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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maoist Communism in the Marketplace is labeled "State Capitalism", and this is the language of Soros, and by extention, Obama

George Soros covers for Obama, and laments that Obama did not fully Nationalize / Socialize the Banks in 2009. The notion was he dared to honor the promises of President Bush and Congress and what they had in writing that they could pay the TARP monies back. This is the radicalism of Obama's biggest supporters...to overthrow the Republic, the Free Market System, and tyrannize the USA under Communism by another name: State Capitalism. In effect, it is simply changing the name, with a slight alteration to the same engine of Communism, now equipped with a modern upgrade and turbocharger flywheel of the Market System, that is to be taken over and run and profiteered by the Communist State.

In the interview, Soros psychedilically summarized Obama's one sided partisan hate tactics of 2009 as "Obama wanting to be a great uniter".

In regard to the markets, he states: "Regulators are always behind the curve", therefore "the market should not be regulated."

"When I see a bubble, I buy that bubble, because that's how I make money".

In effect, it sounds to me as if Soros is boasting he has made billions on "insider information" or furtherance by corruption, bribes, or what have you...and fears that if regulators examined his behavior, he would lose his billions and be imprisoned as if another junk bond scandal, etc.

When asked by Fareed Zakaria about the US Markets needing to become more like the Chinese Model, in which Communism was called "State Capitalism" by Fareed, George Soros replied, " Again you, if you want to keep on going, they [the Free Markets] will have to modify their models."

When watching the video, remember to pay attention to the words, and examine them...and understand them in the pro-Communist text and intent that Soros is advocating.

And remember 20th Century history, wherein Communism = Mass Murders + Slavery anytime it takes over, and for decades thereafter.


It is never a peaceful or bloodless transition.

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