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Sunday, October 10, 2010

TEA Party: A Look back to Ronald Reagan to find the real TEA Party roots of this generation. Let's resubmit the 30% across the board tax-cut proposal, but in an accelerated format, etc.

As strange as it seems, while the radical Communist-Socialists relive the "revolution" and anarchy of drugs-promiscuity-and-the-not-bathing hey days of the late 1960s and turn of the 1970s, the TEA Party likewise should not be afraid to look back over the last 40 plus years and see what worked, what could have been made beter, and what did not work...and what we are paying for now, for not correcting back then.

While the Maoist and Marxist Communists and Global Governance Socialists permeate the Obama Administration and it White House visitors logs, the TEA Party should look for the anti-Communists and anti-Socialists, and consider those policies and time periods. We have the best anti-Communist-Socialist and Economic answers via the Administration of Ronald Reagan (January 1981-January 1989). This nation, even with a very astute Executive and Executive Team in the Oval Office, flubbed an opportunity for even greater success because we were still in a national identity conflict following the schisms of the 60s-70s, conflict over Vietnam, conflict over the second phase of Socialism under Johnson, conflict over special interests and unions in choke-hold power grabs and already obtained Congressional strangle-holds, conflict over racial and gender equality, conflict over banking preying on lenders by excessive interest rates, conflict over Political betrayal (Watergate) and international incompetence and virtual wetting-his-pants before the media and the world embarassment (Carter with Iran), and so forth.

In many ways, with Obama, we have twice the child of hell Jimmy Carter was...and what's more, the guy isn't even a US Natural Born Citizen because of his alien national father, and neither has the man even proven he was even born in the US with witnesses to the birth, etc. But that is another topic. Does the TEA Party have an economic plan? I would argue, hire Art Laffer to put together a revamp of a successful 80s Executive policy, and specifically repeat what we know for a fact worked in the Reagan Administration, but at an accelerated pace.

For example, in the debate of Reagan v. George Bush Sr., candidate Reagan gives the TEA PARTY solution to saving our economy now…a 30% across the board federal tax cut.

Those of us who saw and experienced the tax cuts would say that the only problem was that MORE should have been done sooner.

Therefore, having learned from the 1980s, I contend that we should call for a 20% across the board tax cut in the first year, followed by a 10% tax cut the second year, and a pledge of a federal tax freeze in the third year. Surpluses would be used to balance the budget and pay down the US debt quickly.

Again, I contend that the TEA Party needs to push 30% across the board tax cuts over 2 years and a tax freeze in year 3. This needs to be combined with a reduction in the size of Government, and a growth containment of 5% (as Reagan explains in the Reagan v. Mondale clip from 1984).

In the debate of October 28, 1980 highlights, America can remember most of the "why we elected Ronald Reagan" points.

And as you watch Reagan in his highlights of Reagan v. Carter, the debate sounds much like the TEA Party v. Liberal Democrats 30 years later...now in 2010, does it not?

 One of the good things about Reagan, was that often times, we felt like he was one of us...facing a hostile and bitterly resentful and Socialist minded "Democratic" (sometimes semingly "Union Special Interests controlled and seemingly corrupt") Congress under Tip O'Neill (for whom I have no nice words). And part of that identification of the Common Man with President Reagan, was his humor. We saw this side of him come out in places like the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, which were generally on  the NBC at 9:30 or 10pm Eastern (in the New York tri-state area in the early and mid-1970s), if I recall correctly.

Don Rickles roasts Governor Reagan

That humor of Don Rickles was mimiced at the Second Reagan Inaugural celebration

And Ronald Reagan’s own humor, in a miniscule amount, is remembered in these two next clips

The lesson we learned during the Reagan years, is that we need a Clean Sweep Constitutionalist Congress and a True US Patriot and Conservative Constitutional President whose highest interests is the preservation of the United States, the prospering of its interests and peoples, the strengthening of US National defense, and defending it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The next Congress...if we are allowed to elect one, and if it is spearheaded by Constitutionalist Conservatives...needs to do two things:
1) bring criminal prosecutions and ousting of Barack Obama and those cronies who helped him usurp the office of the US Presidency and restore the structure and the coming resultant vacancies of the Executive Branch of Government; and
2)  to restore the economy by implementing a 30% tax cut in accelerated format of 20% the first year, and 10% more the second year, while cutting Government excesses in bureaucracies, personnel, laws and codes, and what-have-you.

That's my input.

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