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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greta Van Susteren and others in the media ought to use their legal expertise to RIP Obama and John Brennan like she did Gloria Allred

Greta took on Gloria Allred over the illegal immigrant maid employed by billionairess Meg Whitman, and in regard to the concealment by the maid regarding her fake SS#.   Allred appears to be attempting to intentionally derail the California Governor's Race regarding  the candidacy of (the likely de facto RINO - Republican In Name Only, and prior Barbara Boxer Democrat as late as 2004) Meg Whitman.

Greta does a fine analysis on nailing the Media Hype-ocratic Attorney at Law, Gloria Allred.  But what about Obama's fraud?

Obama has 3 Primary Fraudulent and/or Fraudulently-Obtained Documents:
The Birth Certificate (actually, correctly cited as his "alleged Certification of Live Birth" short form),
The State of Connecticut issued Social Security Card he has actively used for many years,
and his Passport.

A year ago, a very short video co-announcing the Obama SS# fraud appeared on Youtube:

In my blog on May 14, 2010

I stated that:
Obama uses Connecticut residents only issued Social Security Number:

...Private investigator Neil Sankey uncovered that Barack Obama uses or has used a State of Connecticut Social Security number that was issued to a man in or about 1977 who was allegedly a Connecticut resident at the time of issuance, and who was born in 1890. Barack Obama allegedly used the 042 Social Security (SS) number in order to gain admission to Harvard, and continued to use it (allegedly) in the State of Illinois. This information was validated by the affidavits of 2 Homeland Security related investigators (one retired, John Sampson; and one current associated investigator, Susan Daniels). http://www.theobamafile.com/_images/imgSocSecCmnt.jpg

In my blog on  July 5, 2010, I wrote and asked:

"Obama's Direct Social Security Number Fraud Access Accidentally Revealed?

http://www.staradvertiser.com/features/20100627_No_birth_certificate_needed_to_verify_Oba mas_old_Arcadia_job.html

"No birth certificate needed to verify Obama's old Arcadia job" By Wayne Harada

01:30 a.m. HST, Jun 27, 2010

reported that:

"Barack Obama...once worked in food services at the Punahou Street retirement complex while attending Punahou School."

In response to a letter written by the Sr. Citizen Home CEO asking for Obama's recollection, Obama wrote back saying:

"I remember those days in Punahou and my time working at Arcadia, and I am still influenced by the aloha spirit and all the wonderful people of Hawaii. I learned so much from my family, my friends and teachers during that time."

Says reporter Wayne Harada of the Home for Senior Citizens location: "... the home is equidistant between Punahou and Obama's one-time Beretania Street residence."


Unless Obama had a school work permit, which we have no reason to believe he had, since he hides even his Punahou school records...we might as call it for what it probably is.

It's called working "under the table" or "off the books". Obama likely was paid cash in hand at an x-amount for temporary work, and did not report it for tax deductions. The payment was likely determined on the amount of work accomplished as determined by the one supervising the undocumented temp employees.

But to be fair, even if he had a school issued work permit, this clearly presents another even more serious dilemma for Obama...the SS Card fraud, whereby Obama has used a Connecticut SS# for many years.

As we are informed from Obama himself in his auto-biography, it was at this period of his life he was blowing money on drugs. He had to get the money from somewhere. And who knows if his access to such a place allowed him to reap fringe benefits (watches, jewelry, and knick-knacks lying around for pawning off) so that he really could kick back and think of all the great "highs" he got from working there (even briefly) and think of what a great (almost carefree) "aloha" time he had in those days some 30 odd years ago.

Could Obama also have lifted the Connecticut Social Security number and card from such a place as this very retirement home? Yes. Very easily."

And now we learn, almost 2 years after the illegal Presidential election of 2008, that it is not just Barack's SS# that is in question, but also his mama's.

Orly Taitz, a brave US Naturalized Citizen, Russian Immigrant and California lawyer
writes to the Courts:
1. Official SS- 5 Social Security application for Stanley Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama,(Exhibit 1) shown to be filled out in 1959. However on the bottom of the card it shows revision 7/65. It appears that 7/65 signifies a revision date. A reasonable question arises “How could Stanley Ann Dunham fill out in 1959 a form, that would not exist until 1965”

2. Similarly, a number of news papers reported, that Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, did not like to be called Stanley (her father’s name) and went by the name Shirley Dunham. Social Security released official documents for Shirley Dunham show similar anomalies. SS death index shows: DUNHAM, SHIRLEY 539-38-1493 Birth: 04 Nov 1941 Death: Jan 1975. However, officially released SS-5 application (Exhibit 2) for this number shows a different picture: 539-38-1493 Shirley Jean Applebee, 702 N Lee, Tomasket Wash. Born 11.04.1942, not 1941. It shows that the Social Security number on the form is partially printed and partially hand written. It looks like someone deleted the last four digits that were printed and have hand written over them “1493”. Additionally, while the SS-5 application was allegedly filed out on 02.16.1958, the form used, was 7/65, meaning a form, that was not available until 1965. It appears that a passport was issued to her around the same time. Additionally, FOIA requests for passport records for Stanley Ann Dunham were not available for Stanley Ann Dunham’s 1965 passport renewal with an excuse, that there was an order to destroy those passport records, while no such order was ever found. I am requesting an explanation for the above mentioned anomalies and discrepancies in the official public social security records of Stanley Ann Dunham and Shirley Dunham.

Where is the outrage over Obama's Social Security Fraud?  What about the now smoke and flames as we find out more about his mama, and that she also could well have had a fraudulent SS# and known falsified SS documents in her government held files?

How about now taking another look at his second other document scandal beyond the birth certificate...i.e., his Passport scandal?   

If the Media cannot function without video proof and prior reporting...let us once again demand they hold Obama and Brennan as complicit in Obama's Department of State destruction of his passport files and investigate whether or not there is a related identity fraud from that starting point or not.

I go into a little more detail now, than on my March 01, 2010 post.

The Starting Point:

February 2010: the Skynews US correspondent Greg Milam put forth a Liberal Left smoke screen to cover Obama's Passport and Department of State files theft and/or destruction...making the false claim that a fire in Hawaii destroyed the Obama birth records at the Department of Health.

Without aspersement, this was clearly a fabricated claim. Skynews and Milam were unable to name the time, date, address, and named location of the fire that destroyed the alleged birth records, cite past articles, tell us how many alleged records were destroyed by fire or water, give at the time DOH or Fire Department official quotations regarding the alleged fire and so on.

However, unlike Hawaii, Obama records in the US Department of State were indeed compromised by John Brennan's private sector employees.

Then magically, we are told to believe, that it was without ANY quid pro quo or coincidence -- wink, wink; nudge, nudge -- that Brennan was appointed to Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism on January 20, 2009...the same day Obama Usurped the US Presidency.


If you will carefully pay attention to the dating of Obama's passport which Obama supporters are tricked to fawn over

you will notice based on the time-stamps on his passport in the video above, that Obama will have been issued a new Presidential Passport in late February 2009.

This approximately late February 2009 issue, about 1 month after his usurpation of the Presidency on January 20, 2009, would replace whatever fabricated one was issued following this State Department a/k/a neo-Reichstag file fire / theft . That passport would have been issued no later than April or May 2008. But let us recap the details surrounding THAT 2008 Passport.


Roll back in time in the Media and make copies (before they scrub these publications and admissions of actual events) to a couple of years ago, and notice that the Department of State was rocked by a scandal in the first 3 months of 2008.

 Instead of just "looking at" the "passport data" of Barack Obama only, the files regarding Barack Obama allegedly went missing in March of 2008, and there has been a virtual blackout on the news data since.

We know the factual data that pro-Obama private contractors breached State Department security on

January 9,

February 21

and March 14 of 2008,

before a final theft of all Obama’s documents was “alleged” to have happened by pro-Obama supporters on a date of either March 21, or March 26, 2008.

The CEO of Analysis Corp., the primary Passport breaching firm was John Brennan.

CNN reported:

"the three contract employees worked in three offices in the Washington area. One office does consular work and visas on evenings, holidays, weekends and overnights; another office issues passports; the third office scans and files materials."

The likely suspect of the theft of the Obama Department of State files and passports, was the Analysis Corp. employee, "who has "extensive" experience..and has always worked under a State Department contract."

Again, in a flagrantly apparent / obvious / in-your-face  Quid Pro Quo for stealing the Obama documents, the pro-Muslim Brennan

was made chief counter-terrorism expert at the White House on the same day Obama usurped the US Presidency and was conveniently given "an ethics waiver."

One of the other two who breached Department of State security, and was aware of what was in the Obama documents that were on file, was a 24 year old male who worked for Stanley Inc.; and was not long after shot dead in 2008 while allegedly “cooperating with authorities” over this very issue, and the telling of what data was in the lost files that someone else had allegedly taken.

World Net Daily reported that: Obama's files reportedly contained copies of passport applications, birth date, basic biographical information, records of passport renewal and possibly citizenship information.

Despite swirling accusations by those rightly suspicious of the incidents, we have yet to have any more answers than what the Department of State is willing to release, regardless if records were taken or not.

So when we have a the heavy Quid Pro Quo smoke of a Conspiracy AND the Clear Appearance of a Conspiracy betwen Barack Obama and John Brennan in a direct line of close association, a Clear Appearance of a Conspiracy for any jury in this nation to so call it as one:

...whereas John Brennan having the means, the motive, the opportunity to enable Obama to be reissued a Fraudulent information replacement 2008 Obama Passport to be issued where it says Obama was born in Hawaii ... to say almost one year later in 2009 that Obama was issued a new "Presidential" Passport, despite his being a Usurper to the US Presidency who doesn't even have a US Citizen father by either biology OR adoption, that he has his 2009 Passport now says he was born in Hawaii, it proves NOTHING that can be presumed as factual prior to the issuance after the chain of custody was violated in a Court of Law. Obama must produce passports and records prior to chain of Custody violation to even have the "appearance" of credibility.

Conclusion on the 2009 Obama Passport debate:

And yes, Cairo would have stamped where Ghana stamped, were the passport Obama's on the above video.
Notice the cut and paste zoom and zip tactics used in the video, used by those wishing to alter evidence, rather than laying out the book, doing a slow substantiated zoom in and out, and the patient turning of each page. Instead, we get the Five &  Dime Magician zippidy doo-dah video tricks that those like Dr. Ron Polland (video and document expert on the Obama Certification of Live Birth forgery) and others can better explain than I.


[1] Interestingly, we learn from the Media the oft swept under the rug (as it were) data that pro Bill Clinton saboteurs in the 1992 election cycle also stole and destroyed his late 60s to 70s passport files, so the tactic of Passport File destruction on behalf of a Liberal Democrat in order to get them elected and destroy likely scandalous documentation, has successfully been done before (to at least, in Clinton's case, cover a prior "appearance of complicity" regarding  Bill Clinton).

  It appears that zealots for Clinton had...by example,  destroyed select pages of the Department of State files regarding Bill Clinton over his alleged questionable years in the 1960s into the 1970s.    Perhaps in relation to his previously alleged Soviet and Czechoslavakian visits during this same period?  Quite possibly. 

But as regards Obama, Brennan's employee likely brought Brennan the entire Obama files, so that either Brennan still has access to such scandolous material and the ability to blackmail Obama, or he could have given the Obama Dept. of State file over to Obama, or destroyed the same. 

The Media, with its resources and finances, needs to ask the tough questions and run the Obama Frauds upon America news down, and be the journalists they claim to be.   They can easily start with the Obama Frauds in his documents, first.    

That's my input, anyway.  Peace.

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