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Monday, December 7, 2009

Because even His Church is written in the heavens

Have you ever wondered how the Gentiles of the Early Church in the province of Asia might have looked at the Book of Revelation, and explained the significance of such passages as the 7 Churches of Asia in Revelation's first 3 chapters? How might they also have at least begun to explain the Gospel to someone deep in only a knowledge of the pseudo-deities of Greece or Rome? Here, I believe, is a start:

In the book of Job, we find a reference to -
"Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south." (Job 9:9)

When G-D came down from Heaven, and spoke from what is likened to a flashing tornado with thick clouds, He asked Job:
"Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?" (Job 38:31).

So what was the gist of the story of the stars about in Job's day, and how might they relate to a worldly understanding of a story in the vein of "the Spirit of Prophecy" about Messiah?

Orion (who in the story represents Christ)
was he who left off planting his crops, in order that he might search for his beloved:
her name was Eos ("the Dawn", or "Righteousness").

While Orion is gone, Arcturus (who represents the Holy Spirit and His New Testament ministry) acts as plowman in Orion's absence.

During this searching, Orion meets up with and is killed by Artemis (Diana - who represents the world, who is possessed by the sin nature).

She claims to have killed Orion because that he loved Eos ("the Dawn", or "Righteousness") more than he loved her. That is, that he loved righteousness more than the world.

But Orion is soon to rise again from the dead, and in the process, show that he has the authority in loosing the bands of death and separation.

Orion goes on to be bitten by a poisonous snake in his heel, but responds by stomping the serpents head until it is crushed to death.

We now have the mystery of Job 9:9's Arcturus and Orion shown us and unveiled; but what of Pleiades and the Chambers of the South?

Pleiades are the 7 daughters of Atlas (who represents Adam).

Atlas was he, who in worldly understanding, was said to have carried the weight of the world, once, upon his shoulders...even as the second Adam did so in true reality -- with the weight of the sin of the world for all time. Jesus bore the sin of all wars, all crimes in the macro and microcosmic -- He bore them all -- at the Cross.

The Chambers of the South represent Hades, the place of burning south or under the Earth's crust and land of the living, as if series of pits or chambers lay at the center of the Earth. At the Cross, this was the Valley of Hinom (a valley of burnings), where Jesus was crucified near and buried near.

In regards to Pleaides, on Rosh HaShana 53 A.D., these were typified or transformed as the 7 daughters of the Second Adam in the Book of Revelation.

1) Maia the mother becomes Ephesus the mother Church.

2) Lustful Electra becomes the lustful Church of Smyrna.

3) The snatching predator Calaeno becomes the victimized Church of Pergamos, those living in the presence of predators.

4) Unstable Taygeta becomes the lazy Church of Thyatira.

5) Merope, who hides her face in shame, becomes Sardis, she who is hidden and ashamed of the Gospel.

6) Alcyone or Alycon, though happy and calm, is destined for grief. Her N.T. counterpart, Laodicea is double-minded, and also destined for the Tribulation.

7) While Sterope (from asterope, meaning lightning), is counterparted by Philadelphia, the compassionate and charitable, which is kept from the Tribulation: and through "lightning" and "the twinkling of an eye", also hooked into a relationship of one side or the other of the Rapture (as it were).

Thus, even in the heavens, the tale of Christ and His Church is told from at least the days of Job.

And it is done in such a way, that even those who are not "Biblically religious" can perhaps, like being told a story to more entertainingly relate a factual happening, at least understand it.

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