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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Glenn Beck, More on Exposing Billionaire George Soros as Megalo-Maniacal

From the Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Broadcast

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Just a few minutes ago, I also ran across an insightful article regarding some research on Soros by Glenn Beck's researchers at

Soros Exposed: Research on the Progressive Puppet Master

I encourage the material be read and vetted by those also wishing to reseach Soros. 

Mulling over the information on Soros brought forth by his own words and his own actions, and the research of Glenn Beck's Foxnews team, and that of my own blogged and non-blogged research..And asking: "Is it possible?":
In mulling over Soros' dealings as an agent of the Nazis, and then being a devoted Communist whose "Open Society" concepts (he says) can only be understood by Communists...I personally would not doubt it, if we found that George Soros is really an ex-KGB Communist Mole, and handler of KGB spies himself.

I think that we have to allow for that ex-KGB likelihood or at least the possibility of it, based on the fruits of the man's works, his words, and what appears to be his overall life...especially when he sets up and sends in groups into sovereign nations as an experiment in subversive overthrowing governments, and then blows it off as merely being that of just having  "fun".  The preponderance is pretty much  there, and in the affirmative as not just possible but probable, I believe.

 So "is it possible that he could be, and perhaps even is or was KGB"?  I think the answer, based on his setting up organizations to infiltrate nations, crashing currencies in order to rape and pillage nations via Market mechanisms, and overthrow governments because subversive activities like fomenting revolutions are "fun", and the fact that he himself calls his philosophy most at home and without need of information to explain it in as best known and at home in a Eastern-European  Soviet Communist Society...I believe that YES, we are obligated to allow for that possibility.  In the 21st Century world, we must allow for it...as it explains why his many organizations backed, promoted, and were so involved not just in puting a fraud and Usurper in the White House; but were and are ever present inside and outside the Obama Administration in dictating policy and what is to be new law allegedly as Obama's "brain trust".  

I personally believe the evidence is very seriously past the point of just beginning to point in that direction...again, I personally believe that it is already there...that we have to allow for not just the possibility, but the probability, that George Soros may have been a deep cover KGB asset sent to England and then America, gone independent with the breaking of the bank of England and becoming a billionaire, and had since that time gone rogue..

 Question: What if Soros was several levels or better above Alice Palmer's KGB handler, the one whom Obama was so intimate in working for?



And if Palmer's KGB handler who was clearly even higher than Obama speech-writer Dave Axelrod's Communist KGB contacts

was handling Obama, and Soros took Obama's grooming over at that point...that could make -- if it proves to be the case -- George Soros as the highest deep cover Communist (now ex-KGB) private sector asset, a turncoat apostate Jew turned Nazi asset, then turned again into a Soviet mole or infiltrator of the KGB into the Capitalist West.

If such proves to indeed be the case, then all I can say now is....Yikes!

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