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Friday, December 18, 2009

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West: Patriots Rise Up for America

I am proud to see men of Conservative Values and Principles come out of the Military in Patriots like retired Lt. Col. West. I look past his skin color, (as I hope you will also), and see "red, white, and blue". I see the color of his US Military uniform. I see the hope and future of America's finest coming home. He, along with millions of US Veterans, have fought abroad to help keep us free; and now he has taken up the calling to fight here at home legally and peacefully with the same gung-ho tenacity by taking it to Congress...if we should still happen to have a Congress to elect him to.

Let us ever prepare for the worst, remembering history teaches us that no generation is exempt...hope for the best...and look to G-D with trusting faith through Jesus Christ, His Son.

What happens in the next few days or weeks may tell us whether or not we will even have a 2010 election. May G-D intervene and save us from the wicked rulers: unentrench them and vomit them out of Congress and the Executive Branch of our Government. Amen.

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