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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Allen West, heading for Congress with an anti-appeasement message

Three points in the video to cheer about:

1) If you go to war with Islamist Extremist terrorists, there should be no borders in our pursuing them  (a large portion of the video explaining this)

2) Obama has NO leadership qualities in regard to protecting US Sovereignty

3) If Obama took foreign campaign contributions to be elected in 2008, this should be investigated; and if did,  he should be forced to resign and run out of town on a wagon.

We need more "cream of the crop" articulate and intelligent Politically Conservative US Military Officers and Veterans of recent conflicts like Allen West to be elected to Congress, be our Protect and Defend the US and its Constitution "war hawks" voices there, and use intelligent arguments and "no surrender"  determination to make the changes necessary to preserve our US Constitution, US Sovereignty, and our Republic.

Mr. West, if you or any other Conservative Congressman reads this...in an accelerated version of Art Laffer's successful tax rate reduction and boost to the US economy in the 1980s, I propose this:

May the New Congress also propose, for across all tax brackets:
 a 20% Federal Income Tax Rate Reduction  for 2011,
 a 10% further Tax Rate Reduction for 2012,
and a Tax Rate FREEZE at 0% for 2013. 

I would also propose that in 2014, for income earners under $50,000, that there would be NO Increase;
for those making between $50,000.01 and $100,000.00, that there be a a no greater increase than 3% to 5%, but that the lesser or greater rate within that income bracket be determined by Congress in the year 2013 specified into the language of the bill.

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