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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West now Representative-elect Allen West.

• I thank G-D that we still were able to have this election, and that candidates like retired Lt. Col. Allen West were able to get elected.

I hope now we can use the zeal and the momentum going forward, and prosecute Obama as a Usurper to the Presidency.
Under Bute v. Illinois, 333 US 640 (1948) @ 653 states that “The burden of establishing a delegation of power to the United States, or the prohibition of power to the States, is upon those making the claim.”

In other words, Barack Obama must prove he has a US Citizen Father in order to hold office or the House of Representatives can investigate him on failure to qualify to Constitutional minimums, such as being a United States Natural Born Citizen, which in US Case Law (more than 24 cases) and in International Law, means being of the same citizenry as their citizen father. Obama’s father was forever a Kenyan national, never a US Citizen…hence, it is impossible to call Barack as US Natural Born without lying about it.

As previously stated ,
Obama has 3 Primary Fraudulent and/or Fraudulently-Obtained Documents:
The Birth Certificate (actually, correctly cited as his “alleged Certification of Live Birth” short form, which fails the “Witnesses to the Birth” and “Hospital” record requirements in 2001′s Nguyen v. INS, 533 US 53 @ 54 and 62),
The State of Connecticut issued Social Security Card he has actively used for many years,
and his original Passport.

His pre-2008 passports, by the way, which on March 21, or March 26, 2008 were breached and stolen / and or destroyed from the US Department of State. by John Brennan’s Analysis Corp.

Brennan being the same whose alleged Passport theft services netted him the senior Counter-terror White House post after he was given an all too convenient "ethics waiver."

Since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg recognized that from 1789 to 1934 that US Citizenship (including US Natural Born Citizenship) derived only through the father (Oral Arguments: Nguyen v. INS 533 US 53, in 2001), even Bader Ginsberg herself de facto admitted that US Natural Born Citizenship was NOT and is NOT 14th Amendment derived, was NOT and is NOT maternally derived, for the first 145 years of this nation.

Therefore, the 14th Amendment, though in effect for some 66 years by the time of 1934, had and still has NO bearing on a mother who passes mere Citizen by location of birth status in any way to sub-join or over-rule on US Natural Born status passed by the required US Citizen Father…rather, the 14th Amendment stands in the shadows, while the US CITIZEN Father must be present to pass on US NBC status under the definition left us by the Founders who wrote and ratified the Constitution of the United States of America by 1789.

Hence, WITHOUT a US Citizen Father, and the knowledge of Bader-Ginsberg’s 2001 Oral Argument statement, the alleged “Constitutional scholar” Barack Obama knowingly defrauded the electorate of the United States of America, and Usurped the US Presidency as an illegal candidate under the US Constitutional Article of 2.1′s Presidential Eligibility clause; Barack being the child of an alien national father, a foreign national father never having legiences of any kind in regard to US Citizenship at the time of Barack II’s birth. Nor did the father at any time during Barack II’s lifetime, up to his death in 1981 –.i.e, prior to his son‘s Barack II’s Kenyan Citizenship allegedly expiring in the early 1984 upon his alleged birthday of August 4 — ever seek or obtain any US Citizenship.

Hence, Barack Obama II is a usurper to the Presidency, and every bill he signs, is de facto automatically illegal and can be overturned by the Supreme Court on that pretext, and is prosecutable and subject to Congressional Investigation by this next Congress. Once the House of Representatives investigation is completed, and the facts known to the American Citizenry, even half of the Democrats will be compelled by the facts to try Obama for Treason in the US Senate and Impeach.

I hope that military veterans and patriots who spent considerable time in the field, outside the wire, like Lt. Col. Allen West, and have literally helped fight for our Constitution and the Freedoms we all share will serve, thus identifying with the Founding Fathers, that Representatives like these will firstly be chosen and appointed on such a Committee to investigate Obama’s illegality and failure to comply to the US Constitution, both personally and politically having himself violated it..

Congress needs to investigate the facts, which will shine through once they dive into the voluminous data, such as that factual data with (I would say also) insightful analysis that I have tried to provide readers and others with to help them make the best informed decisions of any on the topic,













and then try and charge Obama with Treason and as an enemy of the US Constitution and the Republic, and do so as speedily as possible. I hope that when Lt. Col. Allen West, once stated that he would go up to Nancy Pelosi and say, “Give me that damn gavel”,  in his Campaign Headquarters pep speech,

that he would also do what is necessary to help protect, defend, and preserve the US Constitution (via his officer’s oath) against all enemies, including those who are domestic (i.e., those like the Usurper of the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama II).

Hearty congratulations to Lt. Col. Allen West in his election.
Go Allen West! Get him!!! Woo-hoo! Amen.

I also wish to congratulate Rand Paul and Marco Rubio on their election to the United States Senate, and thank America for at least sending in a new Conservative Majority House of Representatives.

 And once again, thank you G-D, for sparing this Republic from the evil workings of Obama and his Communist-Socialist co-conspirators to overthrow it,  long enough to allow us this election cycle, and the opportunity and ability to save this Republic by the legal and peaceful means of the US Constitution and the Rule of Law you have allowed us to have still in operation.  Thank you, Father in Heaven, in Christ Jesus' name, thank you...even if not for our sakes alone, but also especially for those Founding Fathers of this nation who were and are still now in Christ Jesus,  and any promises you may have made to them.  Thank you, G-D.  Amen.

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