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Monday, February 15, 2010

Amen to Lt. Col. Allen West! He tells the war on Terror and Jihadist Muslim Fundamentalism like it is!

Lt. Col. Allen West, retired, starts at 1:38 into the clip.

“Let me say this. And this, I don't care about being popular. Whatever. But the first thing you got to do is study and understand who you are up against.

And you must realize that this is not a religion that you're fighting against. We're fighting against a geo-political police system and construct.

You're fighting against something that's been doing this thing since 622 A.D., 7th Century, 1388 years.

You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why him why he was fighting the Muslim army at the Battle of Tours in 732?

You want to ask the Venetian fleet at Lepanto why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571?

You want to ask the Christian,uh, I mean the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the gates of Vienna in 1683?

You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it is called Istanbul because they lost that fight in 1453?

You need to get into the Koran; you need to understand their precepts; you need to read the uh, the Surah; you need to read the Hadith; and then you can undertsand that this is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book says.

{applause} and I wanna close, and I wanna close by saying this...
Until you get principled leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we will continue to chase our tail; because we will never clearly define who this enemy is, and then understand their goals and objectives -- which is on ANY jihadist website -- and then come up with the right and proper goals to not only secure our Republic, but to secure Western Civilization. Thank you."

Update: 02/16/2010
I discovered I was preceded at least twice on this. My transcript is the most complete, though.



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