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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

News Media announces extreme intentional ignorance and false speculation over California model rocket launch to activate unknown cells in US?

Mark November 09, 2010 and the model rocket launch being intentionally mis-reported on your calendar. 

These kind of media pseudo-events trigger black-operations into motion, activate terror cells, or trigger a green light for a pre-planned mega-crisis that precedes a foreign government destabilization.

Events not only conducted by one government against another, but was participated in by George Soros and his organizations in their foreign government destabilization efforts overseas.

 But what if that was being attempted right here in the United States by the Communist-Socialists?

They now, via Van Jones et al., brag of being operative  from the top down (Obama's usurpation, the Czars), the inside out (their members of Congress like Pelosi - Reid -Frank and others, the infiltration of their writing the legislation that Congress blindly reads, authorizes and empowers them unConstitutionally by a mere majority vote with virtually unlimited authority to implement...and massive intentional Intelligence and Top Secret document leaks), and from the bottom up (where Communist agitators and anarchists can provoke the masses to riot demanding "social and economic justice" in the form of servitude and loss of all rights to the State in return for a one time meager hand-out of wealth redistribution).

According to their own activists, they view the elections majority Conservative Election victory of 11/02/2010 in a twisted or warped view of reality, as if the Election was a reinforcement of their agenda...a removal of "dead weight" moderate Democrats, and now, "a more solidly progressive bunch of Dems in Congress and a president presumably less encumbered by the false illusion that playing nice will get him a date with the other team."  

In other words, if you think calling town-hall protestors astro-turf and the SEIU attacking an innocent black vendor and calling him "nigger", and then getting a free pass on that by the Obama Department of (In-)Justice is anything, you ain't seen the race hating anarchist revolution of the Left upon America yet.  They are calling for blood in the streets, including that of those minorities who think the Left is wrong.   

  So again, how does the Left, such as the above and below quote from the Huffington Post writer and George Soros financially sponsored Communist ideology promo state how that "Progressives" (i.e., Communist-Socialists) should go about as "business" starting NOW?   Push the Revolution and Communist overthrow of America via Executive Orders they write, and push Obama to sign in compliance to them.     In their own words: "...push Obama to finally do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him."    

If we take even the history that the Communist-Socialists admit to, we can expose the fallacies and stop the duping of those who are ill informed on the subject (now likely about 80+% of the US population),  and the evil intents they wish do to that same populations of what they term as "sheeple".  That is, "like lambs to the slaughter" and "Jews to the Concentration Camps"...slaughter any of us who is deemed a threat or as "expendable" or "baggage" to the New Open Society of some kind of drug psychosis dream-like utopia that
they wish to create and purge us from.

The purgings in the US, for these extremists of Communism, will willingly intellectually assent to a loss of 75-80% of the current US population as possibly necessary for the Revolution.  320,000,000 minus 64,000,000 leaves us 256,000,000 as an acceptable purge on the academic philosophical end for those who wish others to murder in their behalf.  

When Communism across Europe collapsed, in the early to mid 1990s, there were three undercurrents that affected Europeans from willingly transition to Republican Democracies, and guaranteed that they lean Socialist.

Firstly, those businesses that were privatized and making investments -- in Russia (ff. 1991), Poland, the
Czech Republic, the Baltic states, and elsewhere -- were unable but to be generally resistant to reforms that placed them entirely on their own, and behaved as if they wanted the State to retain ownership and take the risks associated with ownership and financial losses. In other words, businesses in the above mentioned countries were so multi-generationally driven into a pattern of dependency upon the State, that the collapse of the State via market forces and political corruption, as if more by external circumstances and economic depressions, this did little to change and motivate the people within to really WANT liberty and opportunity.

There were a minority of opportunists who swept in and fed off the bargain basement prices and the feebleness of the societies left in shambles, reported as using the most corrupt practices, but never or very rarely facing any prosecutions because even the police and legal arms of the government were in their hand to mouth, holding their hand out to the corrupt, survival mode. And because of these actions, the Leftist Communist-Socialists in America blame the US, even though most of those corrupt opportunists in these same above-mentioned countries of Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. -- were neither Americans nor American companies, from what I gather. They were generally localized or at least European themselves.

For the majority, the opportunity of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, after many decades of oppression, were met with yawns and apathy. It was all too difficult to make a people used to Communism and radical Socialism to, in just a handful of years, believe that the emergence of private enterprises could do them any real good as a society, rather than a happy escapist novelty that was good to have around, but not too much.

Secondly, European Communists and radical Socialists were so alien in their thinking they had no idea of how to reconvert back into what they had stripped themselves from. Capitalism and privatization needs legal support, and the Governments had no clue as to what legal reforms they needed to bridge how they would pass from Government C or S to Government D or R.

(C = Communist, S = Socialist; D= Democratic, R = Republican).

In fact, most European Communist s refer to themselves as “Democrats” in use of the term “Democratic Socialists” and in identifying with Karl Marx, so clearly, they are obfuscated by the term, unless one applies the definition in the sense as “Democratic Capitalist”. But, for a Communist or Socialist to willingly transition from their anti-Capitalist philosophy into Democratic Capitalists, even in just a few years, was next to impossible; because, again, the collapse was seen as more externally driven, assisted by internal corruption. They did not see and still do not see Communism and Socialism as fundamentally flawed, and that also leads to passive resistance and retards any transition of the Communist Socialist States into thriving and profitable Democratic Capitalist Republics. When massive industrial layoffs began to occur, reaching to levels of 25 to 57 percent from the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and receding of Soviet Military forces, to 1994, Central Europe’s economy shivered in a shockwave as if moved through a major earthquake at the end of a war they had just lost, and the psychological reaction (in the international sense) was not much different than that of a trauma victim having just survived two major catastrophes, and being neither prepared during or after the events to cope with either.

One reason for the massive layoffs was costs. In 1989, Poland had found it cost them almost twice the market price of a ton of coal in order to mine and transport the stuff. So even if they could sell the product, Communist-Socialism had geared its energy industry to a wasteful inefficiency, the same kind of inefficiency the Communist-Socialist of US Congress and the Obama Administration, and those outside it, wish us to have…pretending that we can do Communist-Socialism better here in the United States than anywhere in the world, without any sense, that even if it could be done, it would unravel through corruption, laziness, and political inbred stupidity in less than half a generation before unraveling at the seams and self destructing even more rapidly than any model previously. If we but take the Polish example with coal, we find that the inefficiency of State Capitalism is becoming the blob monstrosity right here in the US via the Obama Administration, George Soros, and others. But for them, that monstrosity is necessary for transitition from the Capitalist Stae and a Republic, to a Communist State utilizing totalitarian powers in State Capitalism.

In August 1996, George Soros began writing articles for Project Syndicate, a group who I view as those who are interested in understanding the ins-and-outs of transformation in a post-communist world, apparently in order to merge Capitalism with Communist-Socialism, and give it a proper self-sustaining engine in order to make it work on the next go-around. Even in 2010, after 14 consecutive years George Soros still writes guest pieces for Project Syndicate.

Soros in his January 05, 1997 article “The Capitalist Threat”, only his second article for Project Syndicate,

rationalizes that since beliefs need to be rewired as personal choices rather than “ultimate truth”, corrupt conduct and immorality is relative and therefore irrelevant.

He writes of how he is most at home in a Communist society, the which when he operates in, he does not feel the need to explain what an "open society" is, or the concept.

Soros explains that Communists from their insides, or intuitively, somehow all know his "open society" philosophy, manifestly known by those who live in and under Communism, even if he cannot put it so much into words himself.

In other words, Soros is a Communist who demands everyone else live the life of Communism, and yearns and works for the day we are one fallible world under a kinder more gentle Communism.

This is absolutely no exaggeration.

To Soros, “toleration” of “fallibility” and the hatred of nationalism is the highest necessity, and even familial relationships are wrong to Soros, they are “primitive” thinking. To me, this actual sounds more like someone suffering from an acute dementia, than the leader of a Fund Management Group. For Soros, the more than 200 years America has had to live in the “Age of Reason” has not only been enough, it has been too long and too much. America and Capitalism needs to be crushed, destroyed, obliterated, and then recreated in the image of “fallibility”, i.e., the very best of the examples of Communism and Nazism. Soros celebrates and justifies this view based on the writings of
Bergson, Henri - “The Two Sources of Morality and Religion” (1932); , and
Popper, Karl “The Open Society and Its Enemies”, (1945).


George Soros founded the Open Society Institute

Open Society Institute
400 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019 USA

Soros, via the Open Society Institute, outwardly hides behind outer ethnic covers or cover-stories, like that done in the Cold War I, in order to promote Communist agitation, such as the plight of the Roma.

To Soros, totalitarianism is good; it is the ultimate answer to humanities ills and needs…only it must have a “we are fallible” aspect to it. These are the same philosophies in the foundations he created first in Eastern Europe, where his “Open Society Institute” has been heavily involved since the fall of Communism, as if to recreate and perpetuate it minus the absolutes previously insisted upon in its idealisms. It is a Communism new to the thinking, and as yet still alien and secretively embraced by hordes of Leftist elitists in America, because it has not quite been either fully thought out and developed beyond the cocktail and drug party concepts and discussion groups, or it is a means of Leftists being able to communicate safely with one another, because an outsider would have no genuine concept of this kind of “insider” Communism…and that conversation in safety of how they really think, can only be carried out once key code phrases and concepts are floated in casual small talk conversations on just about anything.

However, through the Open Society Institute's Democracy and Power Fund,
goals viewed through the glasses of a Cold War skeptic might read the stated goals as furthering the Open Society Institute's desire to:
1. Break down the US Criminal Justice System
2. To weaken and disassemble US National Security Policy
3. Coalition Communists, Socialist, and Anarchists into a Political Confederacy
4. Attack and destroy any threats to the implementation of "Open Society Communism"

So who is the real enemy and threat that America needs to address...and what will the model rocket launch in California, intentionally pseudo-reported trigger?  Will Soros and his sphere of influence be involved either politically or economically in any further attempt to destabilize the US Government, the marketplace (as they likely did prior to the 2008 election), or any initiatian of some kind of authoritarian dominance instituted by the Obama the Usurper Administration? 

Right now, we must wait and see.  But be prepared, and be informed. Just "in case".


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