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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What will the 2010 Elections look like, if we even get there? What would be the worst case but still possible election "fraud" scenario?

To answer the title's question, let us first review how the US Federal Government looks the other way when the fraud is in favor of alleged Democratic National Party candidates as collected and registered by ACORN.


p. 11 - ACORN registered a 7 year old to vote for the Democrats on p.13
p. 15 – ACORN registered a 17 year old to vote 6 months before 18th birthday in 2008 election as a non-affiliated to any party voter
p. 18 – ACORN registered non-citizens to vote as Democrats
p. 21 – ACORN registered a 12 year old to vote
p. 26 ACORN registered someone as a Democrat, as if they were living at a Gulf Gas Station (as if the business were any kind of residence, which it was not).
They repeated tactic with adding another “Democrat” registration to another business returned as NOT A RESIDENCE, as well.
p. 27 ACORN fabricated Street names that did not exist, and registered them as “Democratic”.
pp. 30, 33 ACORN used different signatures and IDs for duplicate registrations to the Democratic Party.
p. 41 ACORN submitted between 16.6-25% fraudulent voter registrations to the Republican Party in Connecticut. The Republican Party turned ACORN in for voter fraud to the Connecticut Secretary of State. The Democratic Party, receiving at least as many fraudulent voter registration cards (by extension, perhaps 4 times the number because they appear to have 4 times or more the number who claim to sign up as “Democratic”), kept and promoted fraudulent voters in the 2008 election. The Republican Party exposed the Fraud, but the Democrats (by all appearances) hushed any fraud that benefited them specifically.
p.49-50 Special Agent in Charge Kimberly K. Mertz whitewashed ACORN, saying that though election laws were broken by ACORN, they weren’t broken because the Republicans stopped the fraud on their side before the Republican registered cards from ACORN were allowed to cast votes. As for the Democrat registered voter fraud cards from the SAME ACORN REGISTRARS…we ain’t even gonna look, therefore, if we don’t look, the crime doesn’t exist with those who signed up as Democrats...even though a 7, 12, and 17 year old were signed up…and even though other Democrats lived out of non-residential businesses like the Gulf Gas Station or were illegal, or the same person with 5 different signatures and styles of handwriting, some with different ID, etc.

What alarme bells should the above warn us that such is a potential test run of?

Under the guise of Education, pre-filled DNC votes by illegal voters (children and felons) and election day ballot stuffing of these same ballots.

I would not be surprised if the Communist-Socialists ran voter education ballots in the public schools to children as young as 5 years old, had them do a "practice vote" for DNC candidates, and then stuffed these same "educational ballots" in the November election boxes in the same way they magically pulled out a trunkload of loose ballots with no chain of custody or sure origin to force Al Franken into a US Senate seat in 2008.

And yes, these "educational practice ballots" would necessarily be distributed to and filled out by incarcerated Felons (who have lost their rights to vote) as well.

How can we dare think this as a possibility? Because Communism is based on an amorality (having NO morals), in order to get what they want.

A 13 part series on Communism, includes Ronald Reagan co-introducing and then narrating in part 1 below:

Communist proganda promotes what they call the "labour for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries" Union of Soviet Socialist Republic communist propaganda handout.

"democratic" is used as a "codespeak" amongst Communists, and because of the lack of Cold War era leaders and warriors of and for the USA coming forth, the Communists are about to commit a coup d'etat upon the Government of the United States via the Usurpation of the Presidency by the Communist-Socialist Kenyan Natural Born Citizen Barack Hussein Obama II, and his Communist-Socialist minions in various offices of the Executive Branch and Congress. And now, we must include ACLU and FALN terrorist supporter Sotomayor in the US Supreme Court, and an almost 100% guarantee that she will be joined by a "fellow traveler" or Communist who will be the coming successor to Justice Stevens as well.

The Media is so filled with the major techniques of propaganda in their daily reporting, that America has ceased to recognize the basics of these. To which, this film should be viewed, and notes should be taken by those viewing it. Then compare the major forms of "propaganda" with what you see and hear and read, and how easily the masses are duped by basic old time tactics updated to our times.

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