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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Liu, another scholarly moron with song and dance race baiting with statistics to justify evolving the Law to his whims

“Change comes from power, and power comes from organization.”

“In order to act, people must get together.” Saul Alinsky.

The above is why Obama and his Communist-Socialist allies fear the TEA-Parties.

9th Circuit Court nominee of Obama, Goodwin Liu, wants “broad sources” in which to interpret Law. It goes to the logical regression of trans-nationalism, and World Communism, so as to allow him to take what Marx and Mao said into adjudicating, etc., by implication of where he comes from…the Northern California (Communistic) ACLU.

In the ACLU newsletter Fall 2007 Volume LXXI Issue 4
on p.3 Goodwin Liu decribed himself:
As a scholar who specializes in constitutional law, I am deeply
aware of the challenges we face in protecting civil rights and
civil liberties today. In recent years, we have seen extravagant
claims of executive power and government secrecy, and
an erosion of America’s moral standing in the world. I can
think of no organization more instrumental in undoing this
damage and protecting our freedoms than the ACLU. I am
honored to be nominated for a second term on the Board of the ACLU of Northern California. I currently serve on the Board’s Executive Committee and Legal Committee, and with your support, I look forward to contributing even more to the vitality of the ACLU-NC and its important mission.
Nominated by: ACLU-NC Board of Directors
Incumbent: Yes

http://www.aclunc.org/news/print_newsletters/asset_upload_file88_5313.pdf?ht= ACLU newsletter Winter 2007 Volume LXXI Issue 1
At their December 14, 2006 meeting...Elected to the Executive Committee were: ... Goodwin Liu...et al.

In Harvard Law & Policy Review [Vol. 2, 2008, p. 73]
Liu states in his: CONCLUSION
"Law by its nature seeks to impose order on a less-than-orderly world.
A degree of slippage between legal doctrine and social reality is an inevitable byproduct of law’s normativity...But the legitimacy of law depends not only on its inner logic and coherence but also
on its responsiveness to the actual conditions and historical understandings of the society it governs.

...facts cannot be wished away by formulaic concepts of legal equality. But they can be addressed through imaginative policies within a jurisprudence… in which race structures inequality.

In November 2004, Liu was part of an anti-white symposium of "racial justice". https://litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com/webcd/app?action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=80+Notre+Dame+L.+Rev.+289&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=49c13de37e7b7f63ffd9e80073ab2125

In his co-authored 2005 University of Fordham article,
Liu (p. 794) wrings his hands over the idea of Charter Schools being designed for "white flight" so as to allow a self-imposed segregation.

But the obvious and strangely um/yang attempts of Liu to balance his anti-white Racist views, and the Logical Regressive answers in the overview analysis is probably best viewed in dealing with his legal article in 2007's California Law Review.

Seattle and Louisville

Liu first salvos with a demand of a need for the spreading of the percentages of school racial populations, and then comments how that “blacks remain "hypersegregated" in many U.S. cities despite improvements in the socioeconomic condition of black families."

"...Whites remain the most racially isolated group: the typical
neighborhood of a white metropolitan resident was 80% white in 2000,
down only slightly from 89% white in 1980."

Without deliberate steps to foster integration, our public schools, like our neighborhoods, "may balkanize us into competing racial factions.""

To me, Liu demonstrates his ignorance and incompetence throughout the article, in which the only solution is forced integrated neighborhoods and schools where an outside entity will choose who lives where and gets educated where in a balance.

E.g., p. 303 he states:
“the doctrine holds that consideration of race as a predominant factor in redistricting is presumptively unconstitutional, and that the presumption may be overcome, if at all, where necessary to remedy past discrimination or when compelled by federal statute.”

In other words, a federal statute by any means necessary will “evolve” the US Constitution to make it and the Law mean whatever “we in power” want it to mean, and people will be force relocated and integrated according to the whims of the coming Communist-Socialist State.

Liu doesn’t offer to take into consideration that one cannot perfect a mathematical ratio into society based on “skin color” dispersement, and then expect the white population to elevate the IQ (or perhaps dumb down) as he Communist ideologically demands. He is more devious, more insidious than that.

I suspect the real goal is primarily compliance to the state, but Liu in effect states that he wants to use integration to dumb down the white population...hence, the educated resistance to Communist-Socialism.

On page 289, he states “A school in Louisville that is two-thirds black and one-third white may offer a suitable environment for interracial contact that dispels stereotypes and teaches children of different races to treat each other with respect.”

In other words, at a 2 to 1 ratio the black kids can either drag down the white kids to a lower IQ and lower common denominator, or at a 1 to 2 ratio, the white kids can elevate and educate the black kids. But if blacks are prone to hyper-segregation, as Liu states on p. 285, the negative and lowest common denominator is implied. So in Liu’s world, the white population of America needs to be whittled down to a 33-34% population to be acceptable. Is he thinking Cambodian or Mao Tse-Tung genocides of the white populations, or what?

And then, to imply blacks are stupid based simply on their skin color and emotional insecurity, or what have you...and this is the kind of condescension that the Black Community can expect from Obama and his Court appointees? What's up with that?

On p. 290, Liu indicates that whites in California schools are 6 times more likely to create a less criminal and more stable educational environment with like fewer educator turnover rates. His point?

On p. 291, Liu states that Asians educationally place behind whites but ahead of black and Latinos in California. Uh huh. His point?

On p. 292 he quotes Justice Thomas as stating:
[I]f separation itself is a harm, and if integration therefore is the
only way that blacks can receive a proper education, then there
must be something inferior about blacks. Under this theory,
segregation injures blacks because blacks, when left on their own,
cannot achieve. To my way of thinking, that conclusion is the
result of a jurisprudence based upon a theory of black inferiority.

515 U.S. 70, 114 Missouri v. Jenkins (1995) (Thomas, J., concurring).

And therefore, Liu argues,
there is a “relationship between racial segregation and educational
that “calls for careful examination”. Does it?

It is very obvious that Goodwin Liu "race baits" and effectively lays the groundwork for a Czar Holdren genociding of tens of millions of white non-Communist populations, in order to create his warped view of: social justice, intellectual justice, economic justice, and so on.

In effect, the underlying theme or complaint of Liu in an overview of his article, is that white US Citizens are making people think and are getting too smart…they need to be dumbed down, and sheepled into being more compliant via dependence upon the State.

On p. 292, Liu then argues that Blacks and Latinos do worse because their teachers are dumber than those in schools where whites have a greater race ratio.

So he effectively wastes 20 pages of the readers time race-baiting the races against one another, laying down Communist statistical justifications to reintegrate the country,
and now states to the effect…”gee, I guess what really is going on, is the teachers in minority schools on average just aren’t very smart.”

And this Asian Communist racist and over credentialed moronic wit is whom the Obama Administration wishes to appoint to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?

So let me get this right,
as long as you are Communist,
a double-talker,
have the right connections,
hate the US Constitution,
use statistics to change the meaning of the Law to whatever you wish to use statistics to alter it to be,
are an anti-white racist leading to the logical regression of genocide, and if you are anti-black and anti-Latino in labeling them as too dumb but to follow Communism and the State (by inference)
…all these points of ignorance qualifies you to be a Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually a US Supreme Court justice?

Liu is, to me, an obvious lulu Communist subversive with suckers like Kenneth Starr and others vouching for this mole whom, in my opinion, should be wearing a Chinese Communist flag for a lapel pin.

The educational system is flawed because the teachers in the failing schools:
are unionized and overly paid;
are themselves often only graduates with sub-standard grades of about 70-76% passing;
are weaned on Left wing Propaganda in achieving their teaching degrees;
are more concerned about teaching Left Wing propaganda material over real history, original sources, and laying proper foundations for students to think;
would rather use multiple choice, and true and false options, and still pass students with grades of 60% or lower with "D" grades instead of failing them, because their feelings might get hurt;
use substandard and inaccurate teaching materials, or materials that have a political tangent or anti-Christian influence in mind;
tend to repeat the same material over the course of several years, so that by example, the only difference betwen a substandard education in English class might be a few different words memorized and a few different books
or literary works read, with no tangible results;
and on, and on, we can go.

Then we can blame high crime or poverty level areas for this or that. In these types of areas, the problem with elevating the education is to increase the length of the school day by an additional 3-4 hours, and to NOT have homework assignments. It is ALL to be done IN SCHOOL, and IN Class. That may mean the primary Reading, Writing/English, History, Math courses recieve an additional 45 minutes each, with an additional gym class where they actual play a sport (not just stand around or walk around the block, as they do in some California schools).

The dumbing down of America's kids is in large part BECAUSE of the ACLU, upon which board Liu sits in Northern California. To dare have the kids read the Constitution of South Carolina, where the notion of different religions is to be a Baptist Christian or Methodist Christian instead of a Presbyterian Christian would be persecuted in Court by the ACLU as teaching religion...and these kind of ideas, of being Christian, discussing the Bible and Christ, is a large part of what ARE the historic writings of the Founding Fathers of the USA. The ACLU and Liu wishes to agnosticate America...that's the alpha-privitive negating a Greek word that means "knowledge", so that a person becomes "unknowing" instead of "knowing", or "uninformed" instead of "informed", "ignorant" instead of "enlightened". With Liu and the ACLU, it is all about conversion to agnosticated sheeple/followers propaganda -- dumbing down the population --and overthrowing the US Constitution, in order to see a godless and oppressive Communist dictatorship and government established in the USA in place of the free republic it has had for well over 2 centuries.

Mass Education sponsored by the State (public education) is only recent modern invention. The universities of the Western World began as Christian, beginning about the 11th and 12th centuries with but a handful for the very rich elite. In the USA education was considered by Congress to be a means by which to bring equality, and every child was to read and study and know the Holy Bible every day in school. Congress authorized their own English copy of the Bible, http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=46

and issued some 70,000 or more to be dispensed in the schools of the new Nation of the United States to rear children up on. In effect, they were given Christian Sunday School in the Public Schools, and as long as no one specified what denomination of Protestant Christianity over another denomination of Protestant Christianity was to be favored, that was defined as "Separation of Church and State". For Liu to be a Constitutional "scholar" and to then teach otherwise, is to teach fraudulently.

On p. 304, Liu argues for racial views to be used as a forced curriculum, but the implication is that a white curriculum is non-racial. In other words, by forcing and over-inflating Black, Latino, and Asian personalities into the psyche of the people. A Logical Regression of that argument is that the State can then Orwellian 1984 create their newspeak of the past, where the past ever changes so much that one day, the origin of the US may be where Chinese merchants settled California, African merchants settled Florida, the groups then merged with the Aztecs of Mexico, and the Native American Indians, had a war where the Indians lost, and voila, the Communist nation of America was born with mythical figures to match…and as for real history…teach otherwise, and it’s the firing squad or the chopping block.

Great. The more we look at Liu, the more obvious and scheming his Communist ideologies are to those who dare to look and see his themes for what they are, and clearly imply should be the role of the Government or State to create his idea of “equity”. It seems to me he would be much happier in North Vietnam in the late 1970s than he would in the US at any time in its history. And if this is not the case, why do his points when followed to their logical regressive inferences say otherwise?

Not only is Liu unfit for the 9th Circuit, but I contend that as a Communist subversive via the ACLU Executive Board, I believe he is unfit to teach based on his political leanings and deviancies.

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