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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Late Night Liberal Extremist Dave Letterman admits Obama has no real birth certificate as yet? No kidding....

Earlier this week, on Tuesday November 09, 2010, the die-hard extreme Liberal comedian David Letterman seemed to concede Obama has no real birth certificate to present, even if he wanted to.

At circa 3:36 - 3:53, Dave Letterman, already bombing with vulgar "inside people's pants" jokes, let's loose and remarks how that Obama went on his trip (including to India and other countries) "still looking for his birth certificate".    

Even Obama's most zealous (though unrepentant) supporters now seem to recognize that the one pushed as his short form certificate of live birth is a fraud...so much so, now that he is "in" the office  of the Presidency to the point of a "comfort zone" for them,  and now that they too realize he's a fraud in the Presidency, it's a big joke on the American people.

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