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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Communion, more insights

The History of how we Gentiles got our Eucharist via the Church of Rome, is out from Irenaeus, in a fragmant that states:

"For the controversy is not merely as regards the day, but also as regards the form itself of the fast. For some consider themselves bound to fast one day, others two days, others still more, while others [do so during] forty: the diurnal and the nocturnal hours they measure out together as their day. And this variety among the observers had not its origin in our time, but long before in that of our predecessors, some of whom probably, being not very accurate in their observance of it, handed down to posterity the custom as it had, through simplicity or private fancy, been.

And yet nevertheless all these lived in peace one with another, and we also keep peace together. Thus, in fact, the difference the fast establishes the harmony of faith.

And the presbyters preceding Soter in the government of the Church which thou dost now rule - - I mean, Anicetus and Pius, Hyginus and Telesphorus, and Sixtus - - did neither themselves observe it, nor permit those with them to do so.

[[But prior to these men, they may well have, especially Clement - Brianroy]]

Notwithstanding this, those who did not keep were peacefully disposed towards those who came to them from other dioceses in which it was observed although such observance was in more decided contrariety to those who did not fall in with it; and none were ever cast out for this matter.

On the contrary, those presbyters who preceded thee, and who did not observe, sent the Eucharist to those of other dioceses who did observe it.

And when the blessed Polycarp was sojourning in Rome in the time of Anicetus, although a slight controversy had arisen among them as to certain other points, they were at once well inclined towards each other, not willing that any quarrel should arise between them upon this head. For neither could Anicetus persuade Polycarp to forego the observance, inasmuch as these things had been always [so] observed by John the disciple of our Lord, and by other apostles with whom he had been conversant; nor, on the other hand, could Polycarp succeed in persuading Anicetus to keep , for he maintained that he was bound to adhere to the usage of the presbyters who preceded him.

And in this state of affairs they held fellowship with each other; and Anicetus conceded to Polycarp in the Church the celebration of the Eucharist, by way of showing him respect; so that they parted in peace one from the other, maintaining peace with the whole Church, both those who did observe [this custom] and those who did not."

In other words, the Jewish Passover ritual was lost to the Roman Christians since the reign of Emperor Hadrian sometime following the 115-116 Jewish uprisings in Egypt, Cyprus, and Crete which claimed the lives of over 400,000 people...or at least certainly by the coming of Bishop Sixtus in the 120's A.D.

After the loss of the Passover Communion (the third cup of wine, and the broken second of three matzohs); thereafter, it took a Jewish Christian disciple of the Apostle John out of Asia, at the age of something to the effect of 114-116 years old to cause an Anicetus of perhaps 40 something to see the ritual instituted in the Church.

The "Communion" ritual was actually a doctrine in that the Passover second Matzoh, that is hidden away, resurrected, and broken...is literally the body of Jesus after the "spiritual" sense in its consecration. The partaking of the third cup of wine is literally the blood of Jesus after the "spiritual" sense in its consecration.

In the Passover ritual, the wine of an earlier cup is poured repeatedly in small increments onto a plate for each judgment / plague that the L-RD sent upon Egypt. One of those pourings is called "blood", and is ...after a spiritual sense...supposed to help you attach yourselves with your forefathers who came out of / were delivered out of...Egypt, as if you, on each Pesach, were spiritually there yourselves as well.

The Greek of Paul is clear in I Corinthians that there is a spiritual consecration and attachment that occurs in the Communion.

The earliest Church traditions and writers also confirm and bear this -- "spiritual" attachment in the communion as literally joining to Christ -- out.

It was not until 880 A.D. that Roman Catholicism went over the edge and said that the body and blood physically transformed...because the physical aspects of it do not change.

But the consecrated bread and wine of the Communion indeed becomes as if G-D breathed...a spiritual element, not previously present, enters into the host and the wine -- through prayer -- as by the illustration the exhale breath of G-D so entered into dead Adam in Genesis 2:7 and made him alive unto lives (chayyim).

Jesus broke the Unleavened Bread as though breaking off leaves
Luke 22:14-20
A New translation from the Greek with word pictures

14) And when the hour came to pass,
He reclined, and the 12 Apostles with Him.

15) And He said up to and alongside of them,
‘With a strong desire and longing,
I have set My mind with affection on this…
To eat the Passover in your midst and among you,
Before undergoing the experience of My suffering.’

16) ‘I lay before you these definite words to you,
That never – in any way may I eat out of it again –
Until when it is fulfilled in the Kingdom of G-D.’

17) And readily, and deliberately receiving and taking a cup
Brought Him by another, having given Thanksgiving and gratitude

Barukh atah YHVEH Elohaynoo
Melekh Ha’Olam
pri Hagafen

Blessed are You YHVEH our G-D,
Sovereign King of the Universe and of Eternity,
Who creates - Brings Forth – Makes Fat As A New Thing
the Fruit of the Vine.

He (then) spake,
‘Take this, and through division, divide it up into parts among yourselves.

{{In Psalm 116:13 we read: kos-yeshu{a}oth esha
“The cup of Yeshua / Salvation, I will lift / carry."
KOS {then a connecting horizontal} YeSHUAOTH ESHA [Alef-Shin-Alef]. }}

18) I lay before you these definite words to you:
That in no way may I drink of that which is generated - produced - brought forth of the Vine,
Until when the Kingdom of G-D comes.’

19) And actively taking and receiving with the hand (unleavened Matzoh) bread,
Having given Thanksgiving and gratitude,

Barukh atah YHVEH Elohaynoo
Melekh Ha’Olam
HaMotzi Lechem Min Ha’Aretz

Blessed are You YHVEH our G-D,
Sovereign King of the Universe and of Eternity,
Who brings forth Bread from the Land - the Earth.

He broke the Unleavened Bread as though breaking off leaves,
And gave of His own accord and good will, bestowing to them,
Laying before them these definite words, saying,
‘This is the body of Me,
being offered and given as a gift and posession for you;
this manifest as an outward completed action
into the recalling to mind of
My Memorial - Remembrance

20) In like manner and the same way.’
And the cup, after having banqueted and eaten,
Laying before them these definite words, saying,
‘This, the New and Better Covenant,
Unrestricted by time,
(is) the Cup,
in the Blood of Me, for you,
(which) is being generously spilled and poured out. ‘

If we take a Matzoh, and pull at its edges, while spinning it around, the activity is like breaking off leaves.

Hence, while the left hand holds, the right thumb and one or two fingers snap and pull.

Therefore, a plucking motion using either 7 or 8 fingers. As if the Bread itself were fruit being harvested from a tree, after a sense.

Perhaps, the act of picking the Tree of Life's fruit in Paradise, will be the Heavenly version of partaking of Communion in the Kingdom, after this action, and in rembrance of what Yeshua did on a Tree (i.e., at the Cross).

See also my exposition on I Corinthians 10:16-17 from 10/30/09 @


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