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Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Support of the Arizona's Statehood Right to demand a secure International border for safety

A few words, opinions, thoughts regarding the Arizona Legislation to help secure its borders. I believe they have that right. In the mid 1980s, I was writing my Congressman on this very issue. 26 or so years later, I can only shake my head at the politicians of both parties.

The population explosion of illegals in non-Agricultural fields and restaurant industries has generated a jobs recession in America for those of all other industries they have occupied for those who are legal. We are reaping joblessness amongst our citizens because the issue has never been seriously taken to task. It is a factual statement, even though some will be insulted with the truth.

I am of a mind that all employers caught with an illegal alien on or after a given date, must pay them each 2 months wages at $10 an hour, the cost of sending them by bus or by Coach plane travel, and INS processing home (in place of a usual fine). This would include up to the liquidation of all employer assets and properties, both business and personal, to depreciate the former employer to within a value of no less than $20,000 of personal properties and assets. In that way, all illegal aliens sent back to their home countries have cash on hand, and a fighting chance to get re-established and thrive where they came from...and the taxpayer is NOT stuck with the tab for it.

Those promoting illegal labor, who have been given a deadline date to lay off by, would be given an amnesty credit to issue a two week paycheck and airfare or busfare to send the individual back to his or her home country, and the Department of State would pay the host nations a fee of up to $1,000 a head for each singular individual received...cleared by fingerprinting to validate no duplications (those illegals being duplication rounded up from employers, especially after a first program deportation, being subject to arrest, incarceration, and 6 - 24 months of hard labor). Hence the option of 2 weeks voluntary with non-punitive IRS credits, versus 2 months mandatory charges with added charges, and mandatory jail time of employers serving 3-6 months hard labor, and personal and business property devaluations of assets...would clearly create the climate for a voluntary emigration of illegal aliens back to home countries from the US, and revitalize this ecomony, and drastically reduce US Unemployment in a matter of weeks.

The illegal alien would also necessarily be electronically finger printed into a National Alien and Criminal data base, either at the cost of the employer who hired him or her, or to the Federal Government if no employer is found; and checked against outstanding felonious crimes. If they return to the US and their fingerprinting reveals they have participated in a prior deportation on or after the labor awards date, they will be then given 6 months to 2 years hard labor in an labor camp conditions.

That is my sketch offer of a plan...and if we had a legal President, we could implement such a plan by Act of Congress (making such a bill, and voting it into law, and being signed by a legal US President, etc.).

The Obama Administration...pre-occupied with self, slander, Communist-Socialism, and NOT READING LEGISLATION. In the case of Arizona's Immigration Law, the claim that it effectually mirrors existing Federal Law appears to be quite correct.

But rather than have the ability of engaging in intelligent discussion, we must assume either a purposely evil intention with an intelligence behind it to that effect, or we must assume that top Obama officials suffer from a a diminished capacity as possibly currently practicing pro-drug liberals, who idiocy on policies and answers should make journalists ask if they are chronically stoned. If the later is true, we can only hope that little videos like this "Imitation Sesame Street for Stoned Grown-Ups" has an impact.

Eric Holder, in my opinion, is an incompetent who never should have been a Deputy Attorney General, let alone THE US Attorney General. When one sees an officer of the Court accuse Arizona in the Press on its Law, and then speak to Congress and answer that he has never read NOR been briefed upon the Law, he has assumed more irresponsibility than a first day on the job Law School Graduate.

REP. TED POE: So Arizona, since the federal government fails to secure the border, desperately passed laws to protect its own people. The law is supported by 70 percent of the people in Arizona, 60 percent of all Americans and 50 percent of all Hispanics, according to The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll done just this week. And I understand that you may file a lawsuit against the law. It seems to me the administration ought to be enforcing border security and immigration laws and not challenge them and that the administration is on the wrong side of the American people. Have you read the Arizona law?

ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER: I have not had a chance to -- I've glanced at it. I have not read it.

POE: It's 10 pages. It's a lot shorter than the health care bill, which was 2,000 pages long. I'll give you my copy of it, if you would like to -- to have a copy.

Even though you haven't read the law, do you have an opinion as to whether it's constitutional

HOLDER: I have not really -- I have not been briefed yet. We, as I said, have had underway a review of the law. I have not been briefed by the people who have been responsible -- who are responsible for that review.

POE: Are you going to read the law?

The Transcript of the Arizona Law is at:

So how did Eric Holder get appointed? It's the political correctness of Social Justice and Affirmative Action that puts a moron (based largely on his skin color and Leftist political associations) in place of someone more qualified. Illegally placed by an illegal President and Usurper, why should Holder be any viewed by the People of the United States as any different than any Communist-Socialist Party aparatchiks Obama illegally appoints?

I sympathize with many illegal immigrants who simply want to work and live here and join America as otherwise lawful denizens. I have tried to be especially generous to these because the Bible speaks of showing kindness to those foreigners in your Land...and does not specify any less to those foreigners living among you as those who are but tourists. We are to show all courtesy, kindness, and generosity unless met with arrogance, violence, or something so immediate a threat that it snaps us back on our heels and switches us instantaneously into a combat mode. So many of these first generation illegals that I have met, have shown proper civil manners...but because they have not learned to love America first, those that follow grow up both as spoiled with what America offers, and as hating America for their parental homelands...because they are not natural born American Citizens, but ever conscious of their alien status and wanting to remain apart out of cultural and ethnic loyalty.

Therefore, I do not sympathize with many of the second generation (citizen by jus soli birth only) brats of illegal alien parents...children who as teenagers and adults get caught up in Atzlan and Latino Racism, where (to them)they insist California to Texas belongs to Mexico, and they are "the northern front to take that land away from the United States" (or words to this effect),
(et al.)

and become land barons or to seize the wealth and assets of others through greed, murder, and covetousness.

I personally have no pity or sympathy for such violent ones who threaten riots, mayhem, and murder with absolutely no provocation other than beholding a Caucasian skin color. Those who are so inclined to violent Revolutionism, be they 18 years old and stupid, or Collegiate Educators, they are the ones that must be weeded out in the Arizona and other protests and incarcerated for prosecution. And if they are so adamant in their treason and sedition to actively seek to overthrow US States like Arizona and give them to Mexico, then they as individuals should lose their US Citizenship, and be deported to Mexico or the nation of their heredity and go live there.

For those who wish to live here, there must be a legience to this nation, to its flag, and its Constitution (never to any politician of any office).
If I were to hypothetically go to any other nation, be it Australia, Britain, Canada, I would make the same demands of myself if I chose to emigrate from the US into their respective societies.

Cultural Heritage is one thing...occupation for the purposes of committing or fomenting violent Revolution is another thing entirely. And sadly, 80% of America probably is unaware that such racial hatred as that of Hispanic Revolutionaries wanting to seize US States and adjoin them to Mexico even widely exists in the Hispanic Communities via Leftist Communist-Socialist Radicals with Obama Administration sympathizers.
California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas are all states that Atzlan claims belongs to them as their homeland...and they mean to "take it away" from the United States by any means neccessary. And the Obama Administration sides with these? Will Canada or Russia be given Alaska by concession after that?

No TEA Party left huge trash littering messes. No TEA Party (except for the intruding SEIU mafia-style goon attackers swarming and beating an innocent vendor half their sizes) had any known or reported arrests, nor rioted, nor threatened violence. But for now, we return to the beginning, where we have those who either refuse to read the bill by evil intent, or by incompetence that may or may not be drug related...while certainly it must be a lower intelligence quotient related difficulty if the former is not so (it seems to me).

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