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Monday, February 1, 2010

Interview with McCain's replacement? McCain betrayed the Constitution on the NBC issue. Let's find someone who will uphold all the US Constitution.

Republican Challenger J.D. Hayworth, former House member against John McCain for the 2010 Senate seat.
In 2008, 2009, and thus far in 2010...Republican Senator John McCain has betrayed America in not challenging Barack Obama on the Natural Born Citizen issue, being the primary one who has "standing" with the Courts to do so.

McCain's Senate seat challenger won't mind demanding Barack Obama prove he is a "Natural Born Citizen" (see 6:53 ff. of the video) or even that Barack prove that he was born in the USA. I say, Good for him! If his policies aren't progressive, and they are Conservatively aligned as pro-American (rather than McCain's pro-Progressive), then on the Republican side of the ticket, McCain ought to retire, and get out of the way.

I also encourage truly conservative Democrats to run, those who stand by their convictions and pledges to the voters to hold true, those not afraid to take on the Progressive Political Mafia within their own party, and tell them to "get out" and run as the Communist-Socialists that they are. The threat to this Nation is not a Republican or Democrat or Independent issue, it is an American issue. The wolves have permeated all our parties, and it is time to start stomping their legs out from under them by winning elections to replace them.

I thank Senator McCain for his service to this nation in the military and in Congress up until the Presidency of Bush 41. I rebuke him for his Benedict Arnold betrayal for not upholding the United States Constitution, and allowing Domestic enemies to destroy the USA on his watches. McCain can join Orly Taitz in adding his name to the DC Court case in demanding Obama's NBC status be challenged and confirmed, or his Presidency tossed out; and that the matter be emergency expedited to the US Supreme Court right now. Or regardless of past service, like Benedict Arnold, the name of John McCain will join the roster of national scorn and shame along with other traitors to this nation and its peoples. America is about to be overtaken by a dictatorship, and McCain (from a legal point of view) either wavers in cowardice or in secret determination to betray America. In either case, history won't care what his excuses are...only the results, and rightly so, it seems to me.

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