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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beck and Foxnews exposes an Obama Communist-Socialist Crime Syndicate Structure to become Trillionaires on USA Thefts

Updated and edited on 04/30/2010.


New developments,

sale of Chicago Climate Exchange

to Europe's Intercontinental Exchange

announced 04/30/2010

for the price of 395,000,000 Pounds.


As I previously posted back on October 18, 2009, the Carbon Tax scheme on a worldwide Governance is best seen and available via the Lowy Institute (a very prestigious Australian think-tank).

Readers need to download and study the essential McKibbin and Wilcoxen's "The Economic and Environmental Effects of Border Tax Adjustments for Climate Policy" February 2009


[[[Update June 01, 2012  pdf. copy may be obtained at  http://www.isn.ethz.ch/isn/Digital-Library/Publications/Detail/?ots591=0c54e3b3-1e9c-be1e-2c24-a6a8c7060233&lng=en&id=96857
end of update]]]

p.3 "In 2006, then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin suggested that countries that do not join a post-2012 international treaty on climate change should face additional tariffs on their industrial exports. The European Parliament's (2005/2049) resolution was focused on penalizing countries such as the United States for non-participation in the Kyoto Protocol."

Then they state this idiotic and contradictory pro-carbon tax assessment:

p.4 "A sufficiently large carbon tax imposed in a major economy would lower global oil prices and lead to higher consumption in countries with little or no carbon tax."

The economic one-world model in the newspeak of Communist macro-economics is to look at the world as a "G-Cube."

p.4 "G-Cubed is an econometric intertemperol general equilibrium model of the world economy with regional disaggregation and sectoral detail."

p.5 [The G-Cube is]"divided into ten regions...Each region is further decomposed into a household sector, a government sector, a financial sector, the twelve industries...and a capital goods producing sector."

p.23 Sectors in the G-Cubed Model
1. Electric Utilities
2. Gas utilities
3. Petroleum refining
4. Coal mining
5. Crude oil and gas extraction
6. Other mining
7. Agriculture
8. Forestry and Wood products
9. Durable goods
10. Nondurables
11. Transportation
12. Services

p.6 "We assume that all agents in each economy have identical preferences over foreign and domestic varieties of each particular commodity. (Anything else would require time-series data on imports of products from each country of origin to each industry, which is not only unavailable but difficult to imagine collecting). The result is a system of demand equations for domestic goods and imports from every region."

In other words, the authors are saying that the coming One World Government will force a universal international equality until you and I and the rest of humanity has almost no personal or ethnic identity in what we buy or sell. The logical regression of this is that we are to be molded to one type of unidentified politically and One World Government (OWG) sanctioned religious lukewarm commonality that the OWG molds to its will and common purpose.

p.8 "Within each region we assume household behavior can be modeled by a representative agent who maximizes an intertemporal utility function subject to the constraint that the present value of consumption be equal to the sum of human wealth and initial financial assets."

Or put another way: Equality of wealth or poverty to be shared by all, and the prices in the US (as Obama put it on the 2008 Campaign trail) "would necessarily sky-rocket".

p.9 "Finally, the supply of household capital services is determined by consumers themselves who invest in household capital. ...the household investment decision is symmetrical with that of firms."

Or put another way: More output by the masses = less starvation and less reduction in the comforts provided by or through the 12 industries listed above. They then add this line of delusional perception akin to someone high on dope, and advocating human slavery as the solution. Each region accumulate a public debt, and how does the region pay down the debt?

"...the government could pay off the debt by briefly raising taxes a lot...."

There is no such thing as "brief" to raising taxes alot. Nor is there a magical sustained increase in income if the resources have already been drained and reallocated.

p. 10 "...allowing for involuntary unemployment...assuming that all economies are always at full employment, which might be fine for a long-run model, is clearly inappropriate during the first few years after the shock."

Or in other words: A few years of massive unemployment, starvation, riots, are to be expected. When they have starved enough, the masses will come begging and be forced into compliance.

p.11 "For all regions other than China, we assume that the exchange rates are free to float and that financial capital is freely mobile."

Why is China alone exempt? Is the One World Government a Maoist Communist model in its formation, with exemptions to the people who de facto help create the model?

p.12 "The first step in computing a carbon-tax border adjustment on a given import would be to determine the total amount of fossil energy that was used directly or indirectly in production of the good."

p.13 "Tracing energy consumption all the way back to raw materials is possible using input-output tables."

p.14 "...simulations we ran using the G-Cubed model to explore the effects of border adjustments. We began by constructing a hypothetical carbon tax beginning at $20 per metric ton of carbon and rising by $0.50 per year to $40."

p.15 "In all four simulations, additional government revenue generated by the border adjustments and the carbon tax itself was used to finance additional government spending in the corresponding region (that is, each region's fiscal deficit was held constant)."

In other words, their model was given bad data in all 4 scenarios, and the pitch is made that new spending magically appears with border adjustments while being also deficit neutral. This is called Genocide, combined with the seizing of assets within a designated zone or territory. As for Carbon tax increases...higher tariffs = less trade = less revenue.

p.18 "The dollar weakens in both [US] simulations..."

Or in other words, the US does not have any benefit in belonging to the Climate Change OWG.

In fact, according to MIT's Richard Lindsen, the latest 2009 Climate Feedback data on the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment shows that the UN Crisis representation is off by as much as 6 times or by 600%!!

Free 6 page pdf. at:

And the missing piece in the Chicago Carbon Emission Exchange scam that Obama, Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, et al. is China's 200 billion dollar role in the US Stock market, and its 700+ Billion dollars of US Treasury debt.

{{Update April 30, 2010

It appears that instead of selling at least 51% of the exchange to China, on April 30, 2010, it was revealed that the ownership of the Chicago Climate (Carbon Emission) Exchange or CCE, has been brokered by a joint effort between Morgan Stanley and Shearman & Sterling LLP. This falls in line with Biblical Prophecy in Daniel 7:7, Revelation 13:1, et al., where the supreme governance authority upon the Earth is to be out of Europe. However, the question becomes, who receives or benefits from the 395 million pounds ($604 million) of a fictitious trans-national trans-governmental unlegislated and unregulated enterprise being made a reality? The Trade was done under what is called "the Scheme", Isle of Man company law, and United Kingdom City Code's "Takeovers and Mergers".

In other words, beneficiaries Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Al Gore, the Goldman Sachs Company, and others, have virtually no domestic accountability even though they appear to still be major shareholders in the Carbon Credit Exchange under "the Scheme". }}

Released by http://www.lowyinstitute.org/
and also published in

The Weekend Australian,
Australian Inquirer section,
13 February 2010, P. 2
says Warwick McKibbin:

"China is key to recovery, having deftly managed the necessary macroeconomic adjustment, and the emerging engine of longrun global economic prosperity. Yet Beijing faces the immediate problem of dealing with severe domestic and international imbalances that could derail the economy.

...China is moving forward with genuine measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To make these policies part of a global cooperative framework [the New World Order]* they need to be converted into a measure of effective carbon price equivalence."
-- Warwick McKibbin of the Lowy Institute

George Soros, as we have seen this past February 2010,

pushes for China to run things in the market, and has announced beforehand he will buy heavily into the bubble that will burst US Capitalism (betting on the burst)for the enablement of what he and Fareed Zakaria of CNN's GPS would label "State Capitalism"...the Communist Stock Market model of Communist China.

{{Update April 30, 2010. Even though Soros pushes for a Communist Chinese engine, as with Biblical Prophecy, the end-times buy in will be for those who follow the European Union Conglomerate. The ability to control who buys, sells, trade, will be tied to those who can control the manufacture and flow of goods, as well as in whose currency the prime world currency becomes. That currency will be something that replaces the Euro, in prophecy...it will not be Chinese. Thus it seems that since the CCE has been sold to the Intercontinental Exchange of Europe, that is where the people who wish to not be Christian, and escape the Tribulation, and who wish make a fortune in the next decade will apparently need to invest 40-50% of their portfolio.}}

In regard to the markets, he states: "Regulators are always behind the curve", therefore "the market should not be regulated."

"When I see a bubble, I buy that bubble, because that's how I make money".

In effect, it sounds to me as if Soros is boasting he has made billions on "insider information" or furtherance by corruption, bribes, or what have you...and fears that if regulators examined his behavior, he would lose his billions and be imprisoned as if another junk bond scandal, etc.

But now, with the information exposed by the staff of Foxnews with Glenn Beck, Soros now stands to potentailly and eventually make "trillions" along with Obama and Jarrett and Gore, on the greatest rip-off scheme of all time...a $10 Trillion dollar a year "Global Mandatory Tax" that will increase annually in adjustment to currency devaluation and inflation.

When asked by Fareed Zakaria about the US Markets needing to become more like the Chinese Model, in which Communism was called "State Capitalism" by Fareed, George Soros replied, " Again you, if you want to keep on going, they [the Free Markets] will have to modify their models."

According to his interview with Chrystia Freeland in New York of the Financial Times of London on October 23, 2009, Soros advocates that China will be the new and smaller engine of the New World Order, replacing the US as a world leader, and that China would drive the Financial Sections of the world.

[But on April 30, 2010, we now find that the European Intercontinental Exchange has made the highest cash bid.]

By intentionally designing and pushing for, actively aiding in the creating of a world stock market and currency crash, starting from the United States so that its AAA rating might become that of a junk bond status, the act of High Treason and the plans to carry it about by so-called US Revolutionaries like the immigrant Soros, and likely illegal alien (but 100% NOT a US Natural Born Citizen) Barack Obama, et al, is worthy of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution. But when Obama controls the Attorney General, and the Congressional majority with its leaders conspires in the Criminal Enterprise, we find ourselves with no other recourse than an Emergency Injunction via the US Supreme Court which needs one more justice to agree to hear the case (if this is still so).

In the Financial Times article, Soros appears to have suggested that China simply buy its way in and take over. That certainly qualifies for subversion and high treason, and as a genuine Communist plot to overthrow both the Government and Economy of the United States of America. So what will be done about it?

Soros in this Financial Times interview also openly advocates a new world currency forced upon the US. He says that China will be the new (albeit smaller) engine, and that the US is a “drag” upon the world.

Again, to me, this is as if we (the USA) need to be discarded, or occupied by the International Community. To Soros, the new currency of the future is the Chinese renminbi, and only as long as the Chinese currency supports the US dollar, will the dollar cease from collapsing (Soros appears to say). How much clearer a picture does the Federal Law Enforcement Community need? I have to wonder.

Where are all those in the Federal Government in Law Enforcement and Attorney roles who claim that they believe into the US Constitution and vow to uphold it? Where is the outcry, the cry of alarm?

George Schwartz, aka, George Soros, is best described as an insane non-believing self-hating Hungarian Jew whose obsession as one of the 30 riches men on the planet, is to make nations conform into obedience to a New World Order under the direction of Communism.

But Soros is not alone. Back in the Council on Foreign Relations Magazine of November/December 2009 --

-- C. FRED BERGSTEN, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Treasury under the liberal hate-monger President Jimmy Carter, also advocated and substantiated the Council on Foreign Relations agenda that the US dollar be dumped in favor of something of a more global currency.

This brings us back to the original 10 region model (as foretold by the Bible in Daniel and Revelation) listed in the Lowy report, etc.

Is it the long term plan of Obama and his Communist co-horts (that Beck rightly labels as "Crime Incorporated") to take over and economically rape, and to literally see killed an unknown number of tens of millions of people in a One Region conglomerate of Canada-USA-Mexico? Obama is an avowed Marxist from his youth (as stated in his own words wishing to be especially taught by, and seeking out "Marxist Professors"), and that is what Marxists often do when they take over...commit mass murders and genocides.

Will their greed really stop at just the desire to possess or destroy North America only, whichever the two they actually desire? If a fire can never have enough, and an appetite can return, the answer to that last question, then, must be: NO, their evil desires will never have enough.

We have a legal and peaceful means by which to stop all this...the tool of the US Supreme Court, and the lack of eligibility to the US Presidency of Barack Obama. It is a window of opportunity I had never expected to stay open even half as long as it has. As long as we work within the legal and peaceful framework while we have a US Constitution, we can preserve, protect, defend, and PERPETUATE the US Constitution. That must be the goal of "we the people" who are patriots: the ever seeking of the preservation and perpetuation of our Constitutional Republic for all its citizens, without regard to race, gender, religion. Amen.

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