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Friday, November 12, 2010

Israel's History in Cartoon Video Format for One Dummy named by the video: Obama


The Cartoon featured was made public in Israel, via Israel's news media,
and was created by the Yesha Council:


they state:

Yesha is the Hebrew acronym for Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yehuda, Shomron, Aza), also referred to as "the territories."

The Yesha Council was founded in the late 1970s as the successor to Gush Emunim, the organization that led the settling of Jews in the territories following the Six-Day War.

Since its inception, the Yesha Council's primary goal has been to strengthen and increase the Jewish presence in the territories.

[Of the emboldened and enlarged above:

I morally support and very strongly advocate this goal...because every inch of Israel is theirs, i.e. that of the Jews / tribes of Israel by Divine Right. -- Brianroy]

The Council represents all of Israeli cities, towns and villages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Its plenum is comprised of 25 mayors and 10 other community leaders.
Humorously, the Yesha Council made this video much like a reminiscence of the Bullwinkle series videos from the time period Obama was allegedly born in. They too, are sending a message, it seems.

Perhaps they are telling Obama to stop clowning around like some foolish cartoon watching child, operating and lashing out in his foreign policies and personal statements as if a child running on emotions... rather than as a mature and well informed head of state (despite him being a Usurper in the position).

In fact, I think the very apparent intent of making it like what the Bullwinkle series of the 1960s was, is quite appropriate. Think about it. It is very easy to associate Barack Hussein Obama II as a child as rooting for Boris Badenov

(I provide a link below, in case you aren't old enough to know the referred character of the Bullwinkle show that ran in the 1960s and re-ran to the end of Nixon's first term, I think it was)

and Natasha.

In College, he was a Communist Agitator, who claimed he only pretended to be "like a spy behind enemy lines" in his Manhattan Office, sitting at his computer.

But then, we look at who he is, what he believes, and who he surrounds himself with. Look at all the Communists, the alleged literal "Bomb throwers like (Ayers, Dorhne, Jones), the anarchists, the many Communists, Revolutionaries, Islamic (Muslim Brotherhood) Jihadists and "death to America" zealots he surround himself with inside and outside the White House and the Executive Branch.

Clearly, way to many of his friends and acquaintances and preferred employees ARE Boris Badenov's of a sort themselves. So is it really a stretch that he would be of a psyche that loves Boris' character, and would root for it? Not really.

And if somehow Obama equates himself as a fellow traveller to Boris Badenov types in his mind, would George Soros be one of many fulfillments of Obama adopting a "fearless leader"? I'm sure Glenn Beck could enjoy having fun with that one! Not all the history is correctly in sequence or perfect, but the gist to get people to think and discuss the issue in a fun way is there, if people choose to do so. 

And as promised:
Israel's History in Cartoon Video Format for One Dummy named by the video: Obama

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