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Monday, February 24, 2014

Is The Ed Snowden NSA Data Dump Scandal Actually Public Sabotage by the Central Intelligence Agency?



On the Infowars Nightly News on Friday February 14, 2014, the Part II segment of this (above) pre-taped interview with Steve Pieczenik advances the notion regarding billions of dollars in annual recurring U.S. Government contracts are driving the reason Edward Snowden is at large, and may have in fact leaked classified Top Secret National Security Agency (NSA) files because of.   

Dr. Steve Pieczenik identifies one firm, Booz Allen (known better as Booz Allen Hamilton),  as culprit.  The name of  Booz Allen Hamilton being involved, in and of itself, should send alarm bells for those in the Media and in Government Fraud and Abuse Watchdog Agencies and individuals.  It is a firm that appears to be fully Intelligence driven, and had President George Herbert Waker Bush (former head of C.I.A) and Secretary of State James Baker as principle advisers, as well as extensively employing John Brennan and James Clapper.  

Steve Pieczenik has essentially come out and so much as said that Booz Allen Hamilton is a domestic Central Intelligence Agency run corporate entity mixed up with lobbying Congress and providing near useless intelligence for financial gain and as a parasite upon the national Intelligence budget of the United States.


On his blog, Steve Pieczenik details 4 concerns he has about the Edward Snowden NSA file leaks narrative:

"Edward Snowden: Spy or Whistleblower? Neither!

He is a Manufactured Avatar of the American Intelligence Community!

...What were the disturbing elements about Edward Snowden and this Intel narrative?

▪ On one hand, Snowden wants Americans to believe that he was just a simple Booz Allen sub-contractor who suddenly had a major crisis of conscience when DNI James Clapper ‘lied’ to Congress when he said that NSA never spied on the American public.

▪ Snowden’s personal indignation seemed to be credible and sincere. However, when he started to explain the complete layout of the intelligence community and how different compartments of the NSA worked along with the Intelligence Community, I could have sworn that he sounded more like James Clapper than James.

Snowden never mentions John Brennan (his real boss at CIA). He only hammers on the—the DNI and the NSA (DNI and NSA are managed by military and ex Military)

▪ Snowden never mentioned his direct employer—Booz Allen— which is also controlled by John Michael McConnell, former Vice Admiral (26 years in Naval Intelligence, DNI 2007-2009, Director NSA ’92-’96).

▪ McConnell now heads Booz Allen, a $5.9B ‘nursing home’ for ‘retired military/civilian intelligence officers’ paid completely by the US taxpayers."

...Edward Snowden is part and parcel of an intelligence game played out in the public, by ex officio and present day intelligence officers from the CIA; NSA; National Geospatial Agency; and Congress."

In July 2012, a very interesting hacker convention happened, because NSA Whistleblower William Binney appeared.  In fact, what he has to say from about 25:32 to about 50 minutes on the video dovetails  very nicely into the June 2013 NSA data dump to Foreign Mainstream Corporate Media by Ed Snowden, who curiously enough themselves claim to be holding back on 99% of what he released to them regarding the United States’ National Security Agency.   


At the 25:32 ff. section, William Binney starts with a description of his first NSA billion dollar project development budget offer (apart from what he was used to at several millions) for development, and almost immediately, he says, Corporations which leech money away or which have a regular role of “feasting” via Government contracts (at the 27- 28 minute segments) began to fight for and demand moneys that were supposed to be allocated only to the NSA and his program, resulting in the hire of an outside Corporate executive to run an internal budgeting oversight of the NSA. The NSA version of problem solving was to bureaucratically NOT solve them, or as William Binney puts it at 30:00 – to 30:03 on the video, to “Keep the problem going, so the money [the budgetary monies from Congress] keeps flowing.”  

In effect,  this Government Contract leeching via large budgets, and the obvious power-lobbying involved in obtaining contracts to make corporations lucrative even when they do not render a truly productive problem-solving or cost-productive necessary service, has been around for decades.   

What I personally found disconcerting in the video, is that when one of Binney's NSA development programs went into operation and on-line in November 2000, during the Presidential Election transition period from November 2000 to January 2001, the decision and agreement was made between President Bill Clinton and incoming President George W. Bush, that the green-lighting of an internalization spying of U.S. Citizens as though every citizen of the United States not of themselves WERE THE ENEMY mentality was already taking root as policy and was commencing almost a year BEFORE 9-11-2001 happened.  

This insight precedes the earlier  known narrative  (as of  the year 2005)  that internal listening of U.S. phone calls en masse by the National Security Agency (NSA) was AFTER and in response to the terror attacks of 09/11/2001  upon the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. 

Though later in 2007, we also found out that the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)  and Department of Defense Intelligence was also in the regular habit of looking in on domestic citizens financials without either warrants or probable cause whenever they felt like doing so, as well.

In his testimonial before the hackers convention, William Binney states that far too many in the head positions of the Intelligence Community and in Congress have either a disregard or cowardice regarding the Constitution.  And if we simply look at John Brennan, and his swearing in ceremonial by Biden, 
www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/08/john-brennan-takes-oath-on-draft-constitution-without-the-bill-of-rights/    we can indeed say that this accusation of a regular and habitual disregard indeed, even by appearance only, rings true.

With the arrival of John Brennan as head of C.I.A. in March 2013, in just a few months he was instituting a war of subversion and overthrow of the United States as we know it by using the same tools of propaganda used to overthrow foreign nations to now domestically be used here, in the United States, upon its own citizens, as if WE THE PEOPLE of the United States are now the common enemy to be opposed by the Obama Administration and its Agency of C.I.A.

This is the same John Brennan, who as head of Analysis Corporation, by very appearance through means - motive - opportunity and his shamelessly extremely high Executive Intelligence Administrative  Position Quid Pro Quo   as a consequence on January 20, 2009 under Obama with a special "waiver" from a Democrat Party led Congress to be there, oversaw an act of espionage against the United States Department of State in Washington D.C. itself, and the theft of Barack Hussein Obama II's (obviously foreign) passport files

And even before the year 2009 was out, there was John Brennan again having to get another waiver 
as he wormed his way to the position of being just another apparent top "fellow traveler" or  domestic subversive (a turncoat work for foreign enemies against the National Security Interests of the United States)  as deeply embedded (in his own way) as was Leon Panetta (who was exposed by Cliff Kinkaid of USA Survival and New Zealand's Trevor Loudon).

John Brennan appears to personally believe that he has the legal and moral authority to rip out those parts of the Constitution he doesn't like, which to him are ALL the Amendments, especially those 10 Amendments we label as the Bill of Rights.   These were actually Amendments 3 to 12 that were passed, the first two having failed, and were ratified to express the intent of the Founders to successive generations as to the form of Government they intended (but was not fully expressed) in the main text of the Constitution.  

The  Founders feared if successive generations had only the text of the Constitution without the intent  that we should have freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right of the people to bear arms, et cetera, later generations forgetting or not knowing these intents in a non-amended Constitution would draw a conclusion that gave them a tyranny rather than a Free Republic. 

 John Brennan took an oath of office that demonstrates he WANTS a tyranny upon the people of the United States, and broke his oath upon even that main text which he swore to uphold, because it requires he enforce that only a natural born citizen of the United States be President (i.e., Obama being a direct violation of that) and that a Senator serving in Office must serve out his term before being appointed to a cabinet or executive position (e.g. John Kerry to Secretary of State  www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/29/us-usa-obama-kerry-vote-idUSBRE90S0O020130129  voted yes by 94 senators who violated the Constitution in approval  , Max Baucus to Ambassador of China www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2014/02/06/max-baucus-confirmed-as-u-s-ambassador-to-china/ voted yes on by 96 senators violating the Constitution in approval).   So it seems, that as William Binney states, whether by concurring to the conspiracy whole-heartedly or by cowardice, [virtually]  all of Congress is breaking their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from clear and direct violations of it on a business and usual basis. 

A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is defined for us in the context of the period in which the Constitution was written through John Locke's Second Treatise on Government, Chapter 6: ‘Of Paternal Power’ §. 59, as being that of a Son of his Citizen Father, born to the same soil and legience of his father, and reared up and taught in the land-legience-governance of his father naturally to join that same Government on the soil of his native birth as that of his father's, until he effectually takes his place as an extension of his father as a citizen in the land of his father...so that when the father dies, the citizenship of the nation is naturally extended, and does NOT die off. 

"...the term ‘natural born citizen’ is used and excludes all persons owing allegiance by birth to foreign states.”
The New Englander and Yale Law Review, Volume 3 (1845), p. 414

Hence, by the mere possession of a foreign national father who was and stayed a United Kingdom and Colonies Citizen and a Citizen of Kenya until his death, whose paternity made Barack Hussein Obama II a Natural Born Citizen of the United Kingdom and Kenya by that paternity, it is impossible to U.S. Constitutionally label Barack Hussein Obama II a United States "Natural Born" citizen because under our laws all who have alien allegiances at birth are excluded from that definition of what constitutes a United States Natural Born Citizen, regardless of location of birth.    An external location of birth specified as being in Kenya,  and so claimed by Kenya's Government -- 

Thursday, 25th March, 2010
The House met at 2.30 p.m.
p. 31 …2nd paragraph (Mr. Orengo, Minister of Lands of the nation of Kenya, speaking):
“…how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion.”


and Obama's own Ambassador to Kenya

all being those who RECOGNIZED the nation of Kenya as being THE birth location of the man now occupying the Presidency of the United States.  

And in regard to voting sitting senators to Executive Branch Positions while still senators, (we can also cite Hillary Clinton who was solicited and then unchallenged when it came out she was being picked in November 2008):

Article 1, Section. 6.

...No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

In October 2013, the UK Telegraph reported that Obama clearly KNEW of the NSA spy program long before the Ed Snowden leak of June 6, 2013 -- as he always wants to blame somebody else -- and it was way back in 2010;  and that he was FULLY AND SPECIFICALLY AWARE in 2010 that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's calls (as well as 35 other world leaders calls and e-mails) were being recorded 




and transcribed and the verbal information then passed around as needed on a need to know basis. This insight was leaked and made known from Ed Snowden provided NSA documentation, documentation that is as yet still unpublished by Journalists in Germany and France who cite from them.

Former MI-5 (Internal Security of the United Kingdom) Agent Annie Machon, told Russia Today that in July 2001 the Europeans made the mistake of agreeing to be too dependent of technologies developed and created by those in the United States, and despite Obama's "pledge" to not spy on allies, it is not a credible pledge.


One of the first mass initial opportunities of creating a crisis out of the June 2013 NSA Data dump  --

The June 2013 data dumped NSA charts can be seen at The Guardian, at:

Or you can look at several individual news stories over at the UK Daily Mail: 

June 6, 2013

June 7, 201

June 8, 2013

--   used by Obama had to do with the Middle East, where Obama attempted to fever pitch it to his advantage to foment violence against the United States by appearance of weakness and cowardice, and get the United States out of as many as 10 Middle Eastern Countries in stealth jihadi victory for Islam.

On August 8, 2013, Obama went to Camp Pendleton in California and after closing 19 embassies - consulates (and perhaps diplomatic missions as well) in some 10 or so Middle Eastern countries based on a generalized terror threat, and showed that the United States was cowardly across an entire region. A proper response to trouble in Yemen should have been to merely restrict hours of access or temporarily close just the one embassy in Yemen and perhaps whatever other consulate and mission locations in immediate danger in Yemen were needed for a day or several days, as each location's threat assessment required. Obama told the U.S. Military as his captive audience at Camp Pendleton that:


“For these extremists, here’s what those who would cowardly attack our civilians don’t get: The United States is never going to retreat from the world. We don’t get terrorized,”

Actually Obama is often (if we look at the 360 degrees of a circle) a 180 kind of guy.  If he says he has Al Qaeda on the run, he either SUPPLIES the enemy materially or he does the opposite and makes the U.S. run away from them, because he operates by duplicity.  Very often, when he speaks, it is not the obvious intent of the word as used in normal usage in the English language, it is an alternate definition we should be looking for under the word in the dictionary to see what is being relayed by his teleprompter speech writer and fellow anti-United States communist ideologue(s).  

What Obama and the C.I.A. under John Brennan are attempting to carry out is the eventual  terrorizing of this nations citizens by means of cowardly attacks upon them, and it is for this reason that nation overthrowing tactics of the C.I.A. via propaganda and other means is now IN USE.     

But in regard to "
The United States is never going to retreat from the world. We don’t get terrorized."   Really? The “Ed Snowden – NSA Effect” was that Obama tried to create a policy with his pen and his phone in July-August 2013 was to the policy effect that if a group like Al Qaeda In Arabia uses even a “phone chatter prank”, knowing the NSA is listening in compliments of the Snowden Data Dump on the NSA, all Al Qaeda has to do to "terrorize" the United States is to talk up a phony terror attack in phone traffic using key words provided in the Snowden-NSA-Obama scandal, and hook it into a single country's (Yemen's) crisis event.  And that is what happened, beyond even Al Qaeda's own wildest expectations.

As a consequence to that phone chatter, being a zealous but liberal Muslim, Obama did not  just have one embassy close down -- no, he won’t let the crisis go to waste -- no sir, that scumbag illegally occupying the Presidency of the United States attempted to incite an entire Middle East by closing 18 more embassies and diplomatic missions in 9 more countries over the next 2 or 3 dayscnsnews.com/news/article/us-reopen-18-diplomatic-missions-after-threat-0    

Lately, we have traitors to the United States in the Media such as Foxnews own Bill O'Reilly (still smarting and apparently motivated from his 2008 stock market losses or "bath" as he put it) stating how "patriotic" Obama is.  Patriotic to whom?  O'Reilly and others push the narrative that somehow it is smart and rational to somehow to expect that a guy who regularly betrays the Constitution and regularly attempts to abrogate the Bill of Rights from U.S. Citizens, who most definitely in policy and actions openly supports and arms Al Qaeda (which very Organization of Al Qaeda in all its forms the U.S. Congress legislated that we are at war worldwide with) materially in Syria;
Obama being he whom is trying to Islamize the Executive Branch by proselytization, who views American citizenship not as by blood or by birth but by a leftist political correctness and anti-constitutional as well as anti-Christian mindset; and Bill O'Reilly would have us believe that Obama  is patriotic and has only good intentions in the Presidency, despite being mentored by Alice Palmer who was a KGB asset who in turn employed Barack Obama as her Chief of Staff   keywiki.org/index.php/Alice_Palmer ?      

Yeah, this same Barack Obama who then usurped Alice Palmer's Communist connections to be the new darling of the Chicago New Party and Democratic Socialists (so named in honor of Karl Marx and his politics), and who in my presence stated he is a "Marxist-Leninist" and made threats and/or vows to overthrow the United States from within if or when he ever was given the opportunity, O'Reilly at the Foxnews Channel thinks is "patriotic?"    Grrrr.    

You can also check out lots of good info at Keywiki's bio on Obama, showing   Obama as a true Communist-Socialist in American Politics at  keywiki.org/index.php/Barack_Obama  and may also wish to check the F.B.I. files of his teenage years mentor, that of  Communist Central Party Committee Board Member Frank Marshal Davis usasurvival.org/marshall.fbi.files.html  , who had Obama's white grandfather and white grandmother as Party subordinates in his Honolulu Cell of the Communist Party U.S.A. there.  

In spite of the Snowden NSA leak in June of 2013, it was not until October 2013 that French Media seemed to excite the public in France that the mere tone of a phone number being dialed in France can automatically trigger a phone call being United States Intelligence / NSA recorded, 

something that that was obvious as soon as the NSA Top Secret charts were published in the Guardian back in June of 2013,  then subsequently by Media around the world, and showed a world wide exposure bordering on near total phone tapping across the planet was being achieved.

But it is clear that what did alarm the Germans in October 2013, was (in part) that Edward Snowden revealed but also shared corroborative document that showed he had U.S. Embassy NSA related document sources from within the United States Embassy in Berlin, Germany; the same embassy which those documents given by Ed Snowden and others to Der Spiegel that showed the U.S. Embassy in Berlin also doubled as an NSA listening station,
and that Der Spiegel and Le Monde apparently have MORE leaked U.S. top secret NSA documents than they are willing to now reveal, to back it up.

Who benefits from the NSA exposure?   Following Steve Pieczenik’s lead, the Carlyle Group is way up at the top, having a 185 billion dollar portfolio, including real estate and controlling ownership of Booz Allen Hamilton (which is alleged C.I.A.).  Indeed with such finances and controlling interests and drive to grow residual annual sustainability at new profit in the multi-billion dollar thresholds, well the Carlyle Group wanting to keep Booz Allen Hamilton in that bracket and increasing its "market share" of Government contracts most certainly could.  It would require that a  security market for anti-terrorism BE or REMAIN a constant annual thing, as much as munitions contractors could only hope from a market driven interest to see an endless war in order to ever supply the bullets and profit because that is the "bottom-line".    What Steve Pieczenik indicates, that a C.I.A. company sabatoging an NSA overseas encroachment upon the C.I.A.'s "turf", if I understand him correctly,  appears to be quite credible.   The Carlyle Group could easily step in and provide a real estate service for either a NSA new listening station relocation in Germany, or the right plot of land for a newer than state of the art C.I.A. listening post to replace the NSA (which C.I.A. views as an encroachment in all lands outside the United States), and then position themselves as if indispensable when “it” hits the fan…never mind that there might be complicity and conspiracy involved between one or more Board members, Brennan and Obama, and after the fact of being awarded contracts, provide a finder's fee kick-back or commission, if you will.  But if Booz Allen Hamilton is a C.I.A. run company, could not the Carlyle Group also be a front company for the C.I.A.?  And if so, if the C.I.A. were to be the primary smuggler of cocaine and heroin into the United States as alleged by some to date back to the 1990s and perhaps as early as 1986, it certainly would need a cover portfolio of over $100 billion to make such a conspiracy hypothesis possible.     

One Last thing on the 9-11-2001 Connection:  

 For those who advocate that 9-11 was an inside job, and say that it was our own Intelligence Agencies that attacked us so that they could take up and seize power and finances, I disagree on the "before the fact" premise.   I find it difficult to   believe the U.S. Intelligence Leadership intentionally GAVE us 9-11, (except through sheer incompetence in giving up after they were warned of a 9/11/2000 attack by the same principal leaders; and specifically by example the one plane at Logan Airport they could have stopped and did not);

 but rather take the position 9-11 was a crisis that a certain faction of the Military-Industrial complex that profiteers off of providing "Intelligence" and "Security" contracts seized upon as a crisis, even though I do not believe they were involved before the fact, after the fact of 9-11 used as a turn-key event they dared not let go to waste, and exceeded beyond what even they hoped to gain.

We can say that lobbyists, various Intelligence and Security (or related) Corporations, members of Congress, select members of the Executive Branch outside and even inside the highest levels of the military (including Intelligence), et cetera, seized upon the opportunity of 9-11-2001 AFTER THE FACT.   

And lest we forget, below is video regarding that event: 


   Could 9-11 have been stopped at Logan airport?  I don't know, at least one plane could have been stopped.  Perhaps someone in Intel following the situation that interfered with a Law Enforcement "intrusion" thought the hijackers would simply hijack the jet to Canada or Cuba or something?  The Twin Towers do not appear to be an intentional inside job so much as because of incompetence and an unintended consequence of not reeling in suspects under observation, but why was the building next to it destroyed by demolitions except that (under hypothesis here)  it was perhaps a highest level black ops site and there was a fear of security breech to such an extent, that someone over the detonate switch -- someone like the U.S. Marine whose job it is to destroy "secret" and "top secret" data , documents, and equipment when an Embassy is over-run -- perhaps someone took the nuclear option when unknown firefighters and police or something breached an "eyes only" area of that building such as something forbidden by Congress and U.S. Law to be there?  I can only guess as to this last part.  

[Last Updated on 02/26/2014]

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