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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lowy Institute experts highlight China as emerging economic savior and world powerhouse to be looked to that the world economy might be saved?

released by http://www.lowyinstitute.org/

and also published in

The Weekend Australian,
Australian Inquirer section,
13 February 2010, P. 2

"China is key to recovery, having deftly managed the necessary macroeconomic adjustment, and the emerging engine of longrun global economic prosperity. Yet Beijing faces the immediate problem of dealing with severe domestic and international imbalances that could derail the economy.

...China is moving forward with genuine measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To make these policies part of a global cooperative framework
[the New World Order]* they need to be converted into a measure of effective carbon price equivalence."
-- Warwick McKibbin of the Lowy Institute

"In this year of the tiger and beyond we may see China lead a revival ... with no shortage of willing followers."
-- Malcolm Cook

"Beijing now seeks to shape the agenda in the UN Security Council chamber and the global media...."
-- Michael Fullilove

"China is the single biggest exporter of goods to the Middle East, while the Middle East is China's most important external source of oil.

...[the USA] underestimates Beijing's interests in Iran and its preparedness to protect the significant political, economic and strategic investments it has made in this pivotal country, investments that have recently seen China replace the European Union as Iran's largest trading partner."

-- Anthony Bubalo

"THIS year, China will use Somali piracy as a reason to project naval force. It is natural Beijing should share the burden of guarding against pirates who endanger global trade routes.
...Piracy gives China the excuse to keep forces indefinitely in the Gulf of Aden. The next step,urge some Chinese analysts, should be an overseas base."

-- Rory Medcalf

* New World Order -
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