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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canadian firm plants trees to absorb Obama's bad gas and B.O.

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT on Vimeo.

Monckton, always good to watch, tells us to be scientific...not stupid or blindly accepting. Always Check the Data, even ours. I concur.

At the end, he warns that the Copenhagen Treaty originally included that a Foreign Committee had the power to dictate and regulate our energy to the effect to stop all air travel, and other powers not reported by the media.

It seems to me, that the very power to regulate how much energy we could import, or use, is not bad enough; but wasn't the brown-out the country on a whim capacity one of the crucial precursors to a First Strike Nuclear Launch on the USSR in the theoretical application Cold War games we played in the 1970s and 1980s? If that is so, then that same war game scenario is being set up in actual application via Leftist Communist Climate Politics against the USA.


CNSNews.com reports that LimeGreen Earth Inc. will plant 1,176 trees to offset the carbon emitted by Air Force One, an estimated 196 tons of it, when it carries Obama to Copenhagen to sign the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty.

I calculated the New Brunswick, Cananadian estimate as being that: every tree planted is calculated to a one-time offset 333.33 pounds of Carbon Emissions by LimeGreen Earth, Inc .

So where are Al Gore's Forests?

Where are the forests planted by the Earth Liberation Front, or the Sierra Club, or any and every environmental group each time they fly? Or at least for all that Carbon they emited in flying to Copenhagen and back?

Let's get with the program, lefties. Fly a plane, and plant those trees to offset your abuse to the planet...that's how it works. Over 15,000 in overflow flew to Copenhagen and were denied access to the Climate Change Treaty: a wasted trip. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/58561 Will those who wasted that trip and did little or nothing try to at least make up for their adding to the problem? Or is that science and strictness only for "everybody else" to abide by?

How about if they drive a gas powered car, or an electric car taking power from a Coal burning electric plant, do the math and plant some trees.

In fact, will the New World Order demand that we actually "solve" the Carbon problem? No. It's all a means to get their objective acquired...and that objective is absolute control. The Bible's book of Revelation says that they will eventually acheive that very goal, as disheartening as that is.

There are other solutions to Greenhouse gas capturing, such as the new danger of CO2, which isn't a danger at all, you know. In fact, why not use nuclear power to energize extra dry ice making in Artic regions, and find a way to store all that extra CO2 if CO2 is really the problem? Notice how freons and sulphur oxides and poison gases are as if they were never a danger? History and the Ozone Hole controversy, in the minds and memories of the dope-smoking Left, has now been newspeaked out of existence and ignored as if it never were. Drugs, lack of morality and G-D in their lives, and delusional fanaticism will do that to a person or a whole people, you know.

But wait...we don't really have a CO2 problem, we have a Government GREED and POWER MANIA crisis.

One that says: give us another $6,000 per man, woman, and child per year for medical coverage that you don't need and won't get anyway...and then add another several thousands to send to another country or countries, so they can do what they did when
you first gave to Band Aid out of your own pockets to fed the starving in those foreign countries in the 80s. Oh yeah, did that work out well or what? The only real recipients of "Band Aid" ended up being the Sudanese and Ethiopian gangs and the dictators who made use of those supplies to feed the very ones starving and abusing their own people to death. The corrupt UN sat around and did nothing, and both the murderous gangs and the UN all had a good laugh at all the idiots whose good intentions only increased power to the slave-masters, instead of bringing relief to the oppressed.

After Copenhagen, the next joke will be doing the same with the Congo civil war. No thanks, we've been down that road before. If other nations can't sort out their mess, and they aren't bothering our interests...screw 'em. If they wipe themselves out, that's on them.

If they burn down the rainforests for attention, then match them tree for tree planted in the countries that "care" about the planet, and still leave them alone.

So how many trees would 2% of the USA's GDP for just one year provide? And instead of signing an indefinite treaty, wouldn't that 2% of the US, and every other nation's GDP into tree planting pretty much reverse the entire Carbon Crisis in less than 2-3 years from that one year's planting?

The cost of saplings in bulk, with labor to plant, runs at about $1.50 per tree. Some trees are able to grow at a rate of 4-6 feet a year, and have a life of about 30-50 years from planting. They need only be planted away from piping and water mains, etc. For 1 Billion dollars, some 600,000,000 trees can be planted and maintained to self dependency, to clean almost 100,000,000 TONS of Carbon Dioxide. 10 Billion dollars will plant 6,000,000,000 trees on 40,000,000 acres of Government lands or on lands just over 74,000 square miles and clean 1,000,000,000 tons of Carbon (or at a ratio of 6 trees cleansing 1 ton of CO2). These results are near term immediate (2-3 years) and cost effective versus the threats of seizing 2% of the USA's GDP, and then charging a fine of $330 dollars on every man, woman, and child (times 300 million) annually besides.

Not only that, but 1 year's planting of 74,000 square miles can offset 4 years of Tropical rainforest loss.

And in 15-20 years, these same trees can be harvested in 10% blocks and another reforestation can take place at that time, offseting the risk of loss through forest fires; being perhaps a larger reforestation planting on more lands than those being removed at the time of harvesting, if needed. Hence, recycling and enviromental friendliness.

If 4 other countries like China, France, Russia, and Canada would match the US tree planting, we would have totally reversed the Crisis back to pre-1990 levels via vegetative air filtration.

If we get Autrailia to plant 6 times the amount, and have them UN funded, it will offer the world another 20 or more additional years.

If reforestation legislation is put into effect, for every acre you cut down, you must crop up an equal acreage of trees somewhere else...what happens then? At a cost of $150 an acre, to perhaps no more than $250 bulk...the CO2 crisis is no longer hysteria driven...it is well on its way, with current emission and pollution controls, to being solved.

Climate Data purposely altered by Climate Hysteria Mongers?
Currently, the Russians are screaming that their Climate Data submissions to the UK Climate Hysteria Scientists have been misrepresented into supporting a Global Warming Crisis by an purposeful alteration and lying about what their submissions actually were. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100020126/climategate-goes-serial-now-the-russians-confirm-that-uk-climate-scientists-manipulated-data-to-exaggerate-global-warming/ Lawyers who suborn perjury get dis-BARred. Can we at least see these Climategate liars blacklisted? How about their liars who make hundreds of millions on purposeful knowingly fabricated data that they themselves put forth?

Do the math Al Gore...instead of inciting a crisis through purposeful lies, in order that you personally might become a billionaire many times over by hyping this crisis. You need to have your Nobel Prize revoked, return the cash award, and have you picture as the first of the Nobel Hall of Shame posted with a thin yellow line across your poster's face.

Do the math Obama...instead of justifying your lies to sign away our Sovereignty because of your Comunist-Socialist proclivities and hatred of the USA.

And by the way...anybody else notice how many dozens of hammer and sickle flags the Communist environmentalists are carrying in their "Seal the Deal" Copenhagen marches? Why don't they just come out and use the poster of Karl Marx and friends like they want to. The Obama Communist poster last year was de facto just a repeat of Castro, Che, and other past Communist posters from the 50s to the 80s used in the Latin Americas.

Communist-Socialists, carrying the Hammer and Sickle, and wearing jackets that identified them as Communists appeared to have numbered in the thousands in Copenhagen, for any major media television or radio or newspaper to report, as this interview shows:

I guess objective mainstream journalism is dead after all.

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