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Friday, May 14, 2010

Musings on an end run around Hawaii's new law to forbid checking into Obama's BC. Check Obama's fake SS#.

Obama uses Connecticut residents only issued Social Security Number:

Bute v. Illinois, 333 U.S. 640 (1948) @ 653,

“The burden of establishing

a delegation of power

to the United States

or the prohibition of power to the states

is upon those making the claim.”

Private investigator Neil Sankey uncovered that Barack Obama uses or has used a State of Connecticut Social Security number that was issued to a man in or about 1977 who was allegedly a Connecticut resident at the time of issuance, and who was born in 1890. Barack Obama allegedly used the 042 Social Security (SS) number in order to gain admission to Harvard, and continued to use it (allegedly) in the State of Illinois. This information was validated by the affidavits of 2 Homeland Security related investigators (one retired, John Sampson; and one current associated investigator, Susan Daniels). http://www.theobamafile.com/_images/imgSocSecCmnt.jpg

It has been about a year since the Connecticut SS# used by Barack Obama has been cited, and made known via attorney Orly Taitz. So now it is time to start loosing the hounds on the trail of Obama's past, and ask the pertinent questions, wherever that might lead to in uncovering the truth of Obama's past. If Lingle and others wish that the Birth Certificate be an unlawful venue, then we have others that reasonably suggest a more nefarious Obama motive for suppression of the First Amendment and the demand of 333 US 640 (1948) @ 653, as cited above.

If Barack acquired such a fraudulent SS Card, as has been alleged by 3 independent investigators above (Neil Sankey trusted and vetted by no less than the estemed and respected Police of Scotland Yard), then it seems very reasonable that Obama's acquisition of the Connecticut SS Card and # of an individual born in 1890 could have been by his hypothetical and alleged act of mugging and/or killing of a senior citizen born in 1890 visiting Honolulu, Hawaii during anytime Barack Obama was in Honolulu between 1977-1979.

The solving of such a cold case to such an end result proven via facts, if such a hypothetical event happened, allegedly, it would be a major feather in the cap of any journalist. It would be bigger than the Watergate Scandal, and make so much revenue in today's media, it's not even funny.

So, did Obama allegedly mug some 87 - 89 year old as a punk kid in 1977 - 1979? Or did Obama -- by reasonable hypothetical postulation of the possible scenarios -- use a fraudulently obtained SS# via any means, such as felonious identity theft inclusive of all and any other means than violence or force, then use that fraudelently obtained SS Card to obtain a US Passport in Chicago, and commit other furthering felonies in relation to the SS# fraud?

If Obama lied about his identity, and claim (like felons), "Oh, it's just for tax purposes, given or stolen for me by ACORN....", then America has a right to know, and about anything and everything else he has hid in his Communist-Socialist past.

The questions need to be asked, and pursued.

When called a Soviet Communist, Obama claimed to be insulted. Had we clarified to call him a Marxist-Maoist with certain particular leanings to this or that particular philosophy, would that have been the more correct? Not that we called him Communist and Socialist, but it need to be a Democratic Socialist Marxist-Maoist with such and such tendencies and proclivities?

In his own words, "Like a spy behind enemy lines" while in his Manhattan office, Obama schemed. But what "Manhattan office"

was he speaking of in his book? Was it an alleged ACORN office, where on a computer he lifted the identity of the Connecticut SS #? Is that where it all comes together, rather than an actual muging or slaying?

Obama went out of his way this month to say he can't operate an i-pod, about a year after he stated he listened to Michael Jackson songs on one, supposedly (if the media correctly quoted him). So on an Apple or Commodore, did someone lift the SS # for Obama on a alleged Manhattan ACORN Computer so that he felt "like a spy behind enemy lines" being given an entirely new identity...one hid from us even today? Obama the native-born Kenyan ceased, and Obama the Hawaii born Connecticut resident who never was, appears suddenly on the scene? Would that be what we will eventually uncover, in spite of his hiding his Long Form Birth Certification, and the farandole contortions he and others put themselves through?
By example, Lingle signs a protection of Obama's (Foreign?) Birth Certification information law:

Obama by his deceit; acts of hiding his papers, documents, records; not having a US citizen father nor a US Citizen mother 5 years past the age of 14 in 1961, (hence NOT a United Staes Natural Born Citizen) , and so forth ... has opened the door to a legitimate challenge to his claim of authority (Bute v. Illinois 333 US 640 @653...he has to prove his authority to us, not we to disprove him).

Wouldn't it be interesting if a 33 year old cold case mugging (and/or homicide), or at least an alleged ACORN identity theft in collusion and conspiracy with Barack was the catalyst to remove Barack from the Usurpation of the US Presidency?

Instead of a Watergate, like Biden might hypothetically say if he were in the company of the US Navy on the islands (regarding Obama's problem past and origins): "It's a big f'n Maui".

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