christ

και βασιλευσουσιν μετ αυτου χιλια ετη --- and will reign with Him 1000 years.

πεπελεκισμενων of verse 4 is the plural perfect passive participle pelekizo; that which is behead by an axe or pelekos. In all the New Testament, pelekizo is used ONLY in this verse, and is set here as an encouragement for them, that they may simply know that they will live again in a perfect physical bodily resurrection and regeneration of that body, that it may never again die. This runs synonymously with Matthew 19:28.

Cf. John 5:28-29
(28) μη θαυμαζετε τουτο --- Not marvel (at) this

οτι ερχεται ωρα εν η παντες οι --- for comes an hour in which all those

εν τοις μνημειοις ακουσονται --- in the tombs will hear

της φωνης αυτου --- the voice of Him

(29) και εκπορευσονται --- and will come out

οι τα αγαθα ποιησαντες εις αναστασιν ζωης --- those the good having done into the Resurrection of Eternal Life

οι δε τα φαυλα πραξαντες εις αναστασιν κρισεως --- those then the evil having practiced into the Resurrection of Judgment.

And again from Revelation 20:4,6
(4) και εβασιλευσαν μετα χριστου τα χιλια ετη --- and reigned after (or with) Christ 1000 years

(6) επι τουτων ο θανατος ο δευτερος ουκ εχει εξουσιαν --- upon (or over) these the Second Death certainly does not have any authority

Cf. Luke 20:36
(36) ουτε γαρ αποθανειν ετι --- Not even for is death able to die upon anymore

δυνανται ισαγγελοι γαρ εισιν ---they are empowered equal with the angels for they are (as)

και υιοι εισιν του θεου --- and sons are of G-Dτης αναστασεως υιοι οντες --- of the Resurrection sons being.

And who are these of the resurrection? They are the same as those in the regeneration.

Luke 20:37 - 38
(37) οτι δε εγειρονται οι νεκροι --- that then are raised the dead

και μωσης εμηνυσεν επι της βατου --- as Moses pointed out at (upon) the Bush

ως λεγει κυριον --- as he calls (the) L-RD

τον θεον αβρααμ και τον θεον ισαακ και τον θεον ιακωβ --- the G-D of Abraham and the G-D of Isaaac and the G-D of Jacob

(38) θεος δε ουκ εστιν νεκρων --- G-D then, certainly not of the dead ones

αλλα ζωντων --- but of the living ones

παντες γαρ αυτω ζωσιν --- all for to Him live

In the Regeneration period of the Millenial Reign, Those of humanity having been Resurrected unto Life as part of the First Resurrection via the Second (some call the Last) Heavenly Silver Trump...the Trump blown for gathering:

“AND IN THAT DAY, it will be that the mountains will rain down YHVeH’s Spirit, as though flowing down forth an intoxicating New Wine;
and the hills will gush forth and flow with fatness;
and all the deep channels of Judah shall flow forth with Living Waters;
and an overflowing River shall pour forth as a spring from the Mountain of GOD -- from out of the House of YHVeH will it go out;
and a refreshing and a watering will it give, as it fills even the Valley of the Pierced Tree.”
(Joel 3:18, fully amplified with word pictures from the Hebrew, translation mine)

“AND IN THAT DAY, will the BRANCH of YHVeH be glorious and beautiful,
and the fruit of the Earth (will be) for glory and for pride for the survivors of Israel.”
(Isaiah 4:2)

“The days will come when the vines will grow, each having 10,000 shoots;
and on each shoot 10,000 branches;
and on each branch 10,000 twigs;
and on each twig 10,000 clusters;
and in each cluster 10,000 grapes;
and each grape when crushed will yield 25 measures [ca. 150 gallons].

And when one of the Saints takes hold of a cluster, another cluster will cry out,
‘I am better. Take me. Bless the LORD through me.’

Similarly, a grain of wheat will produce 10,000 heads;
and every head will have 10,000 grains;
and every grain (will yield) 10 pounds of fine flour, white and clean.

And the other fruits, seeds, and grass will produce in similar proportions -- and all the animals feeding on these fruits produced by the soil, will in turn, be harmonious toward one another, and fully subject to man.”

-- Papias…who was a hearer of John and…saw John the disciple of the L-RD, recalled having heard how the L-RD used to teach about those times…and he goes on to say [that Jesus, the L-RD, said]:
‘These things are believable to those who believe.’

And according to John, ‘when Judas the traitor did not believe, and asked, ‘’How then, will such a growth be accomplished by YHVeH?’’, the L-RD said, ‘’Those who live until those times will see.’’

Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5.33.3-4 (2nd generation student from John)

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