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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Al Qaeda successfully blew up an Ethiopian 737-800 , reports DEBKAfile

Reported in January 2010



"We saw fire falling down from the sky into the sea," said Khaled Naser, a gas station attendant who saw the plane go down around 2:30 a.m.

New Information Realease from DEBKAfile:


Ethiopian Airline crash off Beirut was an act of Al-Qaeda terror

DEBKA file, an Israeli Intelligence Watchdog, reports that Al Qaeda successfully blew up an Ethiopian 737-800 last month on January 25. The questions are: Did they use the same technique as the Northwest Terrorist Underwear Bomber? Did they use a female suicide bomber instead of a male passenger, to avert suspicion? The answer: We simply just do not know, yet.

In this instance, undercover agents from France and the wife of a French ambassador were the target. "...top Hizballah operatives, including secretary general Hassan Nasrallah" simply deplaned after being warned at the last minutes, and let their Muslim Brothers kill all on board the plane without so much as a word of warning to anyone not of their group.

If Al-Qaeda simply wants to target any aircraft heading to the United States, their comfort zone appears to remain triangulated in the Eastern Mediterranean regions to Kenya and over to Pakistan, and then separately in the Malaysia.to Indonesian pocket. So I guess, if Americans don't need to travel overseas to these regions, until new and more stringent security measures are installed and in use...or unless they fly El Al...don't.

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