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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Musings on Journalists, American PC and CCisms, and partial solutions


I find it interesting, that with the exception of Foxnews, Canada, and the BBC, there is such a major media news blockout of the Climategate e-mails, and the pattern of behavior has not been truly delved into in regard to the Long Form BC and the lack of Obama's eligibility to serve. Many Obama supporters point out that the lack of Traditional Media coverage is proof that those protesting Obama have no truth or evidence on their side, but the Climategate suppression tells us otherwise.

I think many of us have expected the same standards of journalism over the last several decades to remain in effect. But the reality is, it just isn't there anymore. Vetting stories or people is something that is no longer a media responsibility, it is who can get the hottest story first, or rake in the advertising dollars and bonuses, and be culturally correct (i.e., "diverse"). This cultural correctness has blended in with political correctness, and now drives what is or is not news. It no longer is a majority theme that drives the news reporting with a theme of looking out for America or for the average guy or gal, while giving them the facts with the sensational...it is now a majority theme of how can we manipulate the masses to our way of thinking, in politics, religious views, environmentalism, culturalism, purchases, or what have you?

Climategate, the scandal of thousands of e-mails that show a purposeful manipulation of the facts that these lunatics justify a 600% increase of the data numbers in order to acheive a political and economic end, may currently still be reported on by Foxnews for now, but for how long? The same Saudi sheik that was told to shove his $20 million where the sun don't shine by the mayor of NYC right after 9/11, now owns a part of Foxnews and Rupert Murdoch owns part of his company in Saudi Arabia. So in regard to any Muslim terrorist act, Foxnews now climbs in bed with politcal and cultural correctness. We the American people will most likely now see Foxnews topple in any objectivity to Islamic Jihadism, and they will soon also be blaming America along with MSNBC and the others that its America's own fault for not being subservient or kissy foot to Islam.

Not too long ago, the President of Turkey told Germany's President that Islam is going to take over her nation and she might as well be subservient to it now. The Mainstream Media in the US buried or ignored the public and open threat to subjugate a nation and an entire continent for Islam. Why? Because of fears of offending Muslims, and creating nearly uncontrollable riots causing billions in damages. Personally, a backhand across his face, and an expulsion of all Turks from Germany, and a recall of all Germans from Turkey would have been the appropriate cultural reaction at such a declaration of war...followed by a deportation of Muslims from Germany with the same tenacity that they once rounded up the Jews...but this time, to be packed on freighters bound for Turkey, until not one Muslim is left in all of Germany. That is what should have been done. In America, the same should go for any Muslim Community whose goal is to subjugate or destroy America...round them up, and ship them off to the Middle East with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and whatever food and water they can carry. But what is the morally right thing to do, and the culturally or politically correct thing to do, don't always level on the same plane. So this opinion is usually held in check to the prevention of dissention from both sides, as if that will allow the illusion of the threats to subjugate and overthrow to subside, when they are simply put off for a later and more bloodier time...as we have seen with 9/11.

In America, the lack of desire to challenge Obama is because of the African-American proclivity to riot and burn their or juxtaposing neighborhoods down. The Riots we saw in the 60s and 70s, did not pass with the next generation. The 1992 Rodney King riots told America that if the African-American community is culturally offended, they are socially so immature as to riot on any given pretext they can work themselves into a snit over. And for that reason, the Congressional Black Caucus and other leaders claiming to represent the Black Community in the US in 1994 bullied then President Bill Clinton to invade Haiti in September of that year...and it was all for African-American cultural appeasement, and the fear of riots here in America in protest (or rather via being whooped into a frenzy by those very same various political and religious manipulators of the less educated who follow these clowns).

So why will the media not shred Obama's illegality, unconstitutionality, lack of standing to be President? It is culturally and politically incorrect to criticize anyone but white males in America, unless they are conservatives, red-necks, or Christians. And, the fear of an out of control Black populace that is still so immature as to be unable and unwilling to not riot anytime their manipulators from their own communities chose to whip them up into a blood frenzy for the sake of their own political gain and expedience...that they might trample over the blood and the bodies of their expendable own, to gain that much more influence, notoriety, and power. Such leaders ought to be cast down, and not propped up. Especially those who continue the vicious cycle of blight and economic oppression upon their own communities, to make them "dependent" upon the leader for a voice, rather than giving the Community a solution, and seeing the many made self-sufficient and leaders and role models for good and prosperity in their own right.

America needs a hand up, regardless of skin color. We also need a level of intellectual maturity that over-rides the emotional and cultural hyper-sensitivity that is destroying our nation from within. I want to see the inner-cities of Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, and whomever, prosper with jobs and peaceful industry; where people are so proud of their neighborhoods they keep it clean, and interact as neighbors as crime deterrent. I want to see the suburbs and the rural areas prosper, where America there too, prosper as a strong community of peoples interacting as neighbors, and jobs and addresses don't have to come and go at a rate faster than it takes for one Congressional Representaive to serve his or her term in office.

But in order to achieve the best for America, we need:
1) to uphold the laws of justice equally
2) to bless G-D through the Son of G-D, Jesus Christ, both publicly and privately. 3) to restore our laws to a closer originalism of the US Constitution
4) to shrink the bureaucracy of the Federal Government
5) to double the number of troops in the military and law enforcement agencies
6) to cut taxes
7) to upgrade our power grids
8) to free up environmentally friendly US self-dependence on natural resources (oil, gas, shale)
9) to install cost-effective solar panels on most every rooftop in the US Southwest with regulators for clean solar energy to cut costs
10) to install multiple desalinization plants on coastal US cities
11) to install at least 3 modern oil & gas refineries on the East and West Coast, and one more in the Gulf of Mexico region
12) to open up designated strips of 100-150 miles of US Coastlines to Domestic Oil drilling, with a surcharge of one barrel in every hundred shipped to the US Strategic Oil reserves at the Corporates own cost (as if a royalty). California's 100-150 mile strip could have its ratio shipped directly from the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic (Florida) operations
13) to provide economic incentives to open up wind farms in the Mid-west corridor to provide extra power in the Communities they are in
14) to remove beetle infested or burnt forests and plant and replant forests with aids to take out the beetle (perhaps a chicken wire covered flypaper wrap near the base of the tree to protect animals...better ideas than this can be explored and implemented)
15) to promote more tree planting in unused industrial or urban areas (plowing under and greening buildings in excess of 15 years of unuse), perhaps growing potted pine or Christmas tree or even reforestation sapling tree farms
16) have a National Code Enforcement cleanup program where for a $50-100 viewing fee, local Code Enforcements can offer employer or property owner tax credits up to $5,000for cleaning up and properly disposing of delapidated or condemned property pollution...the fee a one page form and at least 4 before and 4 after shots of the property, with receipts as to who, where, and how the pollution was properly disposed.

17) Separately, we also, should as a nation, not only support Israel more vigorously, but as true allies, employ and enlist their aid...and put their technological brains to work in helping to solve the eco-problems of the world. Anyone who has kept track of some of their innovations and developments, as well as those who know the Scripture, will realize such honors G-D. For the Scripture says,

"Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit." (Isaiah 27:6)

Anyrate, these are my musings and my input.

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