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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unasked Questions. Obama opens door on eligibility delving into origins and Frank Marshall Davis by stone-walling

Unasked questions.

Some Obama worshippers state that Obama has the proof that he is a US Citizen...but without a US Citizen Father, he is ineligible under US Law to the Presidency. Clarence Thomas admitted to Representative Serrano on C-Span that Obama was not USA born and is still President, but that the US Supreme Court was avoiding the issue of his eligibility.

Does the US Supreme Court want to avoid the deaths of tens of millions of US citizens and a Communist Revolution via the Obama et al. overthrow of the US Government by NOT avoiding Obama's eligibility issue, and removing him...or would they rather chuckle, and see America see here what happened when Joseph Stalin took over Russia in the 1920s and 1930s? Mass murders, mass starvation, the achievement of the "Socialist State"? History tells us that the Supreme Court (minus Sotomayor), the cream of all military leaders, conservative intellectuals, outspoken critics (like me) would all be the first to be liquidated by the Communists in any Government overthrow they commence. Need a visual help on this?
Ronald Reagan narrated an excellent documentary on Communism in the early 1960s. Some of you may be old (or young) enough to remember this very film being shown in some schools until the early 1970s.

So if Obama feels no need to produce a Long Form or original birth certificate, does that mean he has an undeclared US Citizen biological father? He, by his condescension and secrecy, and in defiance to Bute v. Illinois @ 653 while claiming title to the public office of the Presidency of the USA, has opened the door to the next phase of examination and scrutiny.

What about the Frank Marshall Davis connection? The Communist and pornographer says he child molested a 13 year old girl named Ann, the same middle name as Obama's mother.

We would have to assume that that "Ann" was a "model" of nude or child porn pictures, who was taken advantage of and regularly statutorily raped (under the law) by Frank Marshall Davis.

The same Frank Marshall Davis was brought into Obama's life as a substitute father figure by Obama's own maternal grandfather. Why specifically Frank Marshall Davis unless there was some kind of "special" comnnection with the grandfather, Ann, Barry, or any two or all three?

Question: Was there money ever paid to the Dunham's for Ann to pose as a teenage model?

Question: Did Obama's white grand-parents profit by child pornography, and if so, is it possible for us to find a money trail in any of their extant private or public records, or those of Frank Marshall Davis?

Question: Are there any child porn photos out there of Obama's mother dating from about 1956-1960, be they based in Hawaii, Washington State or Kansas, so as to support such a hypothesis?

Question: Was there a sex scandal that involved the Dunhams in Kansas that required them to move, or was it to be more well connected with the Communist Party USA?

Question: Can we trust the veracity of any DNA test that would determine if Barack is or is not an Obama or a member of the Davis family?

If Obama wants to avoid the eligibility issue while demanding his right to overthrow the USA as a Communist Subversive under another name, then he can continue doing so while becoming the laughing stock of the world in the process in the same way he and his worshippers have attacked the TEA-party with homosexual terms most of us TEA-parties have never heard of until the apparent homosexuals of the Left themselves, Gergen and Matthews and Cooper, brought that sex act up...as if by the Left's own representative experience. (Yuck!!!)

Personally, I would rather discuss more direct than indirect substance as it pertains to the eligibility and parental origin issue that we can see (in the records and those records made public)...and not delve into these other areas that are within bounds by his refusal to come clean and be open or honest. But these Frank Marshall Davis and "Ann" questions, and those relating to his Communist grand-parents on his mother's side; these are still to be cautiously approached so as to keep to factuals instead of name-calling his mother or grand-parents or stuff like that.

But if the nightclub acts seize control of such speculations, they can really drive Obama's approval ratings and trust down, down, down. And Obama would have only himself to really blame for it, though he might try to Alinsky it away. Does he REALLY want to go there?

Obama simply needs to turn himself in to the US Supreme Court, resign his usurpation of the Presidency...and have them reverse his Presidency to January 19, 2009; and set aside the entire Obama Administration.

And if the Leftist US Senate wants a "black" President, I nominate Lt. Col. Allen West, and that the survivors of the Reagan Administration and those of the Bush Administration would help him organize and govern until such a time as new elections can be held. After all, if it's really about race, why would a TEA-Partier demand a US President born of two US Citizen parents who are BOTH of Black ethnicity, instead of someone only "half-way" there?

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