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Friday, May 28, 2010

Glenn Miller music remembered, and a call to all US Military Veterans to help win the PEACE and "Cold War 2"

Many silent film snippets involving trains, set to Glenn Miller's Chattanooga Choo-Choo:

From Glenn Miller's Biographical Motion Picture, re-enacting real events that happened; starring Jimmy Stweart as Glenn Miller, the band playing "in the Mood":

Glenn Miller's take on revving up Ragtime Music in the Bugle Call Rag:

Vocals with the World War 2 years Glenn Miller Orchestra singing "People Like You 'n Me":

The World War 2 "American Patrol" lives on, as does the Glenn Miller band some 6 decades after its founder's death.

I FIRST ACKNOWLEDGE AND GIVE THANKS TO ALMIGHTY G-D, Who has given us this nation and our freedoms and privileges. ALL our cherished "rights" come from Him, whether through the means of or whether in spite of Governments.

To all American Veterans who served the Republic of the United States faithfully in War and in Peace...in remembrance of those who are alive now, and those whose names and/or memories we shared in some way in (but now having passed on)...

...to those whom we have never met and don't know, including all US Veterans of all times, going back to the Founding of this Nation, the United States of America: I THANK -- AND AM GRATEFUL TO -- ALL OF YOU.

Whereas following his Firing in Korea, General MacArthur said "old soldiers never die, they just fade away"...in our era, we need those of you still living to help win the Second Cold War that the Communist-Socialists are NOW winning here back home.

The Communist-Socialists have literally reached into the very heights of the echelons of power, and have robbed our US Treasuries of hundreds of billions of unaccounted for dollars under the guise of Stimulus and Pork Dollars. They have even successfully installated an unConstitutional and Foreign Natural Born Citizen, one Barack Hussein Obama, to the office of the Presidency and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces by fooling and conspiring to deceive the American electorate and the American General Public. They have used every means at their disposal to block, hinder, and discredit any who have discovered or suspected the illegality of the de facto Usurpation of Barack Obama.

America needs the LEGAL and PEACEFUL arrest, removal, and reversal of his illegitimate Presidency by any and all LEGAL and PEACEFUL means at your and our disposal. That means may only be available by accessing authorization via the US Supreme Court, as the Senate may be disqualified from impeaching a Foreign Natural Born Citizen USURPING the Office of the US Presidency.

We NEED now, to win the PEACE.

AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!! Like George Washington, these times require that America's Finest to NOT retire, but to perpetuate the good, and use their expertise to preserve and fortify the Republic and our precious Constitution, before America's enemies do away with it all together.

Let us as a nation return to the L-RD G-D, and honor G-D the Father through His Son Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit guides us to do. Let us do so with the same and even greater reverence than that which has been intertwined with our devotion to Duty, Honor, Country, that the Almighty enable and empower us to victory in His Name.

Let us continuously speak truthfully, and avoid all lies. Let us be not as those who howl upon their beds for deliverance from times of evil, and then go out and rebel by neither being preservers of the good conduct, nor speak well of those who try and are trying to be the salt (preservers) and light (exposers of evil and consciences) of our Republic.

Let us preserve and reinstitute the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our public places, in our Governance, in our schools, that the nation be not cast in derision in denying Him who guided the forefathers of this nation, and gave them the Divine Inspiration of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, and the Republic that has been handed down to us. Let us return the Bible, first passed by Congress and issued to our schools since 1782,
while the US was but a Confederacy and had yet to form a Constitution. Literacy to the ideals and principles to "not steal" and to "not covet someone else's stuff" and to "not murder" as if frivolously and without just cause...these are all good things to teach. The most quoted work of the Founders, the great majority of whom were devout Protestant Christians, was the book of Deuteronomy. Therefore that book, as well as the Gospel of Matthew ought to be essential to the education of all Americans of every age level that G-D be appropriately honored and remembered in our consciences as a people and a nation. Those who wish any other god than the G-D of our nation's forefathers, have other venues, preferably at home and their own places of worship. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible has been a part of our military since before the very founding of this nation...it alone is the sanctified message betwen this nation, with its people & its military & its Governments and G-D.

G-D grants us liberties that allows the freedom of a man to believe or to not believe, and go about his business and be left alone. The Communist-Socialist intrudes and invades all privacies, and demands that you be a slave, and a mouthpiece repeating whatever mantra they tell you...to be abused, to suffer, to starve, to lose all human dignity, that their select few might rule as masters, and kill or imprison or have beaten into the dust based on their whims and their high looks. Our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (and even to frely pursue having any measure of lawfully and morally gained property and wealth), comes from G-D...but the Communist-Socialists prefer the rule to covet and steal thy neighbor's property and wealth, that all may be slaves of a plantation society, while the masters laugh and take that which the slaves steal from each other, and beats down the masses with the whip and the rod, and lives lavishly themselves; while they slaves are forced to work harder for less, and less, as their masters become more cruel as time goes on.

I say that we were NOT born for enslavement, but G-D grants us Liberty, and it is G-D who through the actions of His Servants -- and those willing to be picked up and used as His Instruments -- that makes men free.

Take up the Flag and join the cause in Peace, to preserve the Peace, and stifle the outbreak of violence that must come if the Communist-Socialists are allowed to remove the US Constitution, establish a new Czar Government, and order the purge of tens of millions they deem a threat to their power. While we have a Republic, let us by the laws of the Republic so preserve and perpetuate it. No matter how good the enemy makes a POW camp sound, the experience NEVER matches their rhetoric. So should we NOT yield to the Communist-Socialists, and their promises of humane treatment either.

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