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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama brags at Correspondents dinner that this isn't the Country of his birth, and the media laughs

@ 27-36 seconds

There are few things in life that harder to find and more important to keep than love…well, love and a birth certificate.”

@ 1:22 – 1:57
“It’s been quite a year…since I’ve, uh, spoken here last. Lots of ups. Lots of downs. Except for my approval ratings which have just gone down. But that’s politics, it doesn’t bother me. Besides I happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth. So…

4:14 – 4:26
“There are few things in life that harder to find and more important to keep than love…well, love and a birth certificate.”

May 1, 2010
Barack Obama states that the ratings are down in America, but high in the country of his birth. The joke was on the Media who laughed. Barack...like Groucho Marx himself said he was prone to do in his day, while being funny...was serious.

The only high ratings outside the US for Obama is in Kenya, where the Minister of Lands in March 2010 and other Kenya Government representatives in April 2010 confess that not only was Barack born in Kenya and ascended to the Presidency of the United States, but that after his Presidency, they would welcome his repatriation. And while these Kenyan Government officials, who have access to secure Kenyan Birth Certificates would know whether or not Barack Hussein Obama II was born there in 1961 in Mombosa or anywhere on their soil or not, the American Media is still laughing.

Perhaps they passed the LSD laced cartoon stamps and sugar cubes before Barack spoke? No, of course they didn't. But the Media audience sure acted like it in their generous laugh responses on the very lame comedic effort by Barack...or maybe they were just in on the joke: the joke on America, that "yeah, Barack was born in Kenya" and America is just "too stupid" (re: Bill Maher, et al.) to know the difference or to demand accountability.

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