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Monday, November 1, 2010


If we could sit in with Obama as he rewatched his part in the  Second "Presidential Debate"

[Heh, what would I really snicker and say if I could speak my thoughts?]
@ ca. 4:43

Moderator Tom Brokaw:

I'm trying to play by the rules that you all established. One minute for discussion.

Senator Obama, if you would give us your list of priorities, there are some real questions about whether everything can be done at once.

@ ca. 4:53 ff.

Illegal Candidate Barack Obama:

We're going to have to prioritize. just like a family has to prioritize.

Now, I've listed the things that I think… have to be at the top of the list.

Energy ,
we have to deal with today, because you're paying $3.80 here in Nashville, for gasoline, and, it could go up. And
it's a strain on your family budget,
but it's also bad for our national security.

With countries like Russia and Venezuela, and, you know, in some cases countries like Iran,
[all of them my buddies, my pals, my FRIENDS...]
are benefiting, from higher oil prices.

So we've got to deal with that right away.
That's why I've called for an investment of $15 billion a year, over 10 years.
Our goal should be, in 10 year's time, we are free of dependence on Middle Eastern oil.
      [And in the Gulf Oil Crisis, I made America more dependant on foreign oil, and gave my buddy George Soros billions to take interest in Brazil's Petrobras, and do even twice plus deeper ocean drilling that makes the Gulf Oil drilling look like they did it in a duck pond.  Heh, heh, heh...]

And we can do it. Now, when JFK said, we're going to the Moon in 10 years, nobody was sure how to do it, but we understood that, if the American people make a decision to do something, it gets done.

So that would be priority #1.

Health care is priority # 2...
              [How'd that one work out?  Priority #2  really wasn't.  I lied.]

...But just one point I want to make, Tom. Senator McCain mentioned looking at our records. We do need to look at our records.  [but not my long form or hospital birth records, any of my school records, my Communist and Socialist memberships, yada, yada, yada...]

…I want to go line by line through every item,
[Ho, ho, ho...ha,ha, ha... I should have followed it with 'pass me some of that blow'...line by line...ha, ha, ha...]

in the Federal budget, and eliminate the programs that don’t work, and make sure that those that do work, work better and cheaper.

...That's what I'm going to do as president of the United States."

Above quote Ends @ 7:03 on the enclosed video segment


So let us get this right. 

Obama  talks a game about spending 150 billion dollars to end foreign oil dependance,
 and wastes trillions in spending, THREE TRILLION DOLLARS in fact,
including the signing off  of some 8900 plus pork-and-take wasteful earmarks as quid pro quo pay-offs to Congress for his usurpation,
add another $80 billion to the Unions to shore up pensions their pig top bosses raided and mismanaged,
add that corruption with that to his "fat cats" with $182.5 billion in payoffs to AIG bailouts,
some $50 billion dollars to bribe foreign banks in France and Germany,
 and then urinates away hundreds of billions of dollars more WITHOUT a single attempt to use the alleged $150 billion dollars that would end foreign oil dependance -- HIS WORDS -- and only fulfills that we cannot lok at his records...and America is supposed to believe him as he stumps and promises anything legitimate that is contrary to working toward a Communist-Socialist dictatorship?  Is he kidding?

The Citizens Against Government Waste put out a commercial that puts the dangers of keeping a Mao loving Obama empowered with a usurpation of the Presidency alarmingly in near perspective in the ff. video.

Yeah, we got Obama's Communist intent in defining what "Change you can believe in"  number is...Mao Mao Americanized Communism...and as far as this regards America, thus making Obama liar #2 after that of liar #1, the Devil (not at all unlike how that the prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28:2 was legiant or subservient to his invisible king of the Devil in Ezekiel 28:12).  

It's time that we the people, the cross sections of all America ...both Moderates and Conservatives of the TEA Parties,  get up and go

and show Lady liberty (i.e. the Constitution and this republic) that we love what we were born into and blessed with, and also so honor G-D in the doing...and do what we can to vote the bums of Congress out on November 02, 2010...and if we spot even more of the rampant election polling place corruption, record it  - report it -

E-mail  :

[FF. two sentences Revised 11/02/2010 5:30 pm EST]

FIRSTLY report all and only those legitimate offenses and voter fraud acts or acts of intimidation with your local police...file  and sign out a complaint or report, and do what we legally need to do to  see it stopped.  Keep a separate copy of the incident back for your own records and forward another copy on to Foxnews at the above e-mail address.

We the people, and not the Communists and Socialists and fat cat pork-and-take (the "let's oppress and steal the wealth of  the peons")  pigs of Obama, we the Conservative masses have the Constitutional sync.

 We the people have the Case Law and the demand for honesty on our side and having words matter on our side.

 We the people...yeah, we've got the beat...we the people, WE'VE got the beat! 


You go, girls.

On November 3, 2010, if all goes well, do a post-Hallowen treat and "Scare a Liberal."
Do a shout out: "Sarah Palin for President!"  and then laugh,    "Mwahhahahahaha...." 

A transcript and an editorial opinion insight by Brianroy

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