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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama picks radical Islamofascist as his envoy to Muslims. Anyone bother to wonder why? Because that one's view IS Obama's view.


Hussain, received his master's degree from Harvard University, and was in Yale Law School just 4 years ago when he zealously voiced his siding with convicted Florida Jihadi Sami Al-Arian.

Hussain graduated with his J.D. from Yale in the class of 2008...that's only two years ago..

and yet, he was nominated on or about January 28, 2009! That's about 7 months after graduation, being coat-tailed into the White House, and later assisting in the Obama Cairo Spech event, when Obama gave a pro-Jihad announcement that he was in office to help the Mahdi, the 12th Imam, who will destroy the world and wash it in blod for Shia Islam ...he, Barack Obama, will be as the jack-ass that assisted the prophet Mohammed (de facto fables Shiites like Obama accept as reality), and so will assist the 12th Imam be empowered to the heavenly heights.

For the past decade, Rashad Hussain has shown the patern that supports this, being an activist with the Muslim Brotherhood of America and other groups, advocating heroes to them as Palestinian incitor to Jihad, Sami Al-Arian, who was convicted as guilty of felonious receiving of funds for the promotion and carrying out of terrorist acts.
http://www.investigativeproject.org/cases.php (see US v. al-Arian)

Yeah...in regard to the Obama Cairo Speech 2009, Rashad Hussain apparently helped promote a new Jihadi mentor, and the clandestine Obama Jihadi teachings (not all that unlike Sami Al-Arian's) in Cairo and among the Muslin clerics he met there, too.

So what is Jihadi intent in regard to action from within the US Government? In Great Britain, they are on video record that they intend on fully taking over Parliament and the nation of Great Britain for "Islam".

More Islam info:

History from the 1940s will yet be repeated again, and the danger is…will we also see the US join the ranks of those in History as no different than Nazi Germany and backward Muslims, and one day ourselves see and commit a great genocide as did the over 10 million Jews and Armenian Christians combined in the 20th Century?



Any of us who are Christians, as well as the Jews, are on the Muslims wish-list for the Death Camps, if they ever come into being in any nation that such a program might spring up in. And yes, we are not "exempt" in our lifetime. 9/11 taught us that lesson.

The reality is, the systematic destruction of the Jews by the Nazis was preceded by the systematic destruction of Armenian Christians of some 1-3 million men, women, children, and babies by the Muslims, even though Muslims may now claim the numbers were 10x less at "only 100,000 – 300,000", as if that makes it "all better". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide

Eventually even those numbers will disappear, and claims will be made that "it never happened". In spite of Islamo-jihadi propaganda, Armenian descendants, including those coming to America in the last decade or so, have declared (including to me) that the Armenian holocaust numbers by the Muslims to have been as high as 4 million. I think one figure may have been as high as 6 million, but I cannot recall the context of that use. The number of 3-4 million dead was passed down and grilled into the Christian Armenian psyche by the grand-parents who lived through the event, as I recall. Note the 1915 Armenian systematic annihilation map shows it was de facto the blueprint of the Nazis in the 1930s-40s imitating the Muslims and Turks of 1915.

So THIS is the kind of representative that Obama appoints as "his ambassodor to the Clerics of Islam". Uh, huh.


In August 2008, Rashad (of India ethnic descent) was serving as a law clerk "for Damon J. Keith on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit". Just 5 months later, Obama pushed his name forth into his Administration.

Along with that appointment, is the likely Internet scrubbing of what Rashad Hussain has said in publication, not unlike this below example http://www.cybercastnewsservice.org/cns/webuploads/OICenvoy3.pdf
of what he stated in November 2004 in the presence of Sami Al-Arian's daughter at a CHICAGO event. Note that location: CHICAGO.

And note also, that the 2004 article, upon investigation, appears to have been tampered with on February 5, 2009...after Rashad Hussain's White House nomination.

The Obama Orwellian “newspeak” scrubbers have successfully purged various records from existence to as late as January 20, 2009; even removing Bush Administration entries, and biographies.
So why not clean up Rashad Hussain's past (on the Internet at least, and up to that point in time, why not clean his past up also)?

Question: November 2004, the Chicago event that Radhad Hussain spoke at --
Did Obama or Valerie Jarrett attend this event and become aware of Rashad only then? Or is there another pattern we should look for?


The 2009 Obama Ramadan dinner guest list as released by the White House:

Secretary Robert Gates, Department of Defense
Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Justice
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services

Deputy Secretary Dennis Hightower, Department of Commerce
Deputy Secretary Adam Miller, Department of Education

Congressman Andre Carson (Indiana 7th)
Congressman John Conyers (Michigan 14th)
Congressman Keith Ellison (Minnesota 5th)
Congressman Rush Holt (New Jersey 12th)
Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN)

Ambassador Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein, Jordan
Ambassador Adel A.M. Al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia
Ambassador Husain Haqqani, Pakistan
Ambassador Erlan A. Idrissov, Kazakhstan
Ambassador His Excellency Said Tayeb Jawad, Afghanistan
Ambassador Aziz Mekouar, Morocco
Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego, Kenya
Ambassador Roble Olhaye, D'jibouti
Ambassador Michael Oren, Israel
Ambassador Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat, Indonesia
Ambassador Klaus Scharioth, Germany
Ambassador Meera Shankar, India
Ambassador Nabi Sensoy, Turkey
Ambassador Sir Nigel Elton Sheinwald, United Kingdom
Ambassador Sameh Hassan Shoukry, Egypt
Ambassador Samir Shakir Mahmood Sumaida'ie, Iraq
Ambassador Pierre Nicolas Vimont, France
Chargé d'Affaires Sheikh Mohammed Belal, Bangladesh
Chargé d'Affaires Ilango Karuppanan, Malaysia
Chargé d'Affaires Mohamed O Maiga,
Chargé d'Affaires Angela Oi Foong Shim, Brunei
Chargé d'Affaires Baba Gana Wakil, Nigeria
Mr. Maen Areikat, Chief of Mission, PLO

Ms. Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir, University of Memphis
Professor Azizah Al-Hibri, University of Richmond School of Law
Ms. Reema Ali, Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights
Mr. Hasan Chandoo, Oppenheimer & Co.
Rabbi Nathan Diament, Director, Institute for Public Affairs, Orthodox Union
Imam Plemon El-Amin, Atlanta Masjid al-Islam
Mr. Wahid Hamid, PepsiCo
Ms. Dina Hammad
Mr. Lutfi Hassan
Ms. Nashala Hearn
Ms. Rosalind Hearn
Imam Yahya Hendi, Chaplain, Georgetown University
Pastor Joel Hunter, Northland Church*
Mr. Nooman Husain
Mr. Imad Hussain
Mr. Sanford Ibrahim, CEO, Radian Group
Mr. Jameel Jaffer, Staff Attorney, ACLU
Mrs. Elsheba Khan
Dr. Mansur Khan, UMMA Community Clinic
Ms. Farhana Khera, Muslim Advocates
Lt. Commander Abuhena Saifulislam, U.S. Marine Corps
Mr. Kareem Salama
Imam Yusuf Saleem, Masjid Muhammad
Dr. Ingrid Mattson, President, Islamic Society of North America
Mr. Farooq Mitha
Ms. Dalia Mogahed, Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies*
Ms. Hutham Olayan, Olayan America Corp.
Mr. Eboo Patel, Interfaith Youth Corps*
Imam Yusuf Saleem, Masjid Muhammad
Rabbi David Saperstein, Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism*
Ms. Mina Trudeau, Executive Director, El Fatiha Foundation
Mr. J. Saleh Williams, Congressional Muslim Staffers Association
Mr. Mohamed Zakariya, Zakariya Calligraphy

Three names immediately stand out, being part of Sunday 02/14/2010's posting.

* Imad Hussain: Freshman @ Occidental College room-mate with Obama.

* Mohammed Hasan Chandoo: wealthy Pakistani Sophmore year rom-mate with Obama @ Occidental College, and host to Obama's visit to Pakistan in January 1981.

* Wahid Hamid: another wealthy Pakistani who accompanied Obama and Chandoo to Pakistan. This was Obama's second Muslim handler.

Chandoo and Hamid -- based on Obama's and Obama's 2008 campaign (prior) testimony and admissions -- clearly appear to have introduced Barack Obama Jr. to Jihadi precepts of Shia Islam in a trip to Hyderabad, India.

In retrospect, even though Rashid Hussain is claimed to be of "India" ethnic descent, born in America, while Imad Hussain is claimed to be Pakistani...the fact is, we don't know if or not there was any relation betwen the two besides their having the same last names. Washington Journalism is again asleep at the switch.

When we consider the reasoning behind why a major executive politician would hand out a major prestige (and in effect, DIPLOMATICALLY SENSITIVE) post to a very junior and unseasoned Jihadi minded (i.e., 'kill all unbelievers of Islam, and those who do so or advocate so are always innocent') designate, two questions immediately crop up: was it for favors involving nepotism and political payoffs; and, or was the appointment based on a merit system involving chiefly the promotion of the zeal of the executive's (i.e., the politician's) own personal ideology. In either instance, in my view, the appointment of Rashad Hussain is telling of Obama's personal Muslim beliefs and/or corruption as a politician.

Are people really so ignorant about Islam? You bet! So here are two videos to help those who would rather at least "begin to know", and motivate them to realize that Islam is NOT a "religion of Peace", but of the worst fraud and hypocrisy when that claim is said with a straight face. By the Quran's own verses, it is an abomination. But Obama views it as one of many roads to heaven, contrary to the words of Jesus in John 14:6, et al. passages.

Rashad Hussain promoted the innocence of the Jihadi Islamo-terrorist sympathetic zealots, regardless of their guilt. Therefore, as representative of Barack Obama...it seems to me that Obama has made it clear that this is HIS POSITION AND BELIEF SYSTEM as well.

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