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Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Process Subversion by DNC radicals becoming unraveled in California via Meg Whitman and Damon Dunn?

In the California Governor's race, it has come out that when Steve Poizner asked billionaire Meg Whitman:

"How does your endorsement of Al Gore in 2000, your support of Barbara Boxer in 2004 -- how does all that" fit into being a Republican?"

that Meg Whitman would NOT deny the allegations, but simply referred to Poizner as an "engineer".

In other words, this would be ANOTHER example of a Democrat subversive running as a Republican in California...as I blogged was the case on May 1, 2010 where a Floridian Democrat, Damon Dunn, is running for a Republican Primary California Secretary of State position.

The notion of Democrats to "switch" parties, and subvert the process, could have been created and implemented as a game plan of the radical Communist-Socialists controlling the DNC after the defeat of John Kerry November 2004.

If this turns out to be the case, and if there are even two in California vying for important public executive State offices that have made the national media, there will likely be others in other states as well.

Such as this, then, is clearly a major political scandal, and a criminal effort (if it turns out to be the case) to undermine the American Political process by any means necessary by Leftist radicals as taught them by Saul Alinsky, that "the ends justifies the means", even if it is clearly feloniously illegal.

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