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Saturday, May 1, 2010

To Republicans in California, PLEASE VOTE FOR ORLY TAITZ for Secretary of State!

Orly Taitz appears ca. 3:46 on the tape. She is running for Secretary of State in California as the only legitimate Republican on the primary ticket.

I therefore endorse her candidacy in preference to Damon Dunn, "a wolf in sheep's clothing", the Floridian Democrat attempting to sneak in as a Republican. Dunn has not properly changed party affiliations, has not put his legal papers in order (perhaps intentionally to be thrown out, like Obama did in Chicago to his opponents, but this time, very likely purposefully in a Soros or Obama or other conspiracy).

Even if Dunn were running in Florida, fellow Floridians would be recommended to dump him also. We need genuine United States Republicans of any race, including those Black American REPUBLICANS Gung-Ho Conservatives like Lt. Col. Allen West...not Republican In Name Only (RINO) disqualifiable candidates like Floridian Democrat simultaneously California Republican Damon Dunn, such who are questionably as reasonably possible subversives ideologically acting (whether independently or not) for Communist-Socialists within the DNC.

The era of subverting elections by the Communist-Socialists of the DNC might have entered another low of criminality, of purposely introsing discredible Repulican in name only candidates in order to expand their elected power base before overthrowing the US Constitution. The question is, are there yet more examples to be uncovered before the primaries?

As US Attorney General Robert Kennedy once said:

"Crime is a question of criminals;
it is not a matter of race, color, or religion

That RFK statement from the early 1960s was back in a day when many Democrats were more conservative than most all Conservative in Name Only fellow Republicans are now (as Ronald Reagan stated in the 80s, so it is more true today).

In the meantime:

Those in California, PLEASE VOTE FOR ORLY TAITZ!

Vote for a Naturalized Citizen patriot to the United States of America, who recognizes and fights Communist Usurpers when she sees them!

Vote for the only eligible and legal Republican name on the ticket for California's Secretary of State!!!

Vote Orly Taitz!

-- Brianroy

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