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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marco Rubio and Dick Cheney at C-PAC 2010, and a few thoughts on one of the results of Leftists flying off the handle.

C-Span link: http://www.c-spanarchives.org/program/ID/219778

Full C-Span copy link for Liz Cheney and her father at:

Mr. Cheney remarked: "Barack Obama is a one term...."

I say, let's get him legally and peacefully out of office, so that his time of usurpation is less than that of Gerald Ford's, and less than even Sarah Palin's time as Governor of Alaska.

The primary difference between Obama and Sarah Palin in accomplishments? Sarah not only got everything done she needed to get done, and made the State more profitable and less bureaucratic. In fact, she had so much time left over after governing well, that she could retire early, and sock it back to the Obama worshippers who thought that by frivolusly suing her into ruin, they could "gangsta" destroy her.

Did that tactic work? No. The Bible says that to irrationally attack/despise us Christians for simply having faith in Jesus, is to attack/despise Jesus. And those who attack/despise Jesus, attack/despise G-D the Father by their evil intent. -- cf. Luke 10:16

So what is the fruit of the Leftist Communist "kill the righteous" mentality? Did the peaceful Christian Right suddenly turn violent? No.

Guess what? On February 11, 2010, an Obama worshipper demanded (in his wording) that the Left's minions (as well as Obama) attack and perhaps kill those on the Right,
and a whack-job Obama worshipper did just that in Alabama, killing 3 people.

Where is the condemnation? If it is Police Investigated and proven to be the case, then Roland Martin and CNN ought to be civilly liable for inciting violence that led to the deaths of 3 people in Huntsville, Alabama. Further, Roland Martin, at the very least, needs to be fired and banned from having any Press credentials for the next 5 years by Court Order. He shouted to incite rioting, maiming, and mayhem...and he may also be criminally cupable if it is shown that the Alabama Obama-worshipper read his CNN article before killing three colleagues.

The Left sees no sin in Leftists killing: be the victims US Army recruiters, people or animals killed by arson by terrorists associated with ELF, a Muslim psychiatrist mass-murdering in Texas, or what have you. That definition of justification falls under the Legal Definition of "insanity". In other words, too many of the Communist-Socialists and extreme Left activists are legally "nuts".

Without G-D and Jesus Christ, man loses moral clarity until whatever he views as right in his own eyes becomes an endless standard of self and community contradictions.

It is also almost always "Media" excused and swept under the rug, and therefafter almost never condemned. The Leftist Media eventually makes "those radicals on the Right" either responsible or non-victims. Hence, MSNBC promotes those commentators who rationality also enters the Legal Definition of "insanity", apparently unable to truly distinguish between "right and wrong", "legal and illegal" when it comes to "murder"...using a sliding scale that depends on whom the victim is.

Just like with excusing Muslims for killing non-Muslims in Jihad, there is often no condemnation if the victim is specifically a Right Wing Conservative or a Christian, but sometimes open justification, even praise, for the act.

In fact, a Foxnews exclusive reporter on 02/18/2010 told Martha McCallum that the Gitmo terrorists that Saudi Arabia have received for rehabilitation are all given a new job, a house, a new wife, and $$ to agree that the only time Jihad is justified, is when the King of Saudi Arabia, [the keeper of the two alleged holy mosques of all Islam,] and only when the King of Saudi Arabia says it is acceptable to do so.

Does that mean that the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia now intends to have one of their own as the coming 12th Imam? So the reasonable answer would be: "First they sponsor the majority of those who attacked us on 9-11, then...." Hmmmn.

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