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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rush Limbaugh, a closet Birther coming out on Obama being a Usurper to the US Presidency, or just biding his time until it all hits the fan for Obama?

October 2008, the Birth certificate issue doesn't pass the smell test for Rush:

October 23, 2008

RUSH:..."If Obama's grandmother is deathly ill, why has this been announced days ago and he's only going now," or tomorrow, or whenever it is. ....Am I not asking obvious questions? Who announces days in advance they're rushing to the side of a loved one who is deathly ill but keeps campaigning in a race that's said to be over, only to go to the loved one's side days later? See, I think this is about something else. You know what's really percolating out there? I've been laying low on this because it hasn't met the threshold to pass the smell test on this program.

This birth certificate business, this lawsuit that a guy named Philip Berg filed in Philadelphia in August for Obama to produce his genuine birth certificate and he still hasn't replied. You've got a deathly ill grandmother, you are going to rush to her side a few days from now, when you first announced this, you're going to rush, you're going to hurry, you're going to make tracks, you're going to get over there because you don't want your grandmother to die before you got there like your mother did, but somehow you keep campaigning, you take three days to get over there, if he's left yet, and this birth certificate business, I'm just wondering if something's up. I have no clue, and folks, I'm telling you, this has not reached the threshold until now, and it's popping up all over the place. There are a lot of people now that are starting to speculate and be curious about this.

I don't know, let's say for example that somebody does come up with proof that something's screwy with his birth certificate and something's screwy about the fact that he's allegedly a natural citizen, American citizen, but may not be, dual citizenship, born in Kenya, who knows, there's all kinds of stuff out -- so what? What's going to happen this late in the campaign? Do you think if it's proven that they're going to dump him? That's not going to happen. But still, these are just questions that I have. And, look, both of my parents have died. When I was told the end was near, bam, I got there, fast as I could. I didn't announce to the audience, "I just got word my father is said to be passing away and in four or five days I'm going to go to Missouri. In the meantime, I will not leave you here on this radio program." These are just natural questions. I think any inquisitive reporter -- I know the risk I'm running here by raising all this. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't do that."

June 10, 2009


RUSH: What do Obama and God have in common? Neither has a birth certificate. How do they differ? God does not think he's Obama. And there's another difference between God and Obama, and that is that liberals love Obama.

July 20, 2009

RUSH: This is a town meeting in Delaware. An unidentified woman and Representative Mike Castle have the following exchange. It's about Obama's birth certificate.

(begin soundbite)

WOMAN: I want to go back to January 20th, and I want to know, why are you people ignoring his birth certificate? (cheers and applause) He is not an American citizen. He is a citizen of Kenya. I am American. My father worked -- fought in World War II with the Greatest Generation in the Pacific theater for this country, and I don't want this flag to change. I want my country back! (cheers and applause)

CASTLE: If you're referring to the president there, he is a citizen of the United States. (crowd shouting)

WOMAN: All the men and women who died for this country in 1776 'til the present time. I think we should all stand up and give Pledge of Allegiance to that wonderful flag (cheers and applause) people that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Everybody stand up. (end soundbite)

RUSH: State of Delaware, Mike Castle, town meeting, woman wants to know why nobody's interested in the fact that he hasn't shown anybody his birth certificate. If you couldn't understand her, she was saying he's a citizen of Kenya. I'm American. My father worked, fought in World War II, the greatest generation, Pacific theater for this country, and I don't want this flag to change. The crowd went nuts. There's all kinds of stuff bubbling up out there.

[Notice that Castle did NOT say "natural born citizen", nor could he offer any proof Obama even was a US Citizen, per 533US 53 @ 54, 62 and 333 US 640 @ 653).  -- Brianroy]

May 28,2010

CLINTON: Hawaii, the state where President Obama has born, has done everything they can to debunk this myth that he wasn't born in America. They've done everything but blow up his birth certificate, but it in neon lights and hang it on the dome of the Capitol. But 45% of registered Republicans still believe that he is serving unconstitutionally. Why? Because they've been told that by the only place they go to get information.

RUSH: Now, who does he think that is? So Bill Clinton trashing yours truly -- a harmless, lovable little fuzzball here, El Rushbo -- at the Yale commencement address last Sunday. You know, we have not made a big deal about the birth certificate on this program. I've purposely stayed away from it. But I don't believe that they have blown it up and put it in neon lights. I believe the truth is you can't find it, and the governor out there, Linda Lingle, said, "Eh, we're going to stop all these requests to see it." So Clintons asks: Why do these 45% registered Republicans believe that? It's 'cause they've been told that by the only place they go to get information."

...RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break and quite naturally, a lot of people say, "What do you mean, Rush, you haven't made a big deal out of Obama's birth certificate?" I haven't. You ought to see the e-mails I get from people who call themselves "birthers" who are livid at me for not picking this up so what I did during the break I went back to my own website, two things I found. First, July 31st, 2008. This is from the Stack of Stuff Quick Hits page, and I'm just going to read what I said: "Oh, that birther thing, you know, the birth certificate thing. Andy McCarthy wrote a brilliant piece on this whole birth certificate controversy at National Review Online. Really, he says, it's not about the birth certificate. It's about Obama's honesty.

"He hasn't released his law school records, his law review records, his Columbia records, his university records. He hasn't released a lot of things. This thing could easily be shut down if Obama would just release the birth certificate. You remember the Drive-By Media and the Dan Rather business? Dan Rather, faked documents. Mary Mapes and Dan Rather faked documents to show that Bush skipped out of National Guard service, and they ended up giving Dan Rather an award! They circled the wagons. Peter Jennings and Brokaw, they gave him an award for great work. They circled the wagons. They made it up, and now, 'This is just a bunch of kooks. The birthers are just a bunch of kooks,'" about this birth certificate. Now, that's the first reference. August 12th, 2009, Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page, story three.

I found this. (laughing) We have an amazing search engine at RushLimbaugh.com. When I found this, I chuckled because I remembered it.

"I'm looking for something on Moammar Khadafy because you won't believe this, folks. By the way, Khadafy was the original birther back in -- no, he was -- back in 2007 he predicted that Obama would go soft and deny his Muslim roots and become too white. I found it here. September 2008, it was a YouTube clip, Khadafy insists Barack Obama is a Muslim. 'Obama suffers inferiority complex. It might make him behave whiter than the white. He should be proud of his African Muslim identity.'" I found it here, September 2008. It was a YouTube clip, Khadafy insists Obama is a Muslim, Obama suffers inferiority complex. So the first birther was Khadafy.

We were pointing this out. Look, I've warned many of you people about this several times: If you're gonna write me e-mails and challenge my veracity and honesty, don't, because I have backup on this.

November 22, 2010 

 RUSH: I'm just sitting here thinking: What if I said I was in Selma? I mean, who could say I wasn't? In 1965 I was 14 years old, just up north a little bit in Missouri. I could say I was in Selma. Imagine how things would change if I said I was in Selma. Obama, if you have forgotten, back in March of 2007 during the presidential campaign, Obama said that he was the fruit of Selma. (interruption) No, no, no, no, no. He really did. He said he was the fruit of Selma.

OBAMA 2007:
This is the site of my conCEPtion.
 I am the fruits of your labor.
I am the offSPRING of the moveMENT.
So when people ask me whether I've been to Sel-muh befo', I tell 'em I'm comin' home.

RUSH: He'd never been there and his father never was there. His father was a communist in Kenya. (interruption) "[P]eople ask me whether I've been to Selma befo'"? Oh, that's the dialect. That's what Harry Reid calls it. (interruption) "The moveMENT"? Well, that's how Jesse Jackson says "movement" and that's how Malik Shabazz says "movement": "The moveMENT," and also "the fruits of their labor," that he was from Selma. "So when people ask me whether I've been to Selma befo', I tell 'em I'm comin' home." (interruption) I don't know why he doesn't talk that way in the White House, but he doesn't.

But his dad was never in Selma. (laughing) Nor was his mother in Selma. (interruption) George who? (interruption) Oh, George Obangodongo? The guy living in the hut? Oh, he wasn't in Selma, either. None of the Obama Odongos were in Selma! They were in Kenya. (interruption) No, they weren't even thinking of Selma! Obama was four years old when Selma happened. Obama was born in '61. The Selma March was four years later. He could not have been conceived in Selma, unless he's lying on the birth certificate. (interruption) No, he was not thinking of a woman named Selma. Look, he says here... Listen to this again. This is March 4th, 2007. This is Obama claiming to be the fruit of Selma.

OBAMA 2007: This is the site of my conCEPtion. I am the fruits of your labor. I am the offSPRING of the moveMENT. So when people ask me whether I've been to Sel-muh befo', I tell 'em I'm comin' home.

RUSH: Well, now, Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march was four years later. So he could not have been "conceived in Selma," unless the information on the birth certificate is inaccurate -- if he was part of the moveMENT. So the mystery deepens.

November 23, 2010

[In comparing the fake #2 Taliban Leader who conned Obama's terrorist appeasement negotiators in Afghanistan, and got loads of cash, and not only wasn't who he said he was, but known he wasn't who he said he was by those in the Afghanistan Government,
at ca. 2:00 ff., the most numerically popular radio host of our genereation, Rush Limbaugh said:]

"...and ushered into the Presidential Palace. The impostor got into the equivalent of the White House in Afghanistan. Did they not ask this guy for some kind of identification? They clearly didn't. They clearly didn't ask this guy for his birth certificate. How in the world, how in the world could they trust in a leader and even give money to somebody who has not been properly vetted? Uhhhh....well, because it happened here in the United States. We have an impostor for all intents and purposes serving in the White House."

see also:

Update 12/07/2010 

Rush asks in December 2010, "Where are the Wikileaks of Obama's Birth Certificate?"

end of update

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